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n the art of designing or illuminating (?) : gibe ┐ gibech a nomine gipsum .i. pictura , O'Mulc. 651. Prob. a variant of gibiach. See gebech.


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x O'Mulc. 651 . See gebech.


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adj (A.S. origin acc. to Meyer, Wortkunde 78 . Cf. Scottish and N. Engl. `giff-gaff'; native formation acc. to Kelly, Celtica xxv 98 ) onomatop. unintelligible gabbling, jargon : gib-gab (gipa-gapa, giba-gapa v.ll.) na gcennaighi, Anecd. ii 72.9 . Cf. gic-goc and see Dinn. s.vv. giob , geab .


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n (applied to something hollow ) :

(a) a gullet, a jaw : co ngibsib (ginsib v.l.) gol nginach | tucsat a rith robalc | in chonart `baying with jaws agape,' Met. Dinds. iii 408.6 . cuanart M. ... rosmudaig mucc Mod dia gibis ic Loch Con, SG ii 468.7 = LL 167a41 .

(b) a gorge, a glen, a valley : gibhis .i. gleann, O'Cl. gibhis glaine .i. gleann glan, O'Cl. geibhis .i. gleann, O'Cl. gibis glaine `the bright neck of land,' Met. Dinds. iv 104.38 . g s. Callraighe ngibhsi, ZCP x 339 § 10.

(c) a cleft, cavity or socket : tucad coss chraind dó : rachuir a glún na gibis (v.l. gebis) he put his knee into the socket, RC xiii 80.17 .

(d) Transf., of a fight : sunn tucad an debaid donn ... roba ger grinn gibhis gann the fight was keen, intense, close- serried (?), Celt. Rev. iv 214.21 .


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(giblech <gibal, but cf. Ciblechan, Rawl. 180a22 ) o,m. dimin. as sobriquet or npr m : Maelbrigte mac Gible- chain rí Conaille, AU i 426.x (an. 913).

1 gibne

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n ,f.

(a) a lock or curl of hair : mong ł gibnæ (gl. cirrus), Sg. 159a7 = gibbne, Thes. ii 230.24 .

(b) a fillet worn by men, especially charioteers, to keep the hair from falling over the eyes : taraill a lám leiss in gipni ndergbudi, mar bad land dergóir ... fri étan dó ind chomartha a aradnachta, TBC² 1879 . gipne findruine for a etan nád leced a folt fúa agid, LU 10233 ( IT i 311.1 ). Cf. Anecd. iii 50.19 . gibne .i. snáithi, ut est ... fer isin mag ┐ gibne finnbhruine fora édan, O'C. 1459 ( H.3.18, p. 650a ). folt forgarb ... ina gibnib foa cend worn like a fillet (i.e. coiled) around her head, ZCP iii 248 . gibne .i. snáithe, O'Cl.

2 gibne

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n a cupping-horn (?) : g.¤ .i. adarc lege, Corm. Y 732 . gibne adarc leagha, Forus focal 75 . Same word as 1 gibne (?).

3 gibne

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n a dog (?) : g.¤ canis, ut dictum est : gibne gortach, Corm. Y 732 . g.¤ .i. cu, gibne gortach .i. cu gortach, O'Cl.


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adj (1 gibne) o,ā filleted : mong gipnech greliath, RC xxi 314.14 .


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adj (gibis) o,ā valleyed, hollowed (?) : secht lochthomad- mand ... línsat fo gébind gibsig | hErind indsig, LL 558 = fo gebhind ngimhsigh, BB 24b22 . Cf. Leb. Gab. i 64.15 (where wrongly expanded gibsibh ).

? gicéne

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n a suckling : gicene graece .i. genitus .i. nōidiu cīche, O'Mulc. 652.