2 grith

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ind annsom a smachta gaimfuachta ┐ eirrach g.¤ (of variation of penalties according to season), Laws iv 78.5 , glossed: .i. in uair bis crith ar na hinnlibh isin errach, 78.21 . See 1 grith (a).

3 grith

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ind .i. eolas, O'Cl. This gl. is applied by W. Stokes to foll. ex.: o rocomgabsat uili g.¤ ina menmannaibh conid ic taircetal ār ndermair ... robadar na hairdi ... aduathmara sin ... ros-lecset fri bron ┐ dubha; `when all of them had con- ceived in their minds the knowledge,' CCath. 1068 = ubi concipiunt quantis sit cladibus, etc., Phars. ii 16.

? 4 grith

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n u,m.: dognither gríth (omit ?) gretha do glan- fothrucud dóib (Vorbereitung ... zu einem reinen Bade, Wind.), TFerbe 84 . doronait gretha glanfothraicthi leo, CRR 24 . dorónait gretha glan-fothraicthe dóib, RC xiv 416.5 ( LL 109b41 ). no ḟoibrigti ... a grethaib gleorda glanusci ┐ a sruthlintibh ... `in bright baths of clear water' (of tempering armour), CCath. 5220 . If the meaning preparation suggested by Wind. in first ex. be right, the word has passed into a concrete sense in CCath. 5220 . Cf. Fél. Jan. 25 and Triads 99 , quoted 1 grith (e), where the sense may be similar. But see gretha.


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v (1 grith) squeals : ni grithaidter muca, gl. noca lecur gritiugud dona mucaib, Ériu xii 48.15 ( Bretha Crólige § 61 ).

? grithnugud

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n u,m. = grithugud (?) : oc aicsin in diub- raicthe sin ┐ in grithnaighthe sin do breth for Eicsi, Anecd. ii 54.4 .


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u,m. (vn. of grithaigidir, q.v.) crying out, squealing : ní hé ar cara budh āil lind do thachar riu, uair is g.¤ áil aenmuicce leo `they have the "grunting of a single pig's brood,"' Acall. 6734 (evidently a prov. saying, cf. 1 grith (e)). co gcualatar grifhugud na mucc mmon gcuas `heard the grunting of the swine,' RC xxii 390 , BDD App. § 5.


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n ( plant-name ) : Marubium l. prasium .i. griuan .i. griuan .i. oghradach, Arch. i 333 § 25 . Crocus ecolicanus uel colica foetida idem .i. griuans .i. liathlus .i. lus na mucc, ib. 335 § 70 .

1 gríuin

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ind .i. cined, Stowe Gl. 416 . griun .i. cinead, Lec. Gl. 443 . grúan .i. cinead, ib. 254 M .

? 2 gríuin

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ind griffon (?) Aspects of the Táin 117 , Ériu xlv 93 n. 63 : g s. co ṅ-gabail iṅgni sebaicc co forgabáil iṅgne griúin ar cach n-ái fo leith díb, TBC 2725 . Cf. griun .i. gráinéog, O'Cl.


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n the raven’s cry: is graacc gracc congair, no as grob grob, Ériu viii 121 .


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ind grog .i. gruag. grog dub .i. grúag dhubh, no grú- gánach, no grúamdha, O'Cl. See gruc.