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Forms: imcomai, imcoma

v guards, preserves : indic. pres. s. 3 imcomai mac ┐ raith cach coibchi, Laws v 372.8 . rel. is eiside ni imacomai do nach ailiu .i. cuimne cumaide do bí ac in dá Sen, i 36.23 Comm. subj. pres. s. 3 imcoma cach urchond a eccond airib, O'D. 2202 (< Nero A. vii, fo. 140b ).


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Forms: immidcomairc, immechomairc, imchomrac, immechomarcar, imcomaircet, im- mechomarcatar, imchomarcad, imchomarcam, immechomairsed, im-caemros[s]a, imchomarcair, imchoímras, imcomarctár, immácomraicthe, imroichomairc, roimchomairc, imcomarcaidh, imchomarcis, imchomarc

v Indic. pres. s. 2 immidcomairc, Corm. Y 1059.59 . s. 3 rel. immechomairc, Ml. 27d4 . With meta- thesis, imchomrac, TBC² 573. pass. immechomarcar, Sg. 27a2 . pl. 3 imcomaircet, IT iii 22.14 . pass. rel. im- mechomarcatar, Sg. 138a4 . ipv. s. 3 na imchomarcad , Wb. 28b12 . pl. 1 imchomarcam gl. interrogemus, Ml. 18a1 . Subj. impf. s. 3 immechomairsed, Ml. 20b18 , 63c9 . fut. s. 1 im-caemros[s]a, BDD² 166. pret. s. 3 imchomarcair, 46 . pass. imchoímras, TBFr. 148. pl. 3 imcomarctár, RC ix 484.3 . pass. immácomraicthe, RC ix 486.2 . perf. s. 3 imroichomairc, Corm. Y 690.12 . roimchomairc, SR 7553. As simple vb.: indic. pres. s. 3 imcomarcaidh, IT iii 180.22 . pret. s. 3 imchomarcis, Lat. Lives 65.7 .

questions asks, inquires of (folld. somet. by DO, somet. by direct obj.): na imchomarcad ní `let her not ask aught,' Wb. 28b12 . is cétna netargna dondí immedchomairc (MS. immeb chomairc) `it is the first knowledge to him that asks it,' Sg. 197b10 . frecre do neoch immechomarcar duit `to what is asked of thee,' ib. huare ata tert persin immecho- marcatar treo `because it is third persons which are interro- gated by them,' 138a4 . ma[i]th i[n] rē immidcomairc, Corm. Y 1059 (s.v. prūll, Anecd. iv 93.3 ). antan atconnairc in tsen- tainde inna hēicsiu immuscomarcair (imuscomarcatair MS., immoscoemorcair, L) cibtar hē, ib. imchomrac (imchomairc, LU) araile fer dona druidib cid dia maith a llāisin, TBC² 573. imcōemorcair (imchomarcair, LU) Cūchulaind "cia carnd ngel inso thall," 616 . imchomarcar cía bu chan dóib, TBFr. 65. imchoímras dó cid dodnucai, 148 . rí roimchomairc ... | do sruithib mac n-Israhél, SR 7553. im-caemros[s]a do gaethaib corbom gaeth fo-deisin `I shall enquire of the wise ones that I may be wise myself,' BDD² 166. imchomarcair in rí scéla dí, 46 . co nimchomarcair ... cia ainm inna mna (glossed: ro fiarfaigustar, 252.22 Comm. ), Laws i 250.24 . a n-immácomraicthe ced atconcatár isin tír asbertís, RC ix 486.2 . imchomarcis in drái cia orb halachta in chumal, Lat. Lives 65.7 . īar sin imcomaircid na fāithe ele, ZCP viii 312.31 . imcomairces cách scela diaroile díbh, St. Ercuil 1228. Vn. imchomarc.


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x see under imma n-.


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Forms: imoscomlāsad, imrochomlai

v sets out for: pret. pl. 3 imoscomlāsad cōiced Érend techt la Coinculaind `a province of the Éraind set forth to go (?) with Cuchulainn,' Ériu ii 22 § 4. In impers. constr., pret. (perf.) s. 3 imrochomlai indn inseo a taigh doib they set out for the island (?), Anecd. i 5.8 .


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Forms: imchomrac

v meets with, encounters: immacomraccat inna deich timmna fuiri `the ten commandments unite on it,' Hib. Min. 20 § 19. du a n-imchomraic ┐ a n-etorscar duthaigh in diūc ┐ in Almāinn re aroile `where the Duke's country and Germany meet and separate,' Fl. Earls. 80. Folld. by do happens to: immacomarnic tra dóib debaid do denam imman curadmir, LU 8471 (FB). Vn. imchomrac. See also under imma n-.


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x see under imma n-.


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x see under imma n-.


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x see under imma n-.


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Forms: imconsenat, -cossenat

v contends: fut. pl. 3 imconsenat (leg. -cossenat) a mna, TBC 4981 (YBL) = cossénait, LL.


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v corrodes, shrivels; gnaws, consumes: immus- credfaifet (imuscrefafet, immuscreitfet, v.ll.) duth[ch]ernai [ar a lín] `niggards will shrivel (?) one another,' RC xxvi 40 § 209. As simple vb. co ngeoghain Lóch mo throma | imcredhbann in esgonga, TBC p. 325 n. 11 (Eg.) (transltd. by Wi. `umstrickt (mich),' p. 997 =rom tresgair, text). Cf. credbaim, Contribb.


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v purchases mutually (?) : trí imuscrenat : saill, imm, iarn `three things which purchase each other (i.e. they may be exchanged for each other (?),' Plummer MS. notes), Triads § 170. ? To this: nim crenar, O'D. 2227 (< Nero A 7, 153a ).