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v pret. s. 3 from *imb-fo-saig asks, inquires: imma- foacht (imcomairsed, imcomairctis v.ll.) dó "cía mulend so"? ... "ní nach eolach íarmifóich" ... he asked him `whose mill is this?' ... no wise man asks, RC ix 482.18 ( LU 1757 ). immáfoacht Cu Chulaind scéla di, LU 10441. immafoacht de coich diambo cheli, LU 8544 (FB). co 'mafoacht scela uaidi cid do rala di ┐ can imusluaidi, Todd Nenn. 210.3 .


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Forms: n-imfogni, n-imfognad

v (fri) is construed (with) (gramm.) : indic. pres. s. 3 rel. nach magen i n-imfogni in (sic leg.) briatharso fri ainsid `wherever this verb is construed with the accusative,' Ml. 27c10 . subj. past s. 3 ni asse ara n-imfognad int ansid fríssin bréthir as sum `it is not possible that the accusative should be construed with the verb sum ,' Thes. ii 228.36 ( Pcr. 61b2 ).


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Forms: imfolngi, imme- folngi, imfolngai, n-immolngai, imfolngar, imfolangar, n-immolngaithær, immefolṅget, immefolngat, imfolnget, rimfolṅgar, imfolngaesiu, imforlainge, immefolnga, immefolngither, immafolṅget, immefolnged, arna- himfoilnged, imfolangide, imfolngitis, imfoln- guba, imimforlaingis, imfor- laing, imforling, immoforling, imforlinged, dianimforlainged, immeforlaingthea, immedorlig, imoilg, immoroilged, imfuilgnes, imfuilnged, imḟulaing, imfuling, imḟolang

v indic. pres. s. 3 imfolngi, Wb. 4d32 . imme- folngi, Ml. 81c14 . imfolngai, Ml. 42c4 . co n-immolngai , Sg. 199a5 . pass. imfolngar, Ml. 31d10 . imfolangar, 122c5 . dia n-immolngaithær , Sg. 3a2 . pl. 3 immefolṅget, Wb. 12a19 . immefolngat, 5d1 . Thes. ii 33.23 , Sg. 3a11 . Ml. 47b7 . ní imfolnget , Ml. 78d8 . Subj. pres. s. 1 (perf.) arna rimfolṅgar , Wb. 10c14 (or perhaps subj. pass. sg. (perf.), see Ped. ii 569 ). s. 2 imfolngaesiu gl. efficeris, Ml. 43a20 . With ro: con imforlainge , 78a8 . s. 3 immefolnga, 27d20 . Pass. sg. immefolngither, Ml. 23c5 . pl. 3 immafolṅget, Wb. 25c10 . subj. past s. 3 immefolnged, Ml. 95a5 . arna- himfoilnged, Mon. Tall. 145.1 . pass. arna imfolangide , Ml. 88b15 . pl. 3 na imfolngitis , Ml. 38a7 . fut. s. 3 imfoln- guba, 142b3 . perf. s. 2 imimforlaingis se, 38d18 . s. 3 imfor- laing, 61b4 . imforling, Wb. 5b21 . immoforling, 10a18 . pass. s. imforlinged, Wb. 15b21 . dianimforlainged, Ml. 69d4 . pl. immeforlaingthea gl. quae ... effecta erant, 63b6 .

Pret. forms without -n-: s. 3 immedorlig gl. exinaniuit autem sé .i. humiliauit, ZCP vii 484.2 (Enchir. Aug.). roi- moilgestar gl. aridralastar, Thes. ii 346.23 . conar imoilg , Aen. 2329. pass. immoroilged, Ériu ii 102 § 11.

As simple vb. i-stem.: indic. pres. s. 3 imfuilgnes, Fél. 146.17 . impf. s. 3 no imfuilnged , LB 128a3 . perf. s. 3 ro imḟulaing , IT ii 468.93 . ro imfuling , PH 3430. Vn. imḟolang.

(a) causes, produces, makes, effects: imfolngi in tristitia sin salutem `worketh,' Wb. 16b10 . imfolngi corp dosom `he makes to him a body,' 9d8 . imfolngai són amlabar inní fris- sarater `that makes dumb ...,' Ml 42c4 . issed immeḟolṅ- gai a ḟorbairt `'tis this that causes it to grow,' Sg. 128b3 . gniid side co n-immolṅgai side cesad fuiri sidi `it acts so as to cause passion on it,' 199a5 . imforling hícc a mbeicc rochreti `it has wrought the salvation of the few,' Wb. 5b21 . is rad dée immumforling conda apstal `it is God's grace which has caused me to be an apostle,' 13b6 . it he immefolngat a thristimchel deacc `it is they that constitute its thirteenth circuit,' Thes. ii 33.23 . ata dechor immefolṅgat tria n-emnad `there is a difference which they produce by doubling them,' Sg. 3a11 . teistiu int síl immefolangar tri chomac- cubur `the emission of the seed which is produced by con- cupiscence,' Ml. 71c6 . imimforlaingisse promthe trisna fochaidi `thou hast made me proved through afflictions·', 38d18 . imfolngar gním di suidib `a deed is effected from them,' Ml. 31d10 . a folad dia n-immolṅgaithær vox `the substance from which vox is produced,' Sg. 3a2 . is amlaid tregdas rinn na fergai in anmain co n-imfolngai bās do suidiu, ZCP iii 26.28 . cid imfuilnges sin a thrógnait what is the cause of that, thou poor thing?, Fél. 146.17 . ma folo neach trog diaraile .i. ma dia nimfuilge neach in trog sin dia cheile, O'C. 1879 (< 23 P 3, fo. 21 (23)b ). adhband trīrech imefuilnge gol, Corm. Y 721. arnahimfoilnged imned dó ind roítu `lest excessive thirst should cause him suffering,' Mon. Tall. 145.1 . a nathraig ro-imfuling bás do nathrachaib na ṅdruad, PH 3430. rimfhulaing imut in eisc sadbrius mor dond lucht aca raba comus ind inbir, RC xlvi 234.14 . roiarfaig Gerg do drui ... cid ro imḟulaiṅg in gaéth sin, IT iii 468.93 . is do cruthugad in domain im- moroilged la essergi Críst `of the formation of the world which has been effected by Christ's Resurrection,' Ériu ii 102 § 11.

(b) supports, sustains: ni fuilgend nech cin araile .i. noch nimfuilginn nech cina nech eile acht a cina foden, Laws i 282.35 Comm. is e biad uais dligthec imfhuilnges in taen bis don chined `food ... which sustains one who is of the tribe,' ii 234.11 Comm. infean cach bes siu ocus anall, infoilngead ime indric atarru samlaid `they sustain a lawful fence between them,' Laws iv 138.18 . co n-imfuil- ngither in eric `that the eric may be sustained,' O'Dav. 153. imfoilng[i] .i. imnertad ut est imfuilngi guth i folachtaibh toibh `thou supportest a voice,' 1094 . frisin tuirid cloiche no imfuilnged in tech, LB 128a3 . is e biad nosimfuilnged .i. bleid mila muridhi, YBL 84a22 . long imfuilnghes seol `a ship that carries a sail,' RC xxiv 377.5 . nī imfhuilngess dronga móra do na Rōmānchaibh what supports, Fl. Earls 182.12 .


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Forms: imfor- cindtar, im-foircnither

v finishes, completes: indic. pres. pass. s. imfor- cindtar aile dia dechmaide the fence is finished on the tenth day, Laws iv 70.19 . ? leg. im-foircnither.


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Forms: im[m]onrōiraid, immonróirad

v (imm-fo-fera) brings to pass, effects: pret. pass. s. with infix. pron. pl. 1: im[m]onrōiraid (leg. immonróirad) ... toitim la hóga ainiūil `it was ordained for me (?)' Fianaig. 10 § 4.


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Forms: immusfoprator

v attacks: immusfoprator muimnecho, Rawl. 126b46 . See also under imma n-.


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Forms: imforbart

v inflicts on, brings upon, practises: pret. s. 3 imforbart fair forecin, SR 3212. comoforbart in Dond Cuailnge ... dáir in tsescraid `when the Dond of C. ... pro- ceeded to bull the dry cows,' RC xvi 53.3 . See also under imma n-.

? imm-forfen

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Forms: amrorfus

v perfects ?: perf. s. 1 (Strachan, VSR 26 ) is maith amrorfus mo gus | conabtorlus a Phardus, SR 1871.


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Forms: imforgenair, imorgenair

v pret. s. 3 from *imm-for-gain-. was evolved, was brought about: imforgenair (imorgenair, v.l.) comairli la M. `then a plan was formed by M.', RC xxiv 178.6 . im- forgenair comthinōl icna haithechaibh a n-ōenairm `da wurde eine Versammlung der Zinsbauern an einen Ort ins Werk gesetzt,' ZCP xi 60.23 .


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Forms: imforgensad

v prepares, sets in motion: pret. pl. 3 cach imforran imforgensad (forgeinsed, v.l.) etarro `every mutual des- truction that was wrought between them,' RC xxiv 186.12 .

? imm-fortéit

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Forms: ima-fortagat, imma-fortagad

v helps mutually: indic. pres. pl. 3 rel. amail ima-fortagat (imma-fortagad, v.l.) | memra in cuirp co lēire | tucad gach ōen arde seirc | a pēin anmuin a cēle, ZCP vii 312 § 28.