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Forms: n-inbothigetar, inbothugud

v g intrans. marries, weds: dia n-inbothigetar `if they marry,' Wb. 29a2 . Vn. inbothugud.


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n u, m. vn. of inbothaigidir. a wedding: is fuath n-eperta int inbodugud don menmmain `it is a figure of speech, the wedding of the mind,' Sg. 137b9 .

inbuilg ? :

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n doellar (dosellar, v.l.) fo inmuilg (inbuilg, in- muilc, v.ll.) .i. no fegad iat fo innib a n-uilc `who turned aside while under instruction ,' RC xx 272 § 95 (ACC) (ł ba gabail ella dond uasul na cloenchliara combo maith no immuilged cretim forru, LU 1006 , Comm. on above) (`fo inmuilg implies that Columba milked instruction into the perverse clerics,' Stokes). Cf. tinmlegon.


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n f. (Lat. incensum) incense: ind ingchis gl. incensum, Ml. 141c2 . amal no bedis inceissi in betha ┐ a aroimi ┐ a balsaime, Laud 610, fo. 25b6 . arroime ┐ ingcesi, ib. 25d41 .


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x (enech q.v. col. 128.21ff.) : inchach .i. naire, ┐ deismirecht air. cidh dar enech nadma .i. cia beith ratha inchacha im dilsi in tṡeóit, O'C. 1478 (< H 3. 18, p. 654 ).


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x see enech.


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Forms: inchosnaide, hincasnaidi

n a s. (? or a p.) "the `shoe' of a javelin , leg. inchosnaide ? cogn. with ionchosanta" (Stokes) : robenas- tar Cáilte a foirtcedh ┐ a hincasnaidi don tsleig, Acall. 1658.


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Forms: inchathaigtheo

n u, m. cf. cathugud. act of fighting against: intan mbite ó menmain naimtinech oc i.¤ gl. obnoxio animo confligentes, Ml. 65b10 . g s. inchathaigtheo gl. inpugnationis, 67d19 .


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[n ā, f.] cf. cessacht. act of begrudging: nuchon air ata m'incesact eiter, ar bur foiridin, RC xliii 76 § 76.

? inchíalla :

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Forms: incialla

n muine freagartur é do rer incialla in brei- teamun `according to the sense of the judge,' Laws iii 286.30 Comm. (gl. muine frecurthur cell co foltuib techta[ib], ib. 16 ). ? A word omitted before incialla.

inching ? :

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ind Temair ban baine ingen inching gensa, LU 10254 = ancing, ZCP iii 234.13 .