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x see immarchóraigid.


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Forms: iomordaigh, iomor- dadh

n n p. `mishaps' ?: batar cuissi imdha ┐ adhbair or' cennaighthi iomordaigh in catha cathordha d'érghi isin Roim `there were many causes and reasons why the mishaps of civil war were fated to arise in Rome,' CCath. 235. `iomor- dadh reproach ,' O'R.


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n transposition, changing the order of: fu rō .i. fo ūr .i. imord fedha, Corm. Y 698 ( Anecd. iv 59.11 ). is imord feda fil and .i. Colmān quasi comlān, BColm. 6.5 .

? Of the transferring of property after the death of its owner: litre la caid comarba imard (? leg. im i.¤) manach marb-dilsi .i. in ni em ordaiter do dilsi leisin manach marb .i. im ordugad na manach for in ti fod [dibad ?] ro dilsi in fiallach is marb, Laws v 498.3 , and 16 Comm. imord manach [.i.] cach manach tar eis alaile on eclais isin cena dosli disli do eclais a aicsi lee samlaid manup derg mir, O'C. 871 (< H 3.18, p. 391b ).

? Of the transferring of persons from one place to another: mac crabuidh cin uair nimuird (one of six sons who are not bound to honour their father), Laws iii 62.2 Comm.


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n act of arranging (in relation to each other): imordugud na manach `the ordering of the monks,' Laws v 498.17 Comm. (gloss on imard manach, ib. 3 . Cf. immord supra). ro bui Ercuil acc imordughadh crann- caistiall "Hercules was arranging wooden stands,' St. Ercuil 142.

? immoroin:

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n seul mad eissil (sic leg.) no imoroin, in an obscure passage in the Laws, transltd. ` driving over the boundary ,' Laws ii 122.12 . Perhaps for immaráin ?


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x see imḟorrán.


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n (immar- + 1 ros)a great wood: in n. loc. Cluain Iommorrois, Gorm. Oct. 20 gl. 2 .

immortan :

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ind ros mbia lóg a sithichtho is dianimortun fésine ni mathi nech doib (Strachan suggests reading: diam míortun `it is to their own disgrace'. Ped. ii § 791 (6) : ? for imorcuin), Wb. 6a5 . iomortan .i. importan .i. imbreith, Corm. Y 749.


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Forms: immerái, imma-rá, imrat, imraad, immeraad, imrerae, imrásium, imraiset, imratar, imráid, imrid, imrid

v indic. pres. s. 2 rel. immerái, Im. Brain § 37. s. 3 imma-rá, LU 2990. pl. 3 imrat, SR 7894 . ipv. s. 3 imraad, Im. Brain § 60. impf. s 3 immeraad, § 61 . pret. s. 3 imrerae, Sg. 62b7 . pl. 1 imrásium, Aisl. MC 85.16 . pl. 3 imraiset, LU 1836. imratar, LL 14b32 . Later imráid, imrid, the latter form prob. influenced by Mid. Ir. imrid (O.Ir. imm- beir). See IGT Verbs § 101.

Trans. and intrans. rows around, rows, navigates: imrerae gl. solverat [Hisperii deuexo margine ponti], Sg. 62b7 . geldod mora immerái `the white hue of the sea on which thou rowest about,' Im. Brain § 37. mag i mbitis drongu ech | conid ethair immará (of a drowned plain), LU 2990. imraid (imrat, v.l.) iarum dond licc léur `they row to the conspicuous stone,' Im. Brain § 17 , Celtica xx 182 . fossad airsin imraad Bran `steadily then let Bran row,' § 60 . o dochuaidh 'na lungai roimrái ... ar amus Troi, TTr.² 281. imrásium dar lethan-mhag Lacha Lemnachta, Aisl. MC 85.16 . imraised iar sin docum indsi, Snedgus u. MacR. 9 § 9 . imratar muncind, rergatar Scithia, LL 14b32 . imrait seachnóin na hoidhche, Fl. Earls 22.5 . dochóidhsiot in ethar bhecc ┐ imraiset é co ndeachatar inunn isin luing, FM v 1862.14 . diomramhadar na fir go láidir, Jonah i 13. iomraidheadh .i. do niodh iomramh long, O'Cl. From imrid: imrit an curuch forsin faircce, RC xiv 48.1 . do lecadur a seol ┐ do imretar an long, BCC 234.32 . cuiris Brénainn a long o thír ... ┐ imriss fein ... hí, BNnÉ 57 § 67. imrit ind oiccen go dermair, 77 § 146. ro imirset tre chuan, FM vi 1760.3 . do Muir cCaisp aideb imbris .i. admhaim go ro imbir gus an ocen, Leb. Gab. 96.3 . roimir assidhe co hInnber na mBarc, Lism.L. 254. ? imrid reid riaenrith `the smooth sea races along,' RC v 201 § 20.

In a wider sense, travels about, goes: o Riphi rigtreib imra | co dithreib na nEtheopda (of measuring the distance of land) `it stretched (lit. went about),' SR 2647. immimrous cipe cruth | in tan tánic mo lanlúth, LU 3870 (transltd. `I made a circuit by some endeavour when my full vigour came,' SC² p. 22 ).


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Forms: imradim, imrádaim, imrordaimse, immeradisiu, imradi, imrordai, immeraiter, imradam, imrádat, imráid, imráidem, immeraidtis, nisnimrade, immerada, arnachaimrada, immimrorda, immarádat, immeradin, imradad, imusráidhfi, imraidfem-ni, immindráitset, immerordus, imrordaiss, immeroraid, immun- rordad, immerordaisset, imratid, imratib, imrádid, imradim, imrádud

v indic. pres. s 1 imradim, Sg. 155b3 . imrádaim, Thes. ii 230.17 (Pcr.). perf. imrordaimse, LU 8914 (FB). s. 2 immeradisiu gl. pertractas, Ml. 43c4 . s. 3 imradi, Wb. 17a13 . perf. imrordai, Thes. ii 229.32 (Pcr.). pass. immeraiter (sic leg.), Wb. 14c22 . pl. 1 imradam ni, Ml. 93a5 . pl. 3 imrádat, Wb. 1d7 . ipv. s. 2 imráid, TBC 6013. pl. 1 imráidem, Ériu i 68.5 . impf. pl. 3 immeraidtis, Ml. 61c12 . subj. pres. s. 2 nisnimrade, Ériu i 201 § 26. s. 3 immerada, Wb. 23b24 . arnachaimrada, Ml. 51a1 . perf. immimrorda, IT i 57.58 . pl. 3 immarádat, Wb. 28c1 . impf. s. 1 immeradin, Wb. 14c23 . s. 3 imradad, Ml. 41a4 . fut. s. 3 imusráidhfi, Fianaig. 16 § 46. pl. 1 imraidfem-ni, IT ii2 208.12 . pret. pl. 3 immindráitset, Thes. ii 241.11 (Ardm.). perf. s. 1 immerordus, Ml. 96a3 . s. 2 imrordaiss, Fél. Nov. 13. s. 3 immeroraid, Sg. 197b15 . pass. immun- rordad, Wb. 20d10 . pl. 3 immerordaisset (MS. immerod- aisset), Ml. 90d16 . Part. adv. ind imratid gl. de liberalitate, Ml. 82b8 . Verb. necess. betis imratib gl. in his reuoluendis, Ml. 96b16 . Later as simple vb. imrádid i.

(a) trans. and intrans. thinks (of), reflects (on), meditates (on), considers, plans: asbeir i tossug as mug, imrádi iterum conderna gnímu moga gl. hoc cogitet iterum apud sé, Wb. 17a13 . imrádat imráti cid maith as déntí `they think thoughts,' 1d7 . nip sain a n-asberat et immarádat, 28c1 . asrochoili ┐ imradi condib sainemail nanní labrathar, Ml. 35d22 . reil fora mbrethir on á n-andach immerordaisset (MS. immerodaisset) `the iniquity which they have meditated is clear from their word,' 90d16 . amal immeradad gl. dili- berans, 68c18 . lasse immerordus in aidchi when I had meditated in the night, 96a3 . is di chéin immunrordad condan maicc togu from afar have we been considered so that we are sons by election,' Wb. 20d10 . (intrans. with do) ní imradat dun bethaid frecndairc `they think not of the present life,' Ml. 107c1 . amail immindráitset conacatar fiacc find cuccu `as they were thinking of him they saw Fiacc Find (coming) towards them,' Thes. ii 241.11 (Ardm.). cor' himraided a ailiugud trit-sin `it was proposed to accuse him on that account,' Fél. 40.18 . cibhed imraidi do rad whatever it be that you contemplate saying, SR 1209. Crist i cridiu cech duine immimrorda, IT i 57.58 . conid de imrordaimse | a chomraind ni dlig therefore I consider, LU 8914 (FB). ro imráid Bricriu inna menmain dús cinnas doragad ar imchos- saít Ulad, 8106 (FB). imráidset nípád ansu Cu Chulaind acht tuctha a cletíne airi, LU 5801. o náimráided Miliucc indas noastfad intii Patraic, Lat. Lives 59.14 . noimraided a menma dogrés ina mainistrecha his mind continually meditated on monasteries, 87.8 . imusráidhfi neach ... reicne Fotha[i]d Canainne `some one will remember,' Fianaig. 16 § 46. dingēbat in mnái dít connacht-imrāidfe etir `so that she shall no longer think of you,' RC xiii 379.14 . uathad crāibdech umarāidet Dīa, ZCP iii 29.6 . in t-ainm an uair imraiter `when it comes to mind,' Met. Dinds. iii 414.10 . imráidset techt día déicsin na hindse, RC ix 482.3 . roim- raid Lurint dul na degaid L. was thinking of going after him, Anecd. iii 73.3 . aprad Símón in ní imráidim-si uair ro-fitir Dia imráti na ndoine, PH 1768.

Folld. by oc with reflex. meaning: ro imraidset macrad Ulad i nEmain Macha oco, LU 5903. ro-imraidh-sim aici cia teglach a rachad considered (debated) with himself, ZCP i 103.18 . ro imraid Grigoir oca fein cid diamboi in lucaist, RC xlvi 228.7 . roimraidset acu imgabail [anforl]aind, Ériu viii 10.9 . doimraidsedur acu fen Ere dindsaigid, 16.25 .

(b) treats of, discusses, mentions, commemorates: imradim gl. tracto, Sg. 155b3 . a tairbert hí forathmet inna persine immeroraid riam `bringing again into recollection of the person that he has spoken of before,' 197b15 . frissaní im- meraidtis hua briathrib `to what they used to say in words,' Ml. 61c12 . slúag már immerádi `the great host which thou commemoratest,' Fél. Dec. 20. bēs nī brēg immarāide `per- chance it is no lie thou sayest,' Ériu ii 26 § 9. imraidit co hEimeine mBán ... im deracht they consult with E. Anecd. i 40. 12 . manip ar fodord ... ratir acht is ar airchisecht ... indii immarather if it be out of compassion the words are spoken, Ériu vii 162.8 . ēicsīne ... coibnesa dontí imrordus ēimh `a relative of the man above mentioned,' ZCP vii 305.10 . ní imrordusa for Echaid aní sin co se, LU 10900. Con- chobar mac Nessa ... imráter sunda for Ultaib `he is here recorded (as king) over Ulster,' Ériu iv 22.1 . immaroraid fria muntir anísin he discussed that matter with his people, TBFr. 13. in rom-imraidse Conchobar ritsu? `has Conor spoken to thee about me ?,' RC xiv 418 § 34. nir himráided riu in chaingen `they were not spoken to touching the business,' T. Moméra 158.22 . imraidset a himdibe ina faithchi sin `they discussed the curtailing of that green,' Ériu iv 124.6 . gidbe no imraided Críst ina fiadhnoisi whoever used to men- tion Christ, Aisl. Tund. 120 § 1. imthusa fer n-hErend imarter sund, TBC 568. ite in da sen imraiter sund, Laws i 36.25 Comm. imthusa Congail imraiter againd athaidh ele, MR 166.7 . níor hiomráidheadh san Róimh ribh | díochur na gcliar ..., DDána 72 § 4. iomráidh é le hiomad gráidh `speak of Him with exceeding love,' Aithd.D. 75. 39 . iomraidem ... a reimsi `let us declare ... their period,' Leb. Gab. 172.22 . imráiter do mention is made of: imrāiter sunn do aidedaib na prímflatha, ZCP iii 19.39 .

(c) sends: imraidfem-ni ┐ Medb nech úainn co Ailill Find do chobair dúnn, IT ii2 208.12 . imraidhfemne .i. cuirfim, O'C. 1308 (< H 3.18, p. 603b ).

Vn. imrádud.


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Forms: immroindfithí

v divides: sec. fut. pass. s. immroindfithí ... edgudai srolldai, Alex. 230. pret. s. 3 co marainn comh- thuargain eatarra, ZCP xiv 262.11 .