2 immas? :

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n [nom-] geib fearg fri cach n-immas (leg. n-indmas ?) ac[h]t mo dealg, Todd Lect. iii 132.8 .


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Forms: ímmusáscnát

v meets: indic. pres. pl. 3 with infix. pron. pl. 3 ímmusáscnát gl. obuiauerunt sibi, Thes. i 6.4 .


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x see 1 sech S 124.84f..

immasleig ? :

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n of Cuchulainn's feats: immasleig cach la beirt immin n-araid gabáil na n-ésse biid uasaib ┐ análaib, LU 9293 (Siaburch.). immelig (v.l. immasleig, Eg.) loa usci atetha cless nonbair, IT i 263.25 (FB).


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x see 2 imḟastad.


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Forms: immathcor

n o,n. mutual restitution ? : immathcor nAilella ┐ Airt (title of a tale), Anecd. iii 27.10 . See Peritia ix 103 .

immattrebdide :

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Forms: imatrebdidiu

n d s. imatrebdidiu gl. circumhabitato, Thes. ii 25.40 (Bcr.).


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Forms: immarthrub

v dwells, inhabits, takes up residence: ? pret. s. used impers. (or ? subst. with copula omitted) imaittreib doib alla aniar hi Commur Tri n-Usce, Y Cymmrodor xiv 114 § 14. perf. s. 3 o roḟitir Osseirge immarthrub alle aniar, Ériu iii 138.6 .


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Forms: imrid, imbir, imbeir, 'mobeir, immamberat, imberr, imberar, immaberr, immabera, immdiroibre, imberthar, immer, conidnimbert, imdarubart, imbert

v Mid.Ir. imrid. lit. carries around.

Indic. pres. s. 2 imbir, Thes. ii 249.11 . s. 3 imbeir, LU 9109 (FB). rel. 'mobeir, SR 527. pl. 3 rel. immamberat, Ml. 111b17 . pass. s. imberr (sic leg.), 131a2 . imberar, Mon. Tall. 142.15 . rel. immaberr, Thes. ii 252 § 1 (Stowe M.). subj. pres. s. 3 immabera, Wb. 13a3 . With ro: immdiroibre, Laws v 442 y . pass. imberthar, LU 3241. fut. s. 1 ni immer , LU 10809. pret. s. 3 conidnimbert, Lib. Hymn i 122.128 . perf. s. 3 imdarubart, LU 3245. Vn. imbert.

moves, sets in action: applied to various activities.

(a) carries around: dá gáe bolga immosbeir, LU 4568.

(b) puts, places; applies: imbir fo dí so sís `put this below twice,' Thes. ii 40.26 . imbir in da mér ... it bélaib, 249.11 . is mor cet mili mobeir | hi timchuaird a ḟosscemeil ... he places around his footstool, SR 527. nos-imbir ongain slanaide fair he applies healing ointment to him, Lat. Lives 96.11 . sénais in n-én lūamnech | conidnimbert inna lāim `and brought it into her hand,' Thes. ii 343.1 . ? Impers. const. batar imtholtanaig na mná imna heónu imdarubart fair `the birds that chanced to come there' (lit. ? `it had put them'), LU 3244 ( SC 4 ).

(c) trans. and intrans. plays (a game), gambles, stakes: imbrid Medb ┐ Ailill fidchell, TBFr. 88. ni immer acht di giull, LU 10809. tucadh an fi[th]cill chucu ┐ do imridar hi, Ériu iii 162 § 17. imrobhrad nad escomhrad, Tec. Corm. p. 34 n. 8 . mairid in fit[h]cheall egair | d'imert[h]á 'san aird-lepaid, ML² 739. is gadaige in t-í immres, PH 7597. tabhair an taiplis don tigh | go faicmis amhail imrid, IGT Decl. ex. 607. Fig. toil Dé gin go ndearna mé | imreadh ar gcuid don chluiche, Aithd.D. 68 § 34. gach beart doirbh dhar hinnleadh air | soirbh do imreadh na haghaidh `he would meet it with serenity,' Arch. Hib. i 91 § xii . na dronga sin ... d'imir a bprionnsa ar chúntus airmdheoraidh, Ó Bruad. iii 114.2 . ní bhfuil aon ní agam a d'imeórainn acht mo chuid éadaigh, GJ iii 69.9 (Stair É. Uí Chléirigh). na dísleadha leur imredar na saighdeoireadha a eudach, Parrth. Anma 435.5 .

(d) uses, employs: bad fri cumtach necolso immabera `let it be for the edification of the church that he employs it' (of a gift or possession), Wb. 13a3 . huare as nolc imme- folngi do neuch forsanimberr `on whom it is used,' Ml. 142d1 . imberr fo dí amal sodain (of a word) `it is applied twice in that case,' Ml. 131a2 . ma doairli sale ind laim oc praind imberar usci leosom `if a spittle falls on a man's hand at meals their use is to pour water thereupon,' Mon. Tall. 142.15 . imbérat a mblichtach do feólaib hi [n]gaimred they will use their milch-cows for meat, LU 5614. a ndliges in flaith ... de biadh is ruidles do cia inaroibre (leg. ima-roibre, Bürgschaft p. 6 ) fadeisin in tan sin, ZCP xiii 20.4 . conaimeas na ro-dilse seo do cach recht imdabera `who may use them,' Laws v 490.12 . .i. ro beres iat, 492.z Comm. a seóid is a h-ilmaine | do iméradh gan fhuirech he would make use of her treasure and wealth without hesitation, Celt. Rev. iv 104.z . cid cīall ┐ erlabra imabera `if it is reason and elo- quence he practises' (of an abstract quality), Ériu i 114 § 3. rí imreas ceart mar a neart, Content. vi 242.

(e) plies, handles, wields, uses; works in (of a metal) : is dian immamberat a cossa oc ind figi `they ply their feet swiftly in the weaving,' Ml. 111b17 . ro-immir a chorp co ndernai tri chét slechtain conid rala hi tasse, LL 282a15 . nech immaber biail i ndomnach `whosoever plies axe,' Ériu ii 206 § 27. slán don tí imres in tsuist, Laws iii 220.26 Comm. cerda .i. imrid in t-or, v 90.25 Comm.

(f) practises, exercises, inflicts, performs (folld. by noun obj. and usually by FOR (AR) of person affected, generally in an unfavourable way, by the action): imrubairt a chumachta foir, Corm. Y 446. ind altoir fiugor ind ingrimme immaberr `of the persecution which is inflicted,' Thes. ii 252.2 . imbirseo féin do gním gascid ... forsna sluagu, LU 6378. nobīad a chend de ... acht imrobrethsom a chumaing forsin slōg, TBC² 2942. nocon imberasam for Ultu a clessin doriisi, 652 . is dóig immērthai ceilg fon cruth sin, 1402 . cip é imress (v.l. imeoras) mela ... fort, TBC 46. ra immir in Findbennach Ái meirbflech a astair ... bar in Dond Cualngi, 6151 . mas é in fechem toicheda ro imer taitus forru `who practised theft on them,' Laws ii 6.10 . mad cen [fis] ina brathri immabera dichmairc `if he commit the theft without the brethren's [knowledge],' Ériu vii 148.7 . ro imbir fair dano cach ada aili ba dir do imbirt for tarb idparta, CCath. 959. ro himred fír n-indligid form, Aisl. MC 25.1 . is for F. tra ro imriset na trí Colla in fingail, LL 332c13 . co n-imérat gairdi thsāegail fort `I shall shorten thy life,' Fianaig. 82.20 . in fer ro imir in cned, Laws i 228.14 Comm. fornaib coic cathrachuib fora n-immerar a mmuir teneth co brath `on which the sea of fire is inflicted for ever,' Ériu ii 140 § 142. ot concatar ... in n-anflathius do himred for Mumain, Cog. 58.13 . a mheas gurab mar smachtughadh imreas Dia na dochair sin air, TSh. 8204. na míorbhaile do imir Dia ar Pharao `had wrought against,' Keat. ii 261. óig ar ar himreadh mídhíach `warriors on whom misfortune has been inflicted,' Studies 1919, 256 § 5 . don tí ar a n-iméar m'aoir, DDána 95 § 20.

i.¤ láim for practises violence on: ni himmer mo laim ... | form' ḟuil nach form' ḟeoil fodein, SR 1541. Lugaid ... ┐ Ligerne ... ro imbriset láma for Art, LL 24a17 .

i.¤ feirg (etc.) for vents anger on: nad bad fornn nimbrae do borann, TBC² 3560. na himbeir luinni co lén | for muimmi mac n-Israhél, SR 6971. ro imir a ḟerg ar Lúaighni Temrach, Fianaig. 90.31 . imir do bharainn fair, BNnÉ 300 § 4.

i.¤ bás, (or aided) for puts to death: ba dóigh leis noimber- tais bas ... fair, D iv 2, 73va15 . imbir bás form im' chintaib, Todd Lect. iii 62.11 . da cluined in t-iarla in t-uirigill-sin ... roimeorudh bás ort, ZCP vi 27.12 . an bás roimris-si for mo dhalta-sa, Buile Ṡ. § 9 . go n-imeoraidís na hIodhail bás air, Keat. ii 3176. día ndernadh in gním rofhuapair ... no himbertha oighedh easanorach fair, ZCP iv 383.14 .

Used absol. in impers. const. without noun obj., uses violence on, inflicts punishment: ind lám des ... imo-robrad (? leg. imm-robrad, Ed.) for suidiu `as to the right hand a weapon had been used on it,' BDD² 1530. imrubairt ar mo shéitchi, PRIA xix 542 § 12 ( LL 146b25 ). mar iméorthar anocht oram `compared with what will be inflicted on me this night,' BNnÉ 66 § 101.

(g) Used intrans. with FOR, works on, affects prejudicially: ro imir a n-ítu forro sum `their thirst wrought on them,' CCath. 2504. cor imir in a[n]bthine for longaibh Cesair `the storm wrought damage to C.'s ships,' 179 . r[os]n-imbir cid iter in n-uathgrain cetna for graigibh `the same horror worked on,' 3126 .

(h) brings into play; causes: it é fodlai flatha doru[i]r- misem im[m]aberat fuillechtai flaithemnasa a somoínib set `these are the divisions of lordship we have enumerated which bring into play (lit. move) the divisions of nobility according to (the varying) revenues from their property,' Críth Gabl. 490 (see p. 36 n. ). uch a ionnmais bhréccaigh baín | uch is plaígh ro-imres féin `ach, Plage hast du bewirkt,' ZCP x 416.2 . imbeiredh buaidh cen baegla `he used to effect victory without ambushes,' Leb. Gab. 98.9 .

(i) Used reflexively, moves oneself about, throws oneself on (for): co n-da n-imbir do chride it chliab immar ubull i fabull `so dass sich dein Herz in deiner Brust herumbewegt,' TBC 4385. non imrend im rennaib na n-arm, 1284 . is andsin imidrubart forsin sluag `then he hurled himself upon the host,' Ériu v 240.148 . immusrubartatar forsna sluagaib coro thrascratar ilcheta díb, RC xiii 458.1 . notimber frisin maith-sin `excercise yourself on that good,' ZCP vi 265 § 17. do imir ... co míleata hé ... ar a mór-naimdib `he disported himself manfully on his great enemies,' Caithr. Thoirdh. 116.4 .


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x see under imma n-.


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x see under imma n-.