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Forms: íarrath, -rad, íarraith, -raid, íarraith, -raid, íartha, íaruta, íarrata, íarrada, iarrad, t-iarrath, iarraith, iarraid, iarruidh, iarraith, hiarraith, iarraidh, hiarruig, hiartha, iarata, iarrada, iarruidh, iarraid, iarraig, iarrataid, íarrath, íarraid, íarrata

n (1 íar+2 rath). Appears to have two declensions, the earlier masc. (? orig. neut.) íarrath, -rad g. íarraith, -raid and the later and more common fem., íarraith, -raid g. íartha, íaruta, íarrata, íarrada : n s. iarrad, Laws i 168.1 . in t-iarrath , 172.29 Comm. g s. cain iarraith , ii 146.1 . ind iarraith, O'C. 827 (< H 3. 18, p. 379b ). iarraid, Laws i 40.22 . Later declension : n s. ind iarruidh uile, Laws ii 164.5 Comm. iarraith, i 218.33 Comm. a s. fri hiarraith , ii 170.8 . gen iarraidh , O'D. 2241 (< Rawl. 506, fo. 16d ). a hiarruig , Laws ii 162.14 . g s. na hiartha , i 218.35 Comm. iarata, 172.27 Comm. na iarrada , 48.27 Comm. mét na iarruidh , ii 162.16 Comm. d s. isin iarraid , i 172.30 Comm. do iarraig , IT ii2 231.2 . There also occurs as g s. iarrataid, O'C. 827 (< H 3. 18, 379 b), which Plummer (MS notes) suggests may be from an abstract noun, íarratu. The meaning however is identical with that of íarrath and the form may merely be a confusion of the two genitives, íarraid and íarrata.

(a) fosterage-fee (see treatise, Cáin íarraith, Laws ii 146 - 192 ) : na cetheora cana :- cain iarraid, cain saerraith ... `the law of fosterage,' Laws i 40.22 . cain iarraith .i. rath do berur lais iar na breith .i. iarumrath iar mbreith in linim for altruma `the law of fosterage payment i.e. a pay- ment which is given with him after his being taken away (to be fostered) i.e. after-payment when the child is brought to be fostered,' ii 146.1 . cia lin altrum fil la fine ? ... A do, .i. altrum ar airiur ocus ar iarruidh `fosterage for affection and for payment,' ib. 6 . in t-altrum seirce gen iarraidh, O'D. 2241 (< Rawl. 506, fo. 16d ). iarruid mic righ triuchu set `the price of fosterage of the son of a king is thirty `seds', Laws ii 154.14 . altrum cach meic amuil a hiarruig according to his fosterage-fee, 162.14 . (altram mic rig) do mac ataig .i. air febus ind iarraith doberar leis ; altram mic aithig do mac rig .i. ar dereoili a iarrataid on account of the excellence of the fosterage fee which is given with him ... on account of the wretchedness of his fosterage-fee, O'C. 827 (< H 3. 18, p. 379b ). iarraid mic .i. luach oileamhna, Triads p. 39 § 149.

(b) dowry : anait na hingena la maccu Ailella ┐ for- facbaid secht fichit lulgach leo do iarraig na n-ingen ┐ do biathad fer nErenn, IT ii2 231.2 .

íarrathas, íarradas

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n (íarrath, íarrad) the payment of fosterage- fees : ciniud sin do nach dlegar cis no cain ... no ediri no i[a]rradas from whom it is not lawful [to levy] rent ... or fosterage fee, Cog. 54.7 . ni heterus dlegar de, ... ni haltrum, ni hiarrathuis (leg. -thus), ib. 23 .


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x see íarndoe.


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n io, m. lit. after-swarm (the name of one of the seven swarms of bees) : in baili a nabair .vii. saithe thall is amlaidh ro soith ced saithi ┐ a mac ┐ a ua ┐ tarbshaithi ┐ mac, iar- saithi a aenar ┐ in cheis fein, O'C. 992 (< H 3. 18, p. 425b ). Corresponds to smeraige of the following list : da shaithi laisin ced saithi ┐ saithi laisin tanaisi ┐ in smeraige a aenur ┐ in sechtmad in tṡeincheis fein, O'C. 1055 (< H 3. 18, 437b - 438a ).


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n (sála heels) retinue, attendance : níbo ró lim dait conna tissad nech di mnaib Ulad ríut hi Tech Midchúarda ┐ combad hit íarsála no beth bantrocht Ulad that the women of Ulster should be in thy train, LU 8230. no bhiodh in íarsháile an Iarla ... tan dus ficcedh ... `he was in attendance on the Earl,' Hugh Roe 26.7 .


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Forms: iar-set

n [m.] a by-path : ramat, .i. mor ... ramet cusa rethenn cach iar-set , Laws i 232.19 Comm.


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adj o, ā lit. slender-ended (epithet of a type of `dian' metre , see IT iii 32 and Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig ii 278 ) : focluc fo seir(id) for aur[ṡ]ing for midshing for iarshing, O'Mulc. 537. ocus dian iarṡeng (v.l. irseng) .iii., ut Romgabsa eolchairi | eolas do heicsib, IT iii 32 § 5. Cf. midṡeng.


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[n u, m.] (1 sliss)

(a) the side of the house opposite to where the king sat ? : o iar-[sh]lis go slis rigda `from the back to the royal dais,' Celt. Rev. i 296.12 . Fraoch mac Fidhaigh ar an slis rigda ... ┐ clanna Fidhaigh uada go hiar-shlis, 14 . san fhocla fheinned isan iar-(sh)lis ar a n-agaid `in the champion's seat on the back bench in front of them,' 20 .

(b) flank, hind-quarter : cona assaibh īerslesai with his shoes made of a hind-quarter, Aisl. MC 124.39 . Hīar[sh]liss Caerach comainm mo chon `Haunch of Mutton is my dog's name,' 79.7 .

? íarsla :

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ind ropo garb do lám sin chath | ropot i.¤ (?) Fomórach, IT iii 496 § 5. ? Leg. íarsma.


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n , f. (íarslán) after-health, after-soundness : i tárgud lego co derosc (i)n-a[u]rṡláine inna íarsláini `until the verdict of fore-health in his after-health,' Críth Gabl. 56.

See also Binchy, Ériu xii 84 n. c .


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adj o, ā subsequently whole or healed : confodlai fuile ... fo slan, fo iarslan `thou shalt divide wounds ... according to [immediate ?] healing, according to subsequent healing,' BCrólige § 63. ma berar amarus orro ... na bid iarslan no a aithne .i. beoguin no urgabail sin tre ropad arm nocht, O'C. 220 (< H 3. 18, p. 116 ).