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Forms: imfresna, imresnad, imresan

v (<imb-frith-senn-, Ped. ii 625 Anm., but cf. the simple vb. no-d-seinn, Wb. 12c46 . Perhaps <imb- frith-sní) contends, disputes, disagrees, gainsays : indic. pres. s. 3 ar imfresna cách fri alaile `for each contends with the other,' Wb. 30c16 . pl. 3 ni imbresnat mo gníma frim ort `my deeds are not at variance with my rank,' Wb. 29d2 . imfresnat a ngníme fri a mbriathra, 31b30 . donaib hí im- mafresnat `to those who gainsay,' Ml. 20d6 . di chompersain immeresnad cen fiadnae `when two persons of equal standing have a dispute without witnesses,' Ériu vii 158 § 22. ipv. s. 3 na imresnad `let him not gainsay,' Ml. 139a12 . Vn. imresan.


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v (imb-frith-saig) attacks mutually: itir na da seilb ar imfrisaig an ag diaraoile, O'C. 2142 (< Eg. 88, fo. 2b ).


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v releases: atait secht mbeoscartha do flathib ocus a n-aicillnib imis-fuaslaice[t] dligid do coraib `die sie rechtlich von den Verträgen lösen,' ZCP xiv 383 § 48 (= Laws ii 312.22 where wrongly written unis-f.).


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Forms: imfuich, imfuachar, immusfuachat, imusfuichet, imfuachatar, imfuichiter, imusfai, imfo, imorro, imoraei, 'moichestar

v (imb-fo-fich) indic. pres. s. 3 imfuich, O'Dav. 928. pass. imfuachar, O'C. 1066 (< H 3.18, p. 440a_b ). pl. 3 immusfuachat, ZCP xiii 21.34 . imusfuichet, Laws ii 280.28 . pass. imfuachatar, ZCP xiii 22.2 . imfuichiter, ib. 23.25 . subj. pres. s. 3 imusfai, O'C. 995 (< H 3.18, p. 426a ). imfo, O'C. 2474 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38b ). With ro : imorro, imoraei, Laws v 10.20 Comm. ? pret. s. 3 ro 'moichestar (sic leg.), Laws i 64.15 Comm.

assails ; impugns, annuls, abrogates: fer imfuich cis flatha .i. fer emhfuachtnaiges no emfuaitris cis do tabairt da flaith .i. doerchéle elas re dliged flatha `a man who injures the lord's rent,' O'Dav. 928. imus-fuich fine imane- tur, imus-fuichet imus-coitcet `die Sippe ficht sich unter- einander an,' ZCP xiv 370 § 32 = Laws ii 280.28 . im-fuich cach curu(d) a comfocuis, ib. § 33 (= ib. 282.9 ). imfuich mac gor cach ndochur im a athair nimfuich (=ni imfuich) cach sochur, Laws iii 56.20 . nimfuich glossed : ni imtaithmich `he does not dissolve,' 24 Comm. ar immusfuachat a cenna conna segar forro, ZCP xiii 21. 34 . ni himfuachar eim cor fri flaith no eclais mana raibh acht ala nae fair riam, O'C. 2224 (< Eg. 88, fo. 16 (17)c ). is meisech imfo cor a fine .i. ís cuimgech é eimfuaidri na cor do niad an finchaire, O'C. 2474 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38b (39c) ). With ro : bretheamnus sin berar dun filid imorro .i. imoraei (? = imforae) cuccaind no imorae uaind ` lit. it may impugn it towards us or it may impugn it from us ; i.e. `imorro' states an objection either directed against us or made on our part' (Plummer MS. notes), Laws v 10.20 Comm. ? teora bai iar fir ro moi- chestar (sic leg.) no ro mainestar (sic leg.) Asal (in lit. sense seizes, attacks) the three cows which Asal seized as a distress, Laws i 64.15 Comm. (but = ro imaigestar, O'D. 1705 ).


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Forms: imme-fuigle, imfuighliter

v decides about : indic. pres. s. 3 rel. do neoch imme-fuigle in aicdiu, Laws ii 130.9 Comm. pass. cos- mailius don chaingin imfuighliter , O'C. 2480 (< Eg. 88, fo. 39a ).


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Forms: 'mfuiregar, imfuirgid, imfuirges

v (imb-fo-reg, see Ped. ii § 794 ) delays, hinders, holds back : indic. pres. s. pass. ni 'mfuiregar Finnabair `F. is not detained,' O'Dav. 864. Later as simple vb., imfuirgid : is tegusca ... tigernais ... fhostas ┐ imfuirges iat gan bar n-innsaigid, MR 194.2 .


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Forms: imfuirmed

v (imb-fo-rim-) performs ? : impf. s. 3 imfuirmed a carpad clis itir a dā laim `he would perform his palate feat between his two hands,' Ériu i 114 § 2.


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x see imm-imgaib.


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x see under imma n-.


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v does reciprocally ? returns ? : imgéna fír limsa ┐ daglaechdacht thou shalt play fair with me ?, LU 5532. rígaib imgenaiter deraga rofír .i. dogéntar do riar, 5457 (rhetoric).


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Forms: imguin

v wages war, gives battle ; fights: na bríathraib ilib imgonm (imgonaim, imgonib, imgonaid, v.ll.; ? leg. imgonam) ar bélaib iltúath 'let us not fight each other with many words before many tribes' TBC Rec. I 1101 , Stud. Celt. vi 39 , cf. ZCP xlvii 59-60 . imúsdích immustecrathar imgoin airriu he avenges them, he protects them, he fights for them, LU 8293 (FB). imma- gonat oc cosnam a crotta, `they fight between them for possession of the harp,' Fianaig. 34.3 . folaid cōre fri fine cēn ni cria ... cēn ni 'mgona, Laws iii 54.4 , glossed : .i. cen co nderna imgoin he acht na raibh a nailsiudh imgona, 56.11 Comm. do cach fir imgona roi, v 418.14 . cia bo bidbu imnedach ni imgen m'oenur, LL 119a26 . di āg Medba Crūachan, ar imgeogain ar imtoin (?) mnā fria chenēl fadessin, ZCP viii 305.21 . ? rígaib imgenaiter deraga 'spoils will be fought for by kings' LU 5457 (rhetoric) , ZCP xlvii 59-60 . See imm-déni. Vn. imguin.

See also under imma n-.