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Forms: iarmíndedenach

adj o, ā lit. after-last: Adv. ind iarmíndedenach gl. praeposterans, Ml. 29a7 .

? íarmi-suidigedar

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Forms: iarmuru- sudigestar, n-iar- muídigthe, niarsuidigthe

v places after : pret. s. 3 perf. iarmuru- sudigestar gl. postpossuit, Ml. 130a7 . part. an as n-iar- muídigthe (? leg. niarsuidigthe, Ed.) .r. gl. postpossita `when r is postponed,' Sg. 3b31 .


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Forms: n-aermesuthigetar

v brings forth afterwards : indic pres. pl. 3 post fetantes .i. a n-aermesuthigetar ┐ is oendlum de ind randgabal depostfetantes a uerbo depostfeto, Thes. i 5.28 .

? íarmae

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n (1 íar, Celtica xv 18 ) diminution, loss ? : enechgrisa co .xxx. s. saidthi cen airiu cen iarmo CIH vi 2229.18 . airu .i. tormach, ut est cin airiu cin iarmo .i. cin tormach cin díghbhail, O'Dav. 22. Perhaps the gloss is incorrect and íarmo = íarma (c) used substantivally meaning addition . Cf. 2 íarmó.


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x see íarma, ? íarmae.


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x see íarmi-.

1 íarmo

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x see íarmúa.

? 2 íarmó:

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x aire .i. sr. iarmó .i. iarmoracht, O'Dav. 23. Cf. 1 íarmo.


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Forms: íarmobí

v (compd. of subst. vb., see Thurn. Gramm. § 775 Ped. § 321 ). Used as prep. after, beyond, besides: fithnaisi gach nolc iarmobi triur after three generations, Laws iv 378.12 Comm. mac iarmobi cinaidh .i. iar ndenam chinaidh dia athair doronadh in mac so, O'C. 2004 (< H 4. 22, p. 31 ). mac iarmobi ciniuth .i. beridh mac do urraid ar tus ┐ mac do Albanach iarsin a son after the family .i. she bears a son to a native first and then to a Scot, O'C. 2005 (ib.). In above exx. íarmobí may still be a vb. s. 3 rel. who (which) is after, who comes after. iarmobi beolighi bangabra ┐ treith .i. iar beith dona beoaibh ana lighi fo treith gabailrindedh after a lying-prostrate (caused by) spear and trident, O'C. 573 (< H 3. 18, p. 286 ). ma atherr ind iarmibi sin `if he relapses ... afterwards,' Ériu vii 172.25 .


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ind ? ní imthus ni iarmogait gat mullaic mum he cia chomastar, IT iii 52.13 . Cf. ib. I.


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vn : na cleirigh ni dleagaid de | gan iarmoladh righ nime 'the clerics are not entitled to them without praising the king of Heaven' Éigse xii 170 § 13 . Cf. íarcomarc, formolad, admolad.