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Forms: i., imchasaíde

n g s. strife, dissension?: ceann i.¤ Érend súd ... .i. Bricne mac Carbhre, ITS v 114.15 . ? leg. imchasaíde, see imchossáit.

? imcháit

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:ind connách a chuirp imcháit agrind a rruisc, LU 7732 = im chanag rind a ruisc, BDD² 1266 (imchath v.l.). See imchachad, supra.


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v see imm-cuirethar.


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Forms: imcastair

:v pass. indic. pres. s. impers. cor po andsin imcastair .ix. bur do teglach Fergail ar D. ... ┐ ro marbsat é ` overtook ,' Cog. 176.24 .


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adj curly around? or very curly? (epithet of a beard): ulcha ... imchass imma smech, TBC 5186. ulcha eícsi imchass, 5207 .


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n [o, m.] (1 imm- + ? cassal, see Contrib. s.v. casal) a cover, coating ?: ethar bec beochlaide ... cona immchassal gered, `with its coating of tallow,' Aisl. MC 85.10 . imchosail cecha hindile do aradhaib (referring to some inferior portion of the carcase of an animal), Ériu iv 124.24 .


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Forms: imchassda

adj twisted?: tealgud arm imchassda madcomfearg, IT iii 105 § 209.


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Forms: imchemnigfes, imchéimnigud

v g denom. replacing older imm-cing, walks about, moves around: fut. s. 3 rel. in cech dú imchemnigfes iter doinib i-fus, PH 4294. Vn. imchéimnigud.


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n u, m. vn. of imchéimnigid. Occurs only in Laws Comm. and glosses imchim q.v. act of walking around, evading, avoiding; evasion: (very frequent in the phrase treise imchéimnigthe `three days of walking round,' the grace of three days allowed to the debtor between the night in which his creditor fasts on him and the seizure consequent on his non-compliance with the creditor's demands, Thurn., ZCP xv 268 ). treisi imcheimnighthi `three days' grace,' Laws i 82.5 Comm. inann in treise eimceimnigthi ocus in treise iardaige, 18 Comm. treise déc do tar crich .i. dechmadh apaidh ocus treisi imcéimnigthi, 28 Comm. imcim flatha beiris gu-breath .i. eimceimniud troisce na flatha beiris bretha gua for a ceile `deserting from the fasting of a chieftain' (?), v 178.20 Comm. eimceimniuga apuid ┐ troisce `evasion of notice and fasting,' 178. y Comm. im imchim aitiri righ ro fertha .i. imcheimniugud no in elodh aitiris do lecan ..., O'Dav. 1115. See imchim.


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x see imchían.


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n , f. (imchían) a great distance, a distant place; a long period of time: imcene criche, Laws v 412 n. co ras-taffind i n-imcéini ... ón chathraig, TTr. 1983. as lor lem a fhad ┐ a imchéine ataim ag cruinniuccadh chaire, BNnÉ 231.37 . a fhod ┐ a imcheine do dheachaidh i ttír E., FM vi 2258.6 . In abstract sense: fios imchéine fhírinne ┐ fhalsachda ua chéile, Imit. 301.3 .