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v (imchossaít) i (The infixed a n- in the follg. exx. may, perhaps, be analogical due to the influence of the other verbs in the same sentence) trans. and intrans. sets at variance: immacossaitiub dá cích cacha óenmná la Ultu co mmatuaircfe dóib I shall cause strife betweeu the two breasts of every woman in Ulster so that they (the breasts) will smite one another, LU 8089 ( FB § 6 ). immacossaitiubsa eter in mac ┐ a athair co 'mmámuirfe dóib mani fetursa sin ... immácossaítiub eter in n-ingin ┐ a mmátair I shall raise strife between the father and son so that they will kill one another, LU 8086 - 7 ( FB § 6 ). complains: an uáir do iomchasáoid an pobal `when the people com- plained,' Num. xi 1.


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v (? i imm + cothaigid, see Contrib. s.v. co- thaigid) strives about: nir fhurail .. duine fár iadsat ocus fár imchothaigseat na heirnaile sin uile go mad chenn codnaighthi comairle do cach `any one in whom all these characteristics were united and concentred,' MR 118.8 .


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Forms: iomchartha

vn. of imchraid. act of bearing, carrying: g s. fer iomchartha ┐ iomchoimhéda brataighe Uí Concobhair, FM iii 512.z .


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x see imm-cuirethar.


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Forms: iomchraithfidh

v i sprinkles: fut. s. 3 iomchraithfidh tu íosóip oram `Thou shalt sprinkle me with hyssop,' Donlevy 446.4 .


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x see imm-credba.


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adj (very) narrow, slender (in chevilles): a lethet a tuaid fa des | dia fethet buáid nad imchres, SR 2646. altóir ... | fri aurnaigthi nad i.¤ , 4264 . dorus ind indliss fodess | cain set solus narb' i.¤ , 4414 . dia tánic Dauid andess | dar Iordanan, nirb' imchres, 6938 .

? imchrích

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n `? mutual relation of districts ' (Plummer MS notes): comtaisic imcriche (written im criche) ... dia tochra seoit neich aile dibh ina láimh gabhait umpa ┐ dénait folaidh im críochaibh (leg. imcríche, Plummer) díbh `mutual restoration of inter-territoriality ... if they happen to have property belonging to one of them (the other party) in their hands, they refuse to give them up and make them inter territorial funds (i.e. they are put into a fund for the settle- ment of mutual claims),' O'D. 761 ( H 3. 17, col. 548 ). (The § deals with cases of persons in different crícha having mutual claims),' (Plummer MS notes). Cf. also O'D. 764 ( H 3. 17, col. 549 ) and O'C. 221 ( H 3. 18, p. 117 ) which is corrupt. ? To this: at suighiu im cricha .i. astaid imcricha cana fiacha gus in lin is coir, O'C. 2576 ( Eg. 88, fo. 48b ).

imchrín :

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adj (? 2 imm- + crín) very ancient: uas a slegha aite imchrine sharp spears of great antiquity? (transltd. ` rounded(?)'), ITS v 16.2 . Or attrib. gen. of imchríne.


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Forms: i., cróu

n g s. ? : hi tír tarngire co túi | ná geib anbthine i.¤ , Met. Dinds. iii 286.10 , transltd. `which no storm of bloodshed mars,' but cf. cró blood g s. cróu, ZCP xii 233 § 46 ; chró (: immargó), LL 11b26 and Thurn. Gramm. § 310.


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n [i,f.] a circuit: ni dligh cuairt a [g]caín chóiceadh ... inás imchuairt éntuaithi (of a poet), BR 236.11 .