1 imḟortacht

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n ā, f. (3 imm + fortacht) mutual assistance: fobíth immḟortachta ┐ comairchisechta dóib co bráth, Ériu vi 149.78 .

2 imḟortacht

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n ā, f. (2 imm + fortacht) the act of helping: fir n-Erenn isin dail sin uili ac imfortacht do righ Erenn ica denomh, IT iii 198 § 35. atracht Filoces ... do imfurtacht inn eccomluind buí foran athach `to help the giant in his unequal contest,' St. Ercuil 283.


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n o,n. `? change of forus, i.e., the removal of a dis- tress from the `forus' or pound where it ought legally to be' (Plummer MS. notes), ` evasion of the home or residence ,' O'Don. Suppl. s.v. iomorus : imorus nathgabala, Laws ii 128.1 . is ann do beir sium athgabail do nech do gnither a imforus, O'C. 803 (< H 3. 18, p. 372a ).

imḟossaigid :

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v gur imfossaidh in Cuach for belaibh Colmáin `till the bowl stopped in front of C.', RC xxvi 374.24 . Cf. fossaigid.


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x see imḟastad.


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n io,n. vn. of imm-freccair.

(a) correspondence: atá imfrecrae etir inna cethri fersu, Ml. 58a11 . etir sed exaltauiita ata imfrecrae dano, 136c3 . ní rochosmaili imrecra na rand `rhymes,' Fél.² ccviii gl. 129 . uulgaris immorro, du i mbi imrecra sillab ocus cethraimthin ocus leth-rann, Lib. Hymn. 64.57 . is cobfhid in focal ind imfrecra `the word made to correspond is the same in vowel,' Auraic. 1513. co robe an fid cetna beas isna foclaib in imfreccrai, 958 . gu robe in fidh cetna bes isind imrecru na tarmthort- cheand `that the same vowel may stand in the corresponding part of the endings,' 920 . iar ndligud imfrecrai cach baill díaraile, RC xxv 244 § 20.

(b) exchange (lit. mutual answering) : imfreagra a n-diub- raic[th]e (of slinging stones), RC xvi 78.9 .


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adj sad, weary (B. na f.) : imfrich mo chor[c] gan chēile .i. is tuirsech mo chraidhe gan compānach, ZCP v 487 § 2.


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Forms: imfhritholma

n attending, serving: g s. a fostad i n-arsuidhecht (sic leg.) airm ┐ erraidh ┐ imfhritholma aigi co bas `that he should be retained in service of arms and armour and attend- ance till death,' St. Ercuil 332.


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Forms: imḟuaíg

v sews: pret. s. 3 inar ... forórda immi neoch mar imḟuaíg snathat d'ór, LL 189a48 .


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Forms: imfuigill

n o,[m.] a lawsuit: g s. aimser imfuigill im anflaithius n-aige fine `der Zeit eines Prozesses wegen der Un-Herrschaft des Sippenvorstehers,' Irisches Recht 34.5 .

imḟuillned, imḟuilled

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n increase, augmentation: acht foracba ... cuit tire dara eise a nimuilledaib fine `provided he leave ... a share of land after him for the augmentations of the tribe,' Laws iii 44.17 . Cf. fuillnedh .i. foleathadh, ut est nó cuit tíre dara eisi i n-imfuillnedhaib fine .i. baile i foleth- nait in fine co heim i toebh nó i n-aircenn, O'Dav. 955.