4 glas

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n ` lamentation ,' O'R. rochuala ... glas na maccraide oca gairm, Lib. Hymn. i 99.42 .

5 glas

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ind .i. bainne, O'C. 1464 ( H.3.18, p. 651 ).

? glas(s)a

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ind fo grádglunn, cen chúairt ṅglassa | dochúaid uait don ḟabull-sa, SR 6039.

1 glasach

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adj (2 glas ?) o,ā greyish (?) : in Cráeb Glasach .i. claidem sliasta Find, Acall. 2192 . (? leg. clasach `grooved'.)

? 2 glasach

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n dirna glasaig the name of a measure : dírna .i. ainm tomuis, acht ni hinann gach dirna dibh .i. gall-dirna ┐ dírna glasaigh (clasaighi, clasaigh v.ll.) ┐ dírna umaidhe, O'Dav. 679 = d'innra clasaighe .i. tomhus bis con lucht claides in clais, O'C. 2083 ( H.4.22, p. 70a ), see Petrie, Round Towers 215 . See Gwynn, Hermathena xxi 4 .


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v (2 glas) denom.

I Intrans. grows pale or livid ; becomes yellowish : cia banait ┐ dúb-glasait do beoil, PH 8131 . roglasadar ar ndedbaigi, Mer. Uil. 107 (BB = robuidetar ar ndéta, text). vn. gnuisi galgat icc glassadh (viz. in death), CCath. 6094 . glassad ar bonnaib, LU 2427 ( RC iv 252.24 ).

II Trans. makes green : genid buindi asin talmain ┐ tēid dar in cloc ┐ glasais hē, ZCP xiii 26.12 (accounting for name Glassán given to a bell).


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v (1 glas), denom. trans. locks, closes : p. part a ḟírthopur glassaigthe ! Oh fountain sealed ! (of the B.V.M.), LB 74a42 ( Trip. i clxvi 23 ).


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n (1 glas) lit. 'fettering advocate', an advocate who enforces a judgement: cid a nglasaigne? ... Naidm n-airechta lais etar aitire ┐ imitechta ┐ fóeth imitechta 'he is competent in enforcing [on behalf] of a court, including [taking] hostage-sureties, and driving off [distrained cattle] , and swearing the driving off [was carried out lawfully]' Brehons, Serj. & Att. 11 = CIH iii 896.19 . in fer aga mbi aonbescna .i. in glas-aigni, O'Dav. 294. Divided into in g.¤ is tairi, ... in g.¤ is ferr, Laws v 98.18 foll. Comm. ; 100.25 foll. Comm. See ib. the different classes of business in which they may respectively be employed. in glas-aigne is taire eolas aice a mbreathaib athgabala, toxal cana, ┐ cini ┐ ceithirslechta, O'C. 323 ( H.3.18, p. 178 ). He is here classed with the `bóaire medónach' : comdamh ┐ comfaesam ┐ comeinecland he ┐ in bo-aire medónach, ib. In 23 Q 6, 51a15 ( O'C. 1848 ). the `glas-aigne is ferr' is classed with the `aire itir da aire' and the `cano.' beridh glas-aigne [sesed] ar a beith a[g] gabail athgabala laisin feichemain, O'C. 1438 ( H.3.18, 643a ). Also called aigne glas, e.g. aigne frisinnle breith ┐ aigne glas, O'D. 132 ( H.3.17, c.110 ). (Cf. Laws i 294.9 - 10 .)

1 glasán

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n (1 glas) o,m. dimin. a little lock or bolt; a fetter: Sg. 49b1 . gl. serrulam (which glossator considered a dimin. of sera a bar). atá an cuibhrioch san 'n a mhiond mhiorbh- aileach, agus Glasan Ua Triallaigh a chomhainm, Hy Fiachr. 40.9 .

2 glasán

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Forms: glasán

n (2 glas) o,m. dimin.

(a) the name of a bell (from its silvery or coppery sheen ?). Of Columba's bell: dofhá- gaib an glassán .i. a chloc fen indte, BCC § 154 . Afterwards given to Finnbarr, ib. Mochuta's bell, afterwards Glasán Ua Súanaig, BColm. 20 n . Berach's bell: ro baoi Berach, ┐ an glasan ina laimh, BNnÉ 40 § 82 . Fíndachta's bell, ZCP xiii 26.12 - 13 .

(b) some herb or greenstuff; salad, watercress (?): a ghlasáin, a adhghlasáin | a lus forsa mbí in t-ṡuibh, Buile Ṡ. 64.19 . glasán `watercress or salad,' Hog. Luibhl. ? To this: Caill na nGlasán n. l., BNnÉ 39 § 75.


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Forms: glasar

n (2 glas)

(a) mildew in wheat (?): glasar (gl. dedit erugini fructus eorum), Thes. i 5.10 .

(b) g.¤ coille, name of a plant: Barba Siluana .i. in glasair coilled, RC ix 227.1 . Cf. glasair coille `woodbetony,' O'R.