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n purification: fothrughadh, iomglanadh, aith- leaghadh, Eg. Gl. 287.


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n the act of turning livid: a Ghuaire in imráidi | imghlasad iar nimbáini, SG i 401.18 (=glassad iarna baine, Arch. iii 2.1 ).


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Forms: imgliaidh

n d, [m. and f.] mutual fight: a s. nus gabat ... in imairec agus in imgliaidh frisin cetrachait laoch ud, TBC 5648 (St.).


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n (? 2 imm + gléod, q.v.) `act of deciding, ratifying' (Laws), act of finally adjusting or settling?: dechmadh re hescaire in cairde, ocus mí re imgleod `there are ten days for proclaiming the `cairde'-regulations, and a month for ratifying them,' Laws iii 132.14 Comm. in ní bias re hescaire, ocus aile dec re imgleod, ib. 18 Comm.


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n `? mutual grazing (i.e. the right of co-tenants to graze over each other's lands after the enclosures were taken down,' Plummer MS. notes): cu tainic in mi imgleithi ... cinta in mhís imgleithi budein, O'D. 2307 (< Rawl. B. 506, fo. 30d3 ).


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n [ā,]f. mutual conflict: olc in t-adbor diambói sin | ciarbo adbal ind imgletin, Met. Dinds. iii 314.18 . See gleten.

? imglim

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ind ? os re [leg. sé? Ed.] retine mac Olcain i.¤ , O'Dav. 1318.


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[n ā, f.] great movement, inroad: bai cét ┐ tri mili do mhilibh ina timchell ... gu ros-caith imghluaiseacht mara la gaeith hi (of an island), Marco P. § 169.


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Forms: h-imgnae, imgnu

n io anointing?: a s. forruma lobair fri h-imgnae mbáis (=fri hidna mbáis, Ériu ii 210.4 ), LB 204b22 . a ríoghdhamhna ... do beith fri hiomgno mbais, FM vi 2216.z . d s. dul do precept ┐ oiffrinn ┐ imgnu mbais (works allowable on Sunday—evidently of a priest visiting a dying man), Anecd. iii 22.4 .


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adj o, ā (imguin) striking round about, combative: adv. do freagradar clanna Baiscne co hathlum imghonach iad, CF 334. ní ba iomghonach (v.l.), Tec. Corm. § 19.24 .


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n i,m. (imguin) a striker: imgonaid (imgonad, iomghonach, v.l.) cech lond, Tec. Corm. § 15.9 . ní ba im- gonaid (iomghonach v.l.) ar ná ba mélachtach, § 19.24 .