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Forms: himertach

adj o, ā (imbert) As adv.: ? do gabhadh buaidh is bratach | fola hír go himertach , Rel. Celt. ii 295.36 .

As subst.:

(a) a bearer, a carrier: imberthach gl. ger- ularum, Ml. 112b21 . ? To this: fa hulchain an imbertaigh | go hurdail an echmarcaigh, IGT Decl. ex. 295.

(b) a player (of fidchell): dob ferr d'im[ertach] Finn Bán | iná Guaire, Acall. 1389.

imbetha ? :

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Forms: immbetha

ind g s. sambiad la suide ┐ cetharmithu (=ceth- ramthu ?) immbetha , O'C. 880 ( H 3. 18, p. 394a-b ).


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n g s. (see Thurn. Gramm. § 871 (c) ): fuil imbil hi rae gl. i.¤ in duine mer no ṡaides comrag nindligthech `a wound [inflicted] by a fool in combat,' Eriu xii 50 § 63. See also ambil.

? imbitine :

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ind a noidhetus .i. a ngenus ┐ nuibe imbitine ic oclach, ┐ ni finntar in ben fa nac si, Irisches Recht 5.1 transltd. `in dauerndem Dienst (?),' (? i mbith-tine).


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x see imlecán.


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x see imlech.

? imblegar :

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Forms: inmblegar

v bo imblegar fri pít, O'C. 814 ( H 3. 18, p. 376a ). (probably read mblegar = mlegar, see mlegid; or it may be a corruption of inmblegar (in-omblig) = bo blegar fri fit `a cow which is milked for a repast,' Laws v 260.3 .


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Forms: mbleith

n [f.] the act of grinding: imbleith for lig `grinding upon the whet-stone,' Laws v 484.2 . Perh. leg. mbleith, see mleith.


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x see inbleogain.


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x see imliu.


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Forms: imbach

n (? leg. imbach vn. of *imm-bo-n-g. Cf. tobach vn. of do-boing). act of reaping: Mairt a n-ar, Mairt hi corad sil a ngurt, Mairt a n-imbochdt `their reaping be on a Tuesday,' RC xii 106.16 .