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x see imm-cuirethar.


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Forms: imrualaid, imrualaid

v perf. s 3 (? imb-ro-oss-luid) went away (?) : imrualaid de conid soi it passed away from him so that he is a sage (?), AU i 208.13 . imrualaid bratt dar gréin `a cloak has passed across the sun,' PRIA xix 542 § 14.


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Forms: imrubat

v (? 2 imm + rubaid, q.v.) thrusts mortally, slays ? : indic. pres. p. 3 imrubat a gnim forsna diberga `they fatally ply their activity on the reavers,' BDD § 151a . inrubatsat- som nónber cecha fir oca n-airlech, RC xxi 388.3 . ? To this lasodain imruba cēo mōr um Sencān, Arch. iii 5.20 , or to imm-fen.


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Forms: imruimdethar, immaruimdethar, immeruimdetar, im- meroimded, imroimser, immeromastar, imromastar, imroimsid, immroimsed, imroimsimmis, imroimsitis, im- roimset, imruimset, imrumadir, immerumedair, im- meromas, imruim- detar, immarmus

v indic. pres. s. 3 in imruimdethar , Thes. ii 253.11 (Stowe M.). rel. immaruimdethar, Ériu vii 140 § 2. p. 3 rel. inna hí immeruimdetar , Ml. 46b23 . impf. s. 3 im- meroimded, 115a14 . subj. pres. s. 2 na imroimser , Wb. 20c4 . s. 3 intan immeromastar són nach noib, Ml. 51a18 . arna imromastar nech, Wb. 11a16 . p. 2 imroimsid, 33b8 . subj. past s. 3 immroimsed, Trip.² 2803. p. 1 ce imroimsimmis , Wb. 9c10 . p. 3 ceni imroimsitis , Ml. 51a19 . fut. p. 3 im- roimset gl. delinquent, Ml. 54a23 . imruimset gl. peccabunt, 54a27 . pret. s. 3 imrumadir, Wb. 13b31 . immerumedair (sic leg., Ed.), Thes. i 485.25 (Tur.). pass. ol sodain im- meromas gl. quod peccatum est. Ml. 11b5 . p. 3 inn imruim- detar , 105a1 .

sins, transgresses: is ed a trede inimruimdethar cach duine .i. hi mbrethir hi cocell hi ṅgním, Thes. ii 253.11 ( Stowe M. 65a ). is for cech lín a huaír immeroimded doberthe digal `punishment used to be inflicted on every part of them in turn that sinned,' Ml. 115a14 . ma imroimsid ní dílgibther duib, Wb. 33b8 . asrubart-som rombad mór a chin do neoch immroimsed indi, Trip.² 2803. cis lir muidh on imruimdither (v.l. imruimther) duine `how many ways are there in which a person sins?,' O'Dav. 1137. nech immaruimdethar o banscáil ... digrathaigther `anyone who transgresses in respect of a woman is degraded,' Ériu vii 140 § 2. mad fear graid ... immeroemathar (leg. im- meromastar, Ed.) ann, Ériu vii 140 § 6. in i cruth fa i n-eccruth imroimadhair diabhal et an tre fios fa in fo anfis imroimadhair Adam, Anecd. ii 12.2 . Vn. immarmus.


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Forms: immasiassair, imdeisid, impessi, impessi, nimpesse, immasiassair, impide

v pret. s. 3 immasiassair gl. obsedit, Ml 43b1 . perf. s. 3 imdeisid, Laws i 12.x . Part. g s. impessi .i. ho methi ┐ inmairi (gl. obesi as if obsessi), Ml. 20a25 . n p. impessi gl. obsesi, 106d9 . g p. inna nimpesse gl. obsesorum, 49b9 .

(a) surrounds, beseiges, invests: immasiassair .i. him hirusalem (gl. obsedit) `when it invested,' Ml. 43b1 . ? To this : imsaiter firinne ce ní torgaetha truth is beset though it should not deceive (?), O'Dav. 1567.

(b) In impers. const. perf. folld. by LA of agent it was settled, decreed: issead imdeisid la firu Ereann `what was agreed upon by the men of Erin was,' Laws 12.x . ro ordaighset ┐ immadeisidh leo a buith a mbēscna isind inis se, Ériu i 214.5 .

(c) asks, demands (cf. impide, Ped. ii 605 ) : imsuídet nad rairget, LU 8436 (FB). transltd. `elles demandent ce qu'elles ne peuvent pas obtenir,' RC xxxvi 261. Vn. impide.


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v (a) goes or reaches around (trans.) : imasoich cruas ciuil cróich `loud melody reaches round the hill,' RC v 202.3 . slúag ard hErenn immasaig | im Ailill don Chruachan- maig, IT iii 520 § 7.

(b) seeks: im suidhiu imsegar fír fiadhna, O'Dav. 1488.


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Forms: imscail

v separates mutually (intrans.) : pret. s. 3 ro faill- siged dona draithibh inni-sin ┐ imscail cach dibh o araili, RC xliii 26 § 25.


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Forms: imscaraid

v separates, cuts off; leaves off: tinscanat ... ni imscarat they begin ... they do not cease, SR 8035. intan 'muscearad when they mutually separate, BR 154.18 . ? To this : fir mbraith morlith moscarai i cein, ZCP xii 361.18 . As simple vb. imscaraid, with FRI : an mhéid go n-iomsgarann an bas corpardha an duine ré caidreabh na ndaoine, TSh. 1358.


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Forms: immusern- tais

v `wrestles with someone' (Met. Dinds. Gl.) : subj. past p. 3 mad comáes nodcorad fris | dia rístais, immusern- tais `had it been his match in age who opposed him, if they came together and joined combat.' Met. Dinds. iv 132.18 .


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v stretches about ? : imdosinet na claidib a n-oenur the swords extend themselves, RC xxii 175 n. 8 . See also under imma n-.


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x see under imma n-.