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Forms: imḟrecrae

(in personal reciprocal const. with infixed pron. The 3 sg. inf. pron. seems to some extent to have become generalised in this vb. see exx. below Ml. 58a11 , TBC² 2963 and IT iii 7.20 ).

(a) answers, corresponds, en- counters: immefrecrat tra in da fersin those two verses then correspond, Ml. 58a11 . dobidc díbrucud ar ceann araile fri hAmargine commafrecraidis na clocha isinn aer, TBC² 2963. combofrecraitis (commafrecraidis, v.l.) na bairendlecca bodba i nnélaib, TBC 4661. musfríecartar na tri classa the three choirs mutually responded, Trip.² 309. imusfrecrat a fortach ocus a ndithech `their proof and denial correspond,' Laws iv 354.19 Comm. conid inand imusfreccrat gradha ecna ocus eclasa fri gradha file ocus féne, 356.25 Comm.

(b) In metre of the correspondence of rhyme, consonance, etc.: immafrecrat a cuibdiusa, IT iii 7.20 . duan cenelach immafrecrat a dá sadcubaid ┐ a dá láncubaid, 12.20 . ni 'mafrecrad a dá sadcubaid, 13.8 . snedchasbairdni dno ni mofregrad a tri tarmforcind, BB 297b27 . Vn. imḟrecrae.


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Forms: imfresna, imresnad, imresan

v (<imb-frith-senn-, Ped. ii 625 Anm., but cf. the simple vb. no-d-seinn, Wb. 12c46 . Perhaps <imb- frith-sní) contends, disputes, disagrees, gainsays : indic. pres. s. 3 ar imfresna cách fri alaile `for each contends with the other,' Wb. 30c16 . pl. 3 ni imbresnat mo gníma frim ort `my deeds are not at variance with my rank,' Wb. 29d2 . imfresnat a ngníme fri a mbriathra, 31b30 . donaib hí im- mafresnat `to those who gainsay,' Ml. 20d6 . di chompersain immeresnad cen fiadnae `when two persons of equal standing have a dispute without witnesses,' Ériu vii 158 § 22. ipv. s. 3 na imresnad `let him not gainsay,' Ml. 139a12 . Vn. imresan.


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v (imb-frith-saig) attacks mutually: itir na da seilb ar imfrisaig an ag diaraoile, O'C. 2142 (< Eg. 88, fo. 2b ).


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v releases: atait secht mbeoscartha do flathib ocus a n-aicillnib imis-fuaslaice[t] dligid do coraib `die sie rechtlich von den Verträgen lösen,' ZCP xiv 383 § 48 (= Laws ii 312.22 where wrongly written unis-f.).


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Forms: imfuich, imfuachar, immusfuachat, imusfuichet, imfuachatar, imfuichiter, imusfai, imfo, imorro, imoraei, 'moichestar

v (imb-fo-fich) indic. pres. s. 3 imfuich, O'Dav. 928. pass. imfuachar, O'C. 1066 (< H 3.18, p. 440a_b ). pl. 3 immusfuachat, ZCP xiii 21.34 . imusfuichet, Laws ii 280.28 . pass. imfuachatar, ZCP xiii 22.2 . imfuichiter, ib. 23.25 . subj. pres. s. 3 imusfai, O'C. 995 (< H 3.18, p. 426a ). imfo, O'C. 2474 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38b ). With ro : imorro, imoraei, Laws v 10.20 Comm. ? pret. s. 3 ro 'moichestar (sic leg.), Laws i 64.15 Comm.

assails ; impugns, annuls, abrogates: fer imfuich cis flatha .i. fer emhfuachtnaiges no emfuaitris cis do tabairt da flaith .i. doerchéle elas re dliged flatha `a man who injures the lord's rent,' O'Dav. 928. imus-fuich fine imane- tur, imus-fuichet imus-coitcet `die Sippe ficht sich unter- einander an,' ZCP xiv 370 § 32 = Laws ii 280.28 . im-fuich cach curu(d) a comfocuis, ib. § 33 (= ib. 282.9 ). imfuich mac gor cach ndochur im a athair nimfuich (=ni imfuich) cach sochur, Laws iii 56.20 . nimfuich glossed : ni imtaithmich `he does not dissolve,' 24 Comm. ar immusfuachat a cenna conna segar forro, ZCP xiii 21. 34 . ni himfuachar eim cor fri flaith no eclais mana raibh acht ala nae fair riam, O'C. 2224 (< Eg. 88, fo. 16 (17)c ). is meisech imfo cor a fine .i. ís cuimgech é eimfuaidri na cor do niad an finchaire, O'C. 2474 (< Eg. 88, fo. 38b (39c) ). With ro : bretheamnus sin berar dun filid imorro .i. imoraei (? = imforae) cuccaind no imorae uaind ` lit. it may impugn it towards us or it may impugn it from us ; i.e. `imorro' states an objection either directed against us or made on our part' (Plummer MS. notes), Laws v 10.20 Comm. ? teora bai iar fir ro moi- chestar (sic leg.) no ro mainestar (sic leg.) Asal (in lit. sense seizes, attacks) the three cows which Asal seized as a distress, Laws i 64.15 Comm. (but = ro imaigestar, O'D. 1705 ).


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Forms: imme-fuigle, imfuighliter

v decides about : indic. pres. s. 3 rel. do neoch imme-fuigle in aicdiu, Laws ii 130.9 Comm. pass. cos- mailius don chaingin imfuighliter , O'C. 2480 (< Eg. 88, fo. 39a ).


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Forms: 'mfuiregar, imfuirgid, imfuirges

v (imb-fo-reg, see Ped. ii § 794 ) delays, hinders, holds back : indic. pres. s. pass. ni 'mfuiregar Finnabair `F. is not detained,' O'Dav. 864. Later as simple vb., imfuirgid : is tegusca ... tigernais ... fhostas ┐ imfuirges iat gan bar n-innsaigid, MR 194.2 .


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Forms: imfuirmed

v (imb-fo-rim-) performs ? : impf. s. 3 imfuirmed a carpad clis itir a dā laim `he would perform his palate feat between his two hands,' Ériu i 114 § 2.


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x see imm-imgaib.


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x see under imma n-.


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v does reciprocally ? returns ? : imgéna fír limsa ┐ daglaechdacht thou shalt play fair with me ?, LU 5532. rígaib imgenaiter deraga rofír .i. dogéntar do riar, 5457 (rhetoric).