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n collect. of immirge. ` trains of non-combatants and cattle, escorted by special troops (caeraigecht)' ( Ann. Conn. p. 12 n. 3 ) : téighdis groigthi ┐ imirgecha ar in eighridh, RC xviii 30.15 . a imirceacha do chor tar Sionainn soir `his moveable property ,' FM iii 334.9 . du neuch terna dib o Gallaib acus o badath d'imircechib Clainni Tomaltaig dochodar drong dib hi Tir nAmalgaid ┐ dochuaid h. Dubda fuithib ┐ ṅir faccaib oenboin accaside, Ann. Conn. 1225 § 12 . maidm imircech do thabairt fair, AU ii 484.13 . tuc h. Ferghail ... maille re himercechaibh na Conmhaicnech lais, ALC i 514.30 . Ua Conchobhair do tinol imircech na Tuatha `he mustered the moveable forces of the Tuatha,' 622.29 .


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x see immáirem.


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n ā, f. (imb-in-techt) act of wandering about (in nomadic fashion) ?, ranging a territory ? : cain fri feda ┐ aes imitechta tar crich transltd. `transgressors of the boun- dary,' O'Dav. 1002. cuig airnile saerus fer nimitechta ar thighradhus na ninnile .i. cliath tascar do iadha[dh] riu, no berna do iadha[dh] riu, no cuibhrech in mil mana fetar a fasta ..., O'C. 1714 ( 23 Q 6, fo. 17b ). ma ro bai [in mil] aidhthe acu (mad ro faoidhi aoidhchi ogaib v.l., O'C. 2329 (< Eg. 88, fo. 25b )) ┐ do licset uathaib iar sin is aithgin inn, ┐ is do aes imtechta (sic) a cein fil sunn nomads from afar ?, O'C. 1715 (<ib.). bla dam damgal, ocus imidecht, ocus imairgnechus, ocus arathar transltd. `in being driven,' Laws iii 266.13 , glossed .i. cid ar imtecht beid, 17 Comm. is aire do berar cetharda isin damh ar a beannachadh a recht, ┐ do gní imitecht ┐ imurcor don popal de dairi ┐ dithne na bú, O'D. 659 (< H 3.17 , col. 489 ) (? i.e. the possession of oxen facilitates wandering about). ? gell nimidechtad ... gell nimidechta ... Imidechtad cen imarach amuil irrub airtt (no rogart), O'D. 2215 (< Nero A vii, fo. 148a ). ? fretech, tagra occus imideacht im astad ai, Laws i 266.15 . forimtecht digla `setting out to avenge,' v 296.18 , glossed .i. fir-imitecht do, re digail an grisa n-imdergtha doberar air, 298.2 Comm. is éraise in rét in tserc | téit a héol cen immitecht, LU 3966 (Thurn. would translate `ohne Säumniss,' `ohne Umwege,' `direkt,' see SC² p. 59 n. 147 ).

Smacht immitechta is glossed .i. urcraidi dála, ( O'C. 1440 (< H 3.18, p. 643b )) `a fine for non-attendance at court ,' Plummer MS. notes, (? the absence from court in the case of smacht immidechta being due to the subject's nomadic life) : cach duine-caithe dosli cumul, cúic seoit a smacht imitechta, Laws i 270.11 Comm. cadead smachta athga- bala ┐ imidechta a corus ae ? ... smacht imidechta im chinta ... nach cin cethra fofechar a mbruighrecht ... Bo a smacht imidechta otha .u. seotu go rigi da trian cumaile, O'C. 1023 (< H 3.18, p. 431b ) (? i.e in the case of an offence entailing a fine of five `seds,' the extra fine for non-attend- ance is to the value of a cow). an commór atá an smacht urcraide dála o na cennaib ┐ o na meamraib. Ni commór itir, mar adeir bretha nemhid ar nis cutruma imitechta na fuigell .i. ni toibhgither smacht dona cennaibh gini toirsit a ndáil acht gabait im a riaraibh con do tisat frithriara provided they accept its rules until counter-rules come to them ?, O'C. 1440 (< H 3.18 p. 643b ) (? i.e. the extra fine is not enforced in the case of the leader of a band perhaps on the ground that it would be unreasonable to expect him to leave his company leaderless).


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n (3 imm + ithe) act of eating or devouring or biting (one another) : bliadain lán atchitís is-Siúir ic immithi (of míl uisci), IT iii 245.57 . co raibe cechtar de ... ic imleadrad ┐ ic imithe, Todd Nenn. 96.9 .


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[n , f.] (3 imm + mithise, see 1 mithis) a truce: doronsat immithissi co muiche na maidne arabarach `they made a truce till early next morning,' St. Ercuil 319.

? imm-la :

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Forms: imlaat, inlaat

v indic. pres. pl. 3 imlaat nói cairptiu día tofund, IT i 136.5 = inlaat, Comp. Con C. 3.5 .


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v I (3 imm-) : imusling an tabold for araili dib cor' imnaisced amail fet[h]lind im urslait `then one tablet of them sprang upon the other,' RC xiii 223.53 .

II (? 2 imm-) leaps over: dar in crois no dar in sduaig imlingar, O'C. 518 (< H 3.18, p. 261a ).


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v see imm-téit.


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Forms: imluadi, immeluaiter, imluadad, imluatis, imluadamni, imlúaidid

v indic. pres. s. 3 imluadi gl. exagitat, Ml. 33d16 . pass. pl. rel. immeluaiter gl. qui iactamini, 135b9 . impf. s. 3 imluadad gl. iactabat, 33b25 . pl. 3 imluatis gl. tracta- bant, 61b25 . subj. pres. pl. 1 imluadamni gl. iectemus, 93d13 . Mid. Ir. imlúaidid i.

sets in motion, moves (lit. and metaph.).

(a) tosses about, moves, impels (of literal motion) : immeluaiter gl. [uos, qui ... huc illucque] iactamini, Ml. 135b9 . co roimluaig in goeth inna cairpthiu tresna maigib, Lat. Lives 7.10 . rosimluaidh anfad go riachtadur go trach- taib na Traigia, Ériu viii 8.5 . frit[h] neach noimluaided a lama re cach (of wielding weapons) `there was found one to move his hands against everyone,' CCath. 5590. tar cend Conaill ro imluaidhedh eochu, Laws v 348.15 Comm. Druim nAirthir, imluaitis eich `Druim Airthir where coursed the steeds,' (? which horses caused to tremble), Met. Dinds. iv 46.43 .

(b) brings, directs, guides: "cidh ro imluaidh sib" ? ar Patraic what brought you ?, Acall. 1004 . conid lán biathad dliges iarom in n-aidchi sin acht corop deithbir nonimluade, LL 187a47 . is iad na dée adhartha rotimluaid cuccam `who directed thee to me,' D iv 2, 42ra39 . gach conair rosn- imluaidfed in toictiu `wherever Fortune would cast him,' CCath. 1156. ca hecendal roimluaid ind ... i cend aroili, TTebe 3175 . With reflexive pron. expressed or understood, comes, goes, betakes oneself: notimlúaid fri tromm-dáil `bestir thyself to the encounter,' Met. Dinds. iv 72.60 . coma foacht scela uaidi cid do rala di ┐ can imusluaidi what had happened her and from whence she came, Todd Nenn. 210.3 .

(c) stirs up, excites, sets going (a person or thing): is do saerad na cathrach ... roimluaidh in cogad `it was to free the city ... that he stirred up the war,' CCath. 1176. na han- flatha imda imlūaidit in fingail, Arch. iii 241 § 11. ca droch- ciall imluaigis sib ? `what folly excites you ?,' TTebe 1314 . roimluaid Ipomedón lucht na cathrach ... dochum in chatha, 1449 . Used of demoniac possession: in tíí nosimluaided .i. diabul, PH 1997. roslanaig Ísu aroli doine imluadit ó démnaib, 2592 . na denaid irchoit do acht imluaidid i fhoendel he, 2210 . Folld. by vn. sets about: is an re shuthain ico nimluaidid beich saithe do cur `when the bees set about sending forth swarms,' Laws iv 176.z Comm. roimluaidsed imthecht, TTebe 1816 .

(d) gives out, spreads abroad (a report); discusses, debates, mentions: conerchlói .ł. imluadi gl. [eorum et tru- culentiae cremen] exagitat, Ml. 33d16 . imluadad gl. [haec atque alia ...] iactabat, 33b25 . imluatis gl. trachtabant (sic), 61b25 . imluadamni gl. [mendaciter ista] iectemus, 93d13 . imluadfet (gl. lūaidfe molthu Maicc Maire `I shall publish the praises'), Thes. ii 353.32 . psalmos que ... tractat .i. im- luaidit salmu et ymnu, Lib. Hymn. i 12.37 . cach mod on imluaiter ┐ on imraiter ind ecna, Alex. 815. guro[s] imluaidh in comairli sin i fiadhnuisi Cait `he discussed that counsel,' CCath. 1106. forbart an nidh roimluaidh i fiadnaisi Cing Artuir which he had mentioned, D iv 2, 70ra37 . clocha no-imluaighdis eturru `which they were talking about,' Auraic. 148. ni imluaidhis fiacha na caingne gus in fecht n-aile, BB 267b1 . is iad cethrar ro himluighedh and, O'C. 986 ( H 3.18, p. 424a ). ? To this: foruilleth .i. ro foileathad for sin ceile no ra-himluaided (of debts), Laws ii 272.4 Comm.


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Forms: luinit[h]er, luinethar

v shines around ?: indic. pres. s. 3 rel. léos .i. soillsi ... agaid fir ima leos luinit[h]er (imme lois luinethar, v.l.) .i. imatimchella soilsi, Corm. Y 827.


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Forms: 'mmáromarba

v kills: subj. pres. s. 3 perf. dogénsa ... imcossaít na ríg ... co 'mmáromarba cách díb a chéli, LU 8085 (FB). See also under imma n-.