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Forms: imdibenar, imdibnem, imdibed, imdibthe, imdib, immeruidbed, ro-imdibed, imruidbiset, imdibthe, impdibthe, imdibnem, imdibe

v Indic. pres. pass. s. imdibenar, Sg. 143b4 . ipv. pl. 1 imdibnem, Wb. 15b9 . subj. past s. 3 acht mina imdibed , PH 5734. Pass. s. ní imdibthe , Wb. 1d17 . pret. s. 3 ro imdib , PH 5732. pass. s. immeruidbed, Wb. 18d9 . ni ro-imdibed , ib. Irregular s-pret. perf. pl. 3 imruidbiset, TBC² 2828 probably influenced by the pret. pass. which might seem to have the ending of an s-pret. part. imdibthe, Wb. 1d20 . impdibthe, Sg. 57a7 .

excises, circumcises: imdibenar quod offendit gl. abscidi- tur, Sg. 143b4 . imdibnem gl. abscidamus, Wb. 15b9 . iss i rráe choir immumruidbed `at the proper time I have been circumcised,' 23d30 . uirginitas .i. imdibthe ó lanamnas, Wb. 10a14 . ro-imdib in máthair co cloich ṅgéir the mother circumcised with a sharp stone, PH 5732. imruidbiset fēithi do chridi indit, TBC² 2828. noi fechtas imruidbed mo tenga as mo chind la geinte, Ériu ii 102 § 9. Vn. imdibe.


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Forms: immdích, imdich, imadichet, imdíched, imadichitis, imdíusa, imdegail

v Indic. pres. s 3 immdích, Críth Gabl. 339. ní imdich , Laws iv 202.2 . pl. 3 imadichet, Laws iv 92.25 . impf. s 3 imdíched, TBC 5689. pl. 3 imadichitis, Laws v 308.16 . fut. s. 1 imdíusa, LU 5028.

protects, saves, defends; is a defence against?: imús-dích immustecrathar imgoin airriu, LU 8293 (FB). imm-dīch im-dīthnathar, ZCP xi 93 § 22. imm-dích dliged a chéle he defends the rights of his clients, Críth Gabl. 339. cach nindligi nad imdich dethbiri every illegality which has not the defence of necessity, Laws ii 2.5 . ni imdich cia beth cuit do indib his having a share in them is no defence, iv 202.2 , glossed: nochon eimdidnend, 9 Comm. in ni umadich feichem umadich raith `whatever protects the debtor protects the surety,' v 226.28 . im-dich cach corp a memru everybody protects its members, ZCP xiv 369 § 30 (= Laws ii 278.19 ; O'Dav. 1125 ). im-dīched in cú Laigniu huili, Sc.MMD² § 1. bíam cúsa ... dot imdegail ... ┐ imdíusa Mag Muirthemne uili, LU 5028. tait airlimenda imadichet smachta `tres- passes which shelter a fine (i.e. for which no fine is incurred)', Laws iv 92.25 , (transl. O'Dav. 714 ). atait secht turbaide im-a-dichitis cach re, Laws v 308.16 , glossed eimditnit seig in ti teit isin re comruic, ib. 20 Comm. muna imge (? for im[di]ge) deithbire, Laws iv 136.22 , glossed: .i. mana roib deithbirus aca neimditin a mbuachaille, 32 Comm. Vn. imdegail.


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x see under imma n-.


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Forms: díolaim, 'modílfat

v (` ? <imm-dí-láaim, delivers. Cf. O'R. díolaim I release ,' Strachan, VSR): fut. s. 1 manistarlaice ... | meicc Israhel ... | fóidfet mor ndigal dishain | 'modílfat uad ar écin, SR 3836.


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Forms: immus-dím, 'midime, immus-dím, imdítiu

v (imb-dí-em) indic. pres. s. 3 immus-dím, ZCP xi 83 § 27. subj. pres. s. 3 ni 'midime , Laws ii 48.12 .

protects, defends: immus-dím immus-dīdnathar, ZCP xi 83 § 27. cuic seoit cach ninndligidh athgabala acht ni 'midime dethbere five seds for every illegal taking which has not the defence of necessity, Laws ii 48.12 . (=acht ni imdime dethbire, O'C. 2711 (< Eg. 88, fo. 60b )). Vn. imdítiu.


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v repels, removes: imdingaib naidm noesa .i. ma trebar an naidm nascar ni reagar noes lais, O'C. 842 (< H 3. 18, p. 383b ) =imdingaib naidm naesaib, Laws iv 70.4 .


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Forms: immusdīth- nathar, immusdídnathar, imdidnibther, imditnet, imdídned, immus-dīdnathar, im-dīthnathar, imdídnad

v (imb-dí-don) indic. pres. s. 3 immusdīth- nathar, ZCP xi 93 § 22. immusdídnathar, 83 § 27 . fut. pass. s. ni imdidnibther , Wb. 15c25 .

Active: indic. pres. pl. 3 imditnet, O'Dav. 714. perf. pass. s. coro imdídned , D iv 2, 71vb36 .

releases, exempts , `jemand aus einer Lage erlösen, indem man selber für ihn eintritt,' Thurn. ZCP xi 101 n. 18 ; pro- tects: ni imdidnibther ainech and oc tabirt coibsen a llae sin, Wb. 15c25 transltd. `no person will be released, or exempted, from giving confession on that day,' ZCP v 513. immus-dím immus-dīdnathar `der sie beschützt, sich für sie stellt,' ZCP xi 83 § 27. im-dīch im-dīthnathar , 93 § 22. atat airlemenna imandichet smacht .i. imditnet cen ic mian, O'Dav. 714. rogab fora thincosc sum coro imdídned é ona huilib dubalach, D iv 2, 71vb36 . Vn. imdídnad.


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x see under imma n-.


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Forms: imdoirtear

v sheds, spills: indic. pres. pass. s. imdoirtear gach forlan .i. is amlaidh as eimdoirtear as gach ni bis for a lan, O'C. 1898 (< 23 P 3, fo. 22b - 23a ).


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Forms: imdreangair

v climbs around (term employed figuratively in ogham for climbing or ascending the ogham `tree,' i.e. the basic line or angle from which the letters were drawn, the alphabet being read from below upwards): indic. pres. pass. s. is amlaid imdreangair crand .i. saltrad fora freim in craind ar tus ┐ do lam dess reut ┐ do lam cle fo deoid, Auraic. 949. is amlaid imdrengar .i. is amhlaidh eimh ceimnighthir isinn ogam, 991 . is amlaid imdrichaur ougam .i. amal imdrengthar crand .i. is amlaid ceimnigther isinn ogam aumail ceimnigther isin craund, 3932 .


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v closes up, surrounds, presses close to: ní cath ro iomdruidsiod do thabhairt acht as teitheadh ... do ronsat `they did not close to give battle,' TFrag. 132.23 .