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v encourages, strengthens mutually: fírflaith ... imus-mórat, immus-nertat ... ┐ fírinne `stärken einander,' ZCP xi 87 § 47. imosnertsat ... tri h-epislib they encouraged one another by letters BB 500a38 . See also imnertaid.


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Forms: imocbail

n (? imb-fo-uss-gabál) act of bringing ?: d s. gell di co imocbail iaram co crich techta `a pledge for it (sc. a distress that has been wrongfully removed) till it is brought to a lawful place,' Laws ii 128.3 = O'C. 822 (< H 3.18, p. 378a ).


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x see imarchor.


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x see imḟocus.


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x see imḟoichid.

1 imm-oirg

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v mutually attacks: tarb (leg. tairb) imaeoirgeat fri tarbú, O'C. 2008 (< H 4.22, p. 32-33 ).

2 imm-oirg

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Forms: ra-m-immart, do-immurc, ro-s-immart, -immart, immaircid

?v pret. s. 3 ra-m-immart, TBC 3982 (but Win- disch says `zu altir. do-immurc ango, Sg. 181b3 ). ro-s-immart, SG ii 468.4 . pass. -immart, MS. Mat. 488.23 . Later immaircid i.

constrains, coerces: fer tascnai fine co nimaircid tar crich, O'C. 849 (< H 3.18, p. 385b ) (transltd. `a man tries to join a tribe which drives him out of their bounds,' Plummer MS. notes). nosiumaircend ... he co a thech (of Laban wel- coming Jacob), LB 114a18 = nosimairceand, BB 236b41 . Ailill Molt in tí farsnimmart `the man who was subdued,' MS. Mat. 488.23 . ga chana dam menma mór | ramimmart baeis ┐ brón, TBC 3982. Impers. rosimmart doib forsind loch, SG ii 468.4 .

compresses: alanuair rosriced aroile nos imairced amail bolc ngobann `it used to stretch and contract itself,' Laws i 72.17 .


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x (=i mmonair) see monar.


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n border, brink: tainic roime .., co sr[uthair] Sionna co hiomór Atha Moir, TBC p. 905 n. 2 .


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x see immarach.


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x see immarchóraigid.