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Forms: immalldu, immallad

ind a p., m. allchlíu fri immalldu , LU 8710 (FB rhetoric)=immallad, IT i 280 n. 9 (Eg.).

immallé, immalle(i), ma(i)llé, ma(i)lle

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Forms: immal(l)ei, immelei

(see Thurn. Gramm. § 841 ). With final long vowel: immallē: Dé, Thes. ii 349.10 . imma-lē: Dé, LL iii 20149 (= Met. Dinds. ii 40.58 ). mo-llé: Dé LL iii 21894 (= Met. Dinds. iv 96.58 ). imma-llé: mé, Murphy Lyrics 42 § 12 . malé, SR 1161, 1519 . See Ériu liii 136 . Written immal(l)ei, immelei in Wb. only. adv. jointly, together ; at the same time: is hed as técte dúib nébeth immalle `not to be along with [them],' Wb. 9b17 . nabad immalle labritir ` together ,' 13a5 . is immallei rofóitea, 27c35 . imba immalei do occar taithchricc et occar náinsem `will He be at the same time redeem- ing us and accusing us ?,' 4b16 . hore ataaithsi immelei `because ye are together,' 10a6 . nímmalle act is cach ae foleith, 17d2 . immalle son gl. [cum conuenissent] in unum, Ml. 61b23 . digal for maccu israhel huili immalle, 115a14 . di chanoin anisiu immelle `this is two texts together,' 68d9 . ménogud inna teora ṅguttae immalle `the hiatus of the three vowels together,' Sg. 40b8 . frisambí immalde de aos sruith `in regard to such elderly people as live with him,' Mon. Tall. 152.24 . bennacht Brigte ocus Dé | for- don-rabat immalle, Lib. Hymn. 127. 208 . is malle connub- cabsat | dochum n-Ísu meicc Muire, 103 § 65. aensit Gaoidhil da tredan immelle, AU i 240.4 . geguin ind ele hē ┐ huirt mac a brathar immelle at the same time, Ériu iii 137.58 . immalle dano tāncatar ocus techta Ulad, Sc.MMD² § 1. atát tri cóecait ... do mnáib ... acum i ndún immalle (: messe), LU 3951. canait ceol ṅgluair immalle, SR 599. cethrar ┐ ceithri cét | ... | raharta im Giric male `were slain along with Quiricus,' Fél. 150.28 . ar co n-diglom malle in maccraid forsna sluagaib, TBC 2514. eagluis fine erluma ocus grin imale `and that of [the owner of] the land at the same time,' Laws iii 74.13 . cethrur in gaband ┐ cethrur don cerd conid ochtur a ndam imalle ` all together ,' v 104.21 Comm. immalle tra dathómlitís a próind, Lat. Lives 92.16 . dlegar díb imalle `from both equally,' PH 6514. trūag in comroc imale | Blāthnad ocus Ferchertne `the struggle together,' Ériu ii 30 § 14. co tairsidis amaille in catha, Anecd. ii 79.8 . dia mbátar and immalle | de dorónad Furbaide (of conjugal union), Met. Dinds. iv 30.y . ar ni foerlangtar nert ind ḟlatha ┐ ind laith gaile 'moalé, Y Cymmrodor xiv 106 § 5. a haibhne a locha ma le, Content. iv 20.

Used in connection with a space of time, consecutively ?, or perhaps, in all, altogether: secht ṁbliadna lana mole | ... | ó gab Ioseph gloir garta | co aimsir na mórgorta, SR 3381. tri bliadhna deg immaille | rofaemadh Niall caem Caille, Todd Lect. iii 422.5 . ix mbliadna fichet malle | ... | ... | i rríge os Banba bratrúaid, LL 127b7 . naoi fichit bliadain mole ... ba he saogal Moninde, FM i 168.16 .

Combined with fri (re), la, forming a prep. phrase.

(a) with, along with: do buith immalle fris, Ml. 102a19 . tri buith immalle friu, 47b8 . oc comguidi dae frinni immelle `in joint prayer together with us,' 53b15 . fodaimet immalle lium ón ┐ condogailsegetar lium immalle `who endure along with me and who also are sorrowful along with me,' 87b17 . mad immalde fris doteccme `if thou happen to be beside him,' Mon. Tall. 160.10 . tecmoncuir banscal immaildi fris arsin t[ṡ]éit, 153.20 . da-recmaing immalle fri Conaire ind in- buidse, BDD² 972. leth aithgin mas maille ri t' indilib fein gatar, Laws v 192.8 Comm. geis do dul ría sluagh moale | luan dar belach Duiblinne, BB 267b31 . sith maille frib a teglach uasal `peace be with ye,' D iv 2, 58ra30 . gloir ... duit, a Christ, malle friss-in athair, PH 157. ro-chlaidset immalli frim in duma-sin, 1573 . rotescad a cend don druth cosin cathbarr moaille fris, RC xvi 74 § 122. maille réd uile fhagháil fagh tuigse `with all thy getting get under- standing,' Prov. iv 7. i mbás mhíle do mhíltibh oile maille riú, TSh. 782. i n-a choimhiteacht ┐ immailli friss, Fl. Earls 190.27 .

With (expressing manner): doratsat ... pōic dia chois ... maille fri humhla ┐ reuerens, Fl. Earls 170.18 . do iarr a bheannacht, agus a tug sé sin dó maille le deaghthoil, Maguires of F. § 26. do shiubhail sé maille réna cheann crom `ambulabat demisso capite,' TSh. 8373.

immalle ocus along with: gabais a macc F. fri ré noi mbliadan comrand caemfer malle acus Domnall dianglan `along with active Domnall,' Arch. Hib. ii 49 § 18.

(b) With causal or instrumental force because of, by means of, by reason of, by, in: mailli re comhairle morain do noem- aiph `by the advice of many of the saints,' BCC 118.11 . bidh sotheguiscc amailled re comairled duine oile `be docile to the counsel of another,' Ériu v 134 § 79. na hoibrecha donither amailled re crinnacht `deeds done in wisdom,' 138 § 115 . go bhfoillseóchthaoi maille ris cionnus do claochlódhthaoi na daoine `ut in eo ostenderetur qualiter homines ...,' TSh. 3102. an tí ghníomhuigheas maille ré duine oile `qui facit per alium,' 4351 . do éist Dia ré n-a nguidhe maille ré Turgésius do thabhairt ar chumas na nGaedhal `by giving T. into the power of the Irish,' Keat. iii 2782. acht mailli fri ced spesialta ōn pā[pa] nī gnāth a ffaixin `only by special permission,' Fl. Earls 192.12 .

With prep. omitted: coimiltear an corp guleir ... maille tuailib trena `with strong towels,' 23 P 10³, 39b36 . co nderna se obair rodhaingen ... maille diablaideacht ro-mhoir, ITS xix 10.14 .


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x see immelta.

immaltar :

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n `a centre; a coming together, meeting together i.e. comhghluasacht,' O'R.: iomalltar na gaoithe .i. ceartlár gáoithe, O'Cl. [do] impo (impo do, v.l.) imaltar in dendgair os analaib na n-each transltd. `the gathered mass of dust,' CCath. 3144.

Usually in the phrase, tre i.¤ by means of, through the medium of ? : bresmaidm borb ... isin aer tré imalltur na fidhbuidhe ic sírtoirnem sís, CCath. 672. áilgius imberta a n-iaraind tre imaltur na fergluinne ┐ tré omhan in rígh `by means of (?) the fury,' 621 . masa tre imaltur na Faithi tic in morbrecthadh `through the medium of,' 1011 . tre imaltur na gaoithi glanfuaire translated. `through the centre of,' 363 .


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n i, f. (1 imm- + altóir) `a portable altar stone ' (see Hermathena xxi 9 ): co rabat aidmi oc cech altōir eter impetōir (sic leg.) (.i. imaltoir) ┐ anarta coisecarthai, Ériu i 219 § 9. corolasum remi amach in imaltoir clochi for- sandenad oifrend, Trip. ii 446.29 . foráccaib a immaltoir hi nDomnach Pátraic, 466.8 . in gilla tuc ind imaltoir, Lism.L. 1633. dlighidh an iomaltóir bheith do chloch ┐ a bheith d'fhaid ┐ de leithead inte go dtuillfeadh bonn na cailíse ┐ an abhlann uirre, Eochairsg. 125.26 .


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n , f. mutual sharpness or craft: ma beith cach comsa cen imamainsi, cen imaclaid[i] `ohne gegenseitige Schärfe,' Stud. in E. Ir. Law 27 § 8 (= Laws ii 362.8 ).

? immammus

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n an attack, attacking; impugning: imamus ceneoil .i. a eimhaimsibadh do cum ceneoil aile; a tuilidh- echt asedh fasas deisidhe, O'C. 457 (< H 3.18, 243a ). imimus .i. tuba inna aineach olcus ciniuil mathar no athar, O'C. 472 (< H 3.18, p. 247 ).


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Forms: immanad, imana

v (a) trans. stops, delays: pass. pret. s. immanad didiu in roe `the combat was then put off,' Laws i 250.22 . imanad in roi ... co cuicthi, 26 .

(b) intrans. waits: subj. pres. s. 3 imana in cethramad crich conber cet saithe dia bliadain `let the fourth land wait till it gets the first swarm the following year' (Plummer MS. notes), Laws iv 172.10 , glossed: eamnaidh in ceathramadh crich gu mberend si ced saithe i cind bliadhna, ib. 27 . imana ... co hocht la, 8.19 , glossed: em anad si iar sin meite sin, 10.8 .


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x see under imma n-.


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vn. of imm-ana. act of mutually staying: guidsius imanad forru (might be im anad, but the gloss em ana[d] Laws 252.12 , points the other way), Laws i 250.19 .


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Forms: immanántis, imana, [i]mana, immánad, immeráni, immráni, im- mransat

v delegates, assigns, bequeaths: imperf. pl. 3 a n- immanántis gl. delegantes, Thes. ii 28.29 . subj. pres. sg. 3 is techta cia imana boaire `it is right for a `boaire' to make a bequest,' Laws iii 48.14 . mad [i]mana imna `if he wishes to leave a gift,' 50.26 . subj. imperf. sg. 3 co immánad gl. ut delegaret, Thes. ii 27.39 . pret. sg. 3 perf. immeráni gl. dele- gatum, 27.38 . immráni ernéne do cummin `Ernéne had bequeated to Cummen,' Thes. ii 239.12 (Ardm.). pl. 3 im- mransat inna iii caillechaso inna tíreso du patricc, 239.13 (Ardm.). Vn. imna, q.v. See also imnaid.