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n act of warding something off from, protecting against something: Ulaidh i n-imgabadh gan nech aga n-imgainiudh acht mhisi, TBC p. 250 n. 3 . cor ba feidim ... dona cathaib cechtarda imganad (inglanadh, v.l.) a rosg ... ocus a ngruad ... for na critrib, Cog. 180.16 . ? Cf. gongáinethar (rogenetar, v.l.) cath, TBC 4968.


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[n , f.] tending? taking care of?: ar ttocht tar muinchinn muire | d'oirchill a holc d'iomghuire `in the hope of righting (?) her wrongs,' Studies 1921, 76 § 19 . ? To this: do brethaib imgaire (on the care of various helpless persons), O'D. 934 (< H 3. 17, col. 658a ) (probably to be read do b. im g.).


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x see imgained.


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n u, m. a mutual pledge or promise: trí sailge bocc- achta: imgellad, immarbág, imreson `three signs of obstinacy: pledging oneself, etc.,' Triads § 101. do tinca imgellad andsin é a mutual pledge attends to it, O'C. 1682 (< 23 Q 6, p. 11a ). imghealladh iorghaile etir iarla nDeas- mumhan ┐ Gearóid ..., FM v 1578.13 .


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Forms: imgearrtha

n u, m. vn. of imgearraid, the act of circumcising: g s. a hucht th' imgearrtha, saor inn, a Iosa, Parrth. Anma 287.4 .


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Forms: himgherrad

v ā circumcises : pret. pass. do himgherrad hé (sc. Críost), Parrth. Anma 438.18 .


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n , f. a handful: imglaice chainne, Críth Gabl. 74. imglaic .i. lan duirn, ut est dá imglaice do laim ḟir ..., O'Dav. 1124 (= O'C. 2850 ). cethre duirn fot cach buinne ┐ imglaice do borrlus, O'Dav. 288 . ceithri imglaici laime toimsi techta ... ocus a do do borrlus, Laws ii 254.9 . tri imglaice do cainnlib (read cainnib), 250.y .


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n purification: fothrughadh, iomglanadh, aith- leaghadh, Eg. Gl. 287.


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n the act of turning livid: a Ghuaire in imráidi | imghlasad iar nimbáini, SG i 401.18 (=glassad iarna baine, Arch. iii 2.1 ).


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Forms: imgliaidh

n d, [m. and f.] mutual fight: a s. nus gabat ... in imairec agus in imgliaidh frisin cetrachait laoch ud, TBC 5648 (St.).


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n (? 2 imm + gléod, q.v.) `act of deciding, ratifying' (Laws), act of finally adjusting or settling?: dechmadh re hescaire in cairde, ocus mí re imgleod `there are ten days for proclaiming the `cairde'-regulations, and a month for ratifying them,' Laws iii 132.14 Comm. in ní bias re hescaire, ocus aile dec re imgleod, ib. 18 Comm.