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v surrounds, encircles: Emne ildelbach fri rían | ... | ... | immustimerchel muir glan `many-shaped Emne which the clear sea encircles,' Im. Brain § 19.


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Forms: imtimchella, immetimcheltar, imtimchellat, imthimchéltar, imthimchellsu, imthimcheltar, immatimchellad, huan-imthimcheltae, immintimcheltis-ni, arnachan-imthimchelltar, imtimcélfam-ni, hon-imthimchellfad, imimthim- merchelsat, immumthimmer- chellsat, immumtimmerchellsat, im- thimcelta

v indic. pres. s. 3 imtimchella gl. cingit, Ml. 40c14 . pass. rel. immetimcheltar, 121a1 . p. 3 imtimchellat gl. circumdant, 116a2 . pass. imthimchéltar gl. ambientur, 109c5 . ipv. s. 2 imthimchellsu, 28d10 . pass. imthimcheltar gl. tegatur, 127b17 . impf. s 3 immatimchellad, LU 9309. pass. huan-imthimcheltae gl. amiciabatur, Ml. 65c2 . p. 3 immintimcheltis-ni gl. cingebant, 32a19 . subj. pres. s. pass. arnachan-imthimchelltar (sic leg.) gl. ne ... circumdemur, 69b7 . fut. p. 1 imtimcélfam-ni gl. cingemus, 24a7 . sec. fut. s. 3 hon-imthimchellfad, 43b9 . perf. p. 3 imimthim- merchelsat gl. circumdederunt, 44c25 . immumthimmer- chellsat (MS. immumtimmerchellsat ), 130b12 . Part. im- thimcelta gl. praecinctus, Lib. Hymn. i 12.40 .

surrounds : an immuntimchella-ni uisce `when water surrounds us,' Ml. 108a9 . amal immetimcheltar nech hua brot `as one is surrounded by a cloak,' 121a1 . cía rét Brega ? ... ro boí tan ... bá messe immátheged immatimchellad, LU 9309.


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v (do-immoirg) presses, compresses, compels: imma-timmairg mainder 'an enclosure compels him' Ériu xl 10 § 5 , 30-31 .


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Forms: im- togrinn

v (imm-to-grenn) levies: indic. pres. s. 3 im- togrinn firenech (fír fili) .i. is em thoibgis in firfili in[n]í doberr ceann a enigh iar fir, O'Dav. 1551.


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v (imm-to-saig) sues, pleads: indic. pres. s. 3 im- toich fri reir ┐ rl. .i. in diablad sin ┐ in eneclann ┐ cach uile ni dligis duine a leicsin elod ce do bera toithed uime nochan fuil a diablad dó iar toiched, O'C. 332 (< H 3. 18, p. 183a ). ni 'motoich ecmacht .i. nocha neimthoingis nech aní is ecumachta do, O'C. 1451 (< H 3.18, p. 647b ).


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Forms: imtoing, im[m]athuing, im[m]athoing, imtongar, imtongat, imtosar, imthach

v indic. pres. s. 3 imtoing, Críth Gabl. 24. rel. im[m]athuing, 23 . im[m]athoing, 38 . pass. imtongar, O'C. 2498 (< Eg. 88, fo. 40 (41)c ). p. 3 imtongat, O'C. 2025 (< H 4. 22, p. 52 ). pres. subj. s. pass. imtosar, O'C. 508 (< H 3. 18, p. 258 ).

`swears about, around' (refers to the compurgatory oath in litigation taken by a specified number of `oath- helpers' in support of one or other of the parties to the suit,' Críth Gabl. p. 99 ) : imtoin[g] colpdaig `he swears up to the value of a yearling calf,' Críth Gabl. 42. fer midboth im[m]athuing smachtu, imtoing ó (t)ṡnáthait co dairt, 23 . lóg a enech, is ed im[m]atuing ┐ téit fora naidm, 128 . im- tongad uill tlachta, glossed : is eim-toingit na uasail for in lucht ditnit .i. a cele, Laws v 440.22 , 442.7 Comm. = O'Dav. 1512 where translated `nobles swear by defences.' acht imtongar .i. ... iar tabairt in luigi do, O'C. 737 (< H 3.18, p. 353a ). imtongar andsin ó gradaib ecalsa for gradaib tuaithe .i. imdénam a sét for a memru, O'D. 1640 (< H 5.15, p. 18b ). imtosar .i. maine thosar is dire gaite fair, O'C. 508 (< H 3.18, p. 258 ). subj. pres. s. 3 (or of imm-toich (?), q.v.) is ann sin ata forreth arra anarra acht imtó cach a dinn- limhe, Laws iii 152.24 Comm. (The passages refer to cases where a certain article has been pledged or promised and when the time of payment comes the promiser cannot hand over that article, and Plummer MS. notes translates `? let everyone plead his fraud (i.e. that he has been defrauded, i.e. anyone may bring an action for fraud'). Vn. imthach.


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Forms: 'mustorachtadar

v (imm-to-ro-saig) reaches mutually ; meets together: pret. p. 3 co 'mustorachtadar hi sléib lecca they met in Sliab L., RC xv 330.22 .

? imm-tóisi

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v is silent at: ardarcan imodtoisi (? leg. imda-tóisi) 'it is a petitioner who listens to it' Peritia v 88 (h) . See also ar-túaisi, con-túaisi, in-túaisi.


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Forms: immá-tormailt

v consumes (wholly), uses up: pret. s. 3 (metaph. usage) immá-tormailt cách díb a chomrama a n-agaid araile (lit. each used up his combats (by relating them) against the other) i.e. they related their own exploits one against another, Sc.MMD² § 8 R . See also under imma n-.


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v increases, adds: acht ni imatormaig cubus except what conscience adds, Laws i 208.4 , glossed : acht ani tormaigit na cristaidi do reir a cubais, ib. 15 Comm. gach dialt ... imatormaig fria araile co cumaong cech aon focail `every syllable that adds to another,' Auraic. 4549.


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Forms: im- trénigim, im- metrenaigedar, immatrenaighedhar, imruthrenaiged, n-imthrén- aigthe, imthrénugud

v enjoins; assures: indic. pres. s 1 im- trénigim gl. mando, Sg. 146b4 . s. 3 rel. ind fortacht im- metrenaigedar ┐ dumbeir `the help which He assures and gives,' Ml. 62c5 . cisne a tri immatrenaighedhar cach ath- gabáil `which confirm, make valid ,' Laws i 288.4 (transltd. Plummer MS. notes). perf. pass. sg. cid imruthrenaiged gl. quid mandatum sit, Ml. 102d15 . Part. anas n-imthrén- aigthe , 42c21 . Vn. imthrénugud.