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n (gobard) (of horses) star-gazing (?): do galur cind na n-ech … gobairde Celtica ii 32 § 2 , cf. 44 § 2 . don gobairde .i. cuir sroinin oile ar a’ srian a mbíaidh móran do deilgnib, ┐ is maith belmach ramar do beith sa srian. ┐ is maith marcaigacht aidhche doib oi[r] do bed orra beith crom do tsír tri faitches in tsiubail aidhche 'concerning star-gazing [lit. 'highness of the muzzle’]. Put another nosepiece on the bridle in which there is a large number of spikes, and it is good to have a thick bit on the bridle. Exercise by night is good for them, for they would have to be bent continuously owing to fear of travelling by night’' 34 § 7 , cf. 46 § 7 .

? gobán

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ind im tuirsech o bheind i mbeind | etir gobán 'sa geibeind (fr. poem ascribed to St. Moling), Anecd. ii 39.7 .


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n o,m. a cattle-pound, an enclosure : udmad ... .i. crand ar līas .i. gobung (= gobenn, LL 179b27 ) gaibther forsin crand (= forsin cethr(a)e, LL recte) co ndamnaiter a n-ude i comulg, Corm. Y 1268 . fuaruss bu fir aile im ferand, ┐ doradus lium a ngobhang, IT iii 196 § 42 . goibhngeadh (ón ghobhang) impounding from [the word] pound, IGT Decl. p. 55.12 . fasc .i. gobang, Lec. Gl. M 165 . Transf. imprison- ment, duress: Tomais ... bhai a ngobang ilbliadhna occa, AU iii 410.7 . dúnta ... i ngarrdha ghobhainn, TSh. 2710.


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n a horse , see 2 gabor.


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adj (gop + 1 ard) (of affliction in horses) suffering from gobairde : da mbia an t-ech gobard 'if the horse is gobard ' Celtica ii 46 § 7 . dligid an t-ech gobard beith luath do-legta 'the gobard horse should be fast and hard to trip ' 48 § 11 .


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o, npr m. : Gobbán mac Caindera , Rawl. B. 502, 120a23 . G.¤ Soér a famous Irish wright said to have been a contemporary of St. Moling : M'airiuclán ... Gobban durigni insin, Thes. ii 294.13 , see Thurn. Reader 109 n. 5 . dorat Molling Gobban saer cuicce do denumh a dartaighe, Moling § 34 . Tuirbe Tragmar, athair Gobain soir, Dinds. § 125 ( RC xvi ). Goban saer no ingin Gobain tṡair, Laws iii 226.25 Comm. Gobān Sāor, IGT Decl. § 198 , acc. to which the second element (sāor) is not declined. Name of other famous builders, see BNnÉ 10 § 37 ; 188 § 34 ; 238 § 164 . Gobban Find, Rawl. 151b27 .


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Forms: goibhél

n o,m. (? bél, Studia Celtica Upsaliensia vi 40 ) goibhél (gaibhél), IGT Decl. § 35 : also ā,f. ib. § 12.4-5 a gap or opening (inlet) ; generally of the sea. goibél .i. bél na fairrge, O'Cl. is fuar gabél gáethach, CRR § 6 . andsom gobél gaéth the most difficult of inlets is a `gaeth,' Tec. Corm. § 17.7 . goibél úathmar ílphíasdach, IGT Decl. ex. 933 . tar cach ngaibél (: mbrainén) col-lín bla `inlet,' Met. Dind. iii 258.35 . a ngoibéil (:foiléim) chúain, IGT Decl. ex. 518 . pl. a ngáibélaibh cnoc ... `in mountain gaps,' Ériu v 182.1 . Fig. a strait, a difficulty : issí indala gobél inso domimmuirc `... one of the two straits that con- strain me,' Wb. 23b36 . (?) rind ngobel (of a judge ?), ZCP xii 364.23 . gobel glonn diubartach, 27 . ? ar gabeóil (gabaeil, gobeil v.ll.) cech gena, Fél. Apr. 13.


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x see gablach.


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x see 1 and 2 gablán.


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Forms: Gobnad, Gobnat, Gobnait, Gobnait

ā, npr f. Gobnad, ZCP xiii 19 § 17 . Gobnat ógh, Mart. Don. Feb. 11 . do Gobnait , BNnÉ 8.4 . dar Gobnait `by Gobnait,' Ó Bruad. i 52 § vi .


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o, npr m. G.¤ mac Tobthai, LL 338g34 .