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adj (gel) io,iā fair, bright: clíar geldae, Fél.² June 22 . grían g.¤ , Aug. 31 . co mórṡlúagud geldu, Aug. 20 , Sept. 28 . a Michol ... gelda genbda, SR 5990 . cethrur gelda, 2249 .

? geldod

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n (? gel + dath) bright colour: geldod (geltot, geltat, geldad, v.ll.) mora imme-raí, Im. Brain.2 39.160 .


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Forms: gelestar

n a cooling pond for cattle: gelestar, Laws iv 278.9 Comm. (one of the eleven things that increase the value of land). gelestar nemtraig `a cooling-pond which does not become dry,' 278.26 Comm. ain do geliustar driving [cattle] to a pond (permitted on Sunday), Anecd. iii 22.10 . gelestar ainm do áth usque i mbī cethra for ūibhel ... An immon (iumain, LB.) ... dognīat na bāi isind āth, is dō is nomen gelestar, Corm. Y 674 . foirgidh geilestar geilt innraic (?), H.4.22, 61b . As npr m. G.¤ mac Uilechāin, Rawl. 129a1 .


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Forms: geilfíne, g., g.

n ,f. g s. na geilfíne , Laws iv 40.24 Comm. lit. bright i.e. obvious `fine' or kindred. In poetry: di gablaib gelḟine Galeon, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 14 § 2 . buaidh gelfine Gailoin, RC xxii 395.2 ( LL 385c18 ). is gnoe grianna gelfini (of Cú Chulainn), LU 8905 ( FB 68 ). In the Laws used as a technical term for the narrowest circle of the kin, viz. the agnatic descendants of a common grandfather. See Binchy, Linguistic and Historical Value of the Ir. Law Tracts (Rhys lecture, 1943), p. 30 , who regards the g.¤ as an innovation introduced by the jurists to replace, for most legal purposes, the derbḟine (descendants of a common great-grandfather), which was the older unit. But cf. Ériu li 12 . See also Mac Neill, Celtic Ireland, p. 161 seq. and p. 171 seq. , where the question is fully discussed. According to him the gelḟine included three generations, i.e. an individual, his sons and grandsons; from the standpoint of the youngest generation it would comprise five classes; the representative of that generation, father, uncles, their sons and grandfather; from the standpoint of a member of the middle generation it would comprise himself, father, sons, brothers and nephews. gelfine co cuicer. Isi-aide gaibes dibad cach cind comacuis di neoch diba uaid 'the gelḟine extends to five men. It is the latter that claims the inheritance of each individual relative from any that perish out of it without heirs' CIH ii 429.27 , Ériu li 1 . Cf., however: i ngilfine iar mbelaib amuil atá athair ocus mac ocus ua ocus iarmua ocus innua co cuicer; ocus geilfini iar culaib .i. brathair th'athar ocus mac co cuicer beos, Laws ii 160.z Comm. See also H.3.18, 224b ( O'C. 407 ). The gelfine group shared prime responsi- bility for the wrongdoing committed by a member of the fine ( Laws i 260.2 ). flaith gelfine do gabail ratha o ri tuaithe, ii 280.24 Comm. For the privileges of the head of the g.¤ see ib. 26 . fri dliged tuisi .i. frisintí dligeas dul a tuisigecht an flathusa gelfine, O'C. 2181 ( Eg. 88, f. 6 (7)c ). da geilfine gráidh tuaithi ... da geilfine gráidh ecalsa, O'D. 755 ( H.3.17, c. 544 ). ? diam iar ndibad fer fo dosloinnter gelfine (g.¤ f., MS), O'Dav. 826.

For further exx. and references see Laws Gl., Mann. and Cust., Mac Neill, op. cit.

? gelg

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ind do sgerded alecní liathlomdai gealg sgiag l- scian, IT iii 99 § 164 = delg sciach?


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(` Fair swan ') npr f., CF 974.


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Forms: gelid, géldae, rogelt, nephglidi

v (a) grazes, consumes: gelid (gl. depascitur), Sg. 143b1 . Cf. Thes. ii 227.34 . 3 p. rel. géldae (gl. depasci [dicuntur]), Ml. 80a11 . rogelt (gl. depastus est), Thes. i 5.41 . gelid quia ithid, O'Mulc. 634 . nā gelad (gelat LU) ind eich and, TBC² 642 . geltadar dā ech Sūaltaim a fēr, 247 . bó geiles in fer, KMMisc. 262 § 11 . gealaid dia boin seach rodam two cows graze more than a large ox, Laws iv 100.20 Comm. Bo Goiunend dano: aní nogeleth nomeleth itir feur ocus uisce, Anecd. ii 59.12 . heich Deghad ... uail a ngeltatar ... deotar itir uir ocus griaun, ib. 10 . [ni] gellad bó imfurail sech aroile, Dinds. § 98 ( RC xvi ). Of birds: no thathigtís énlaith mág ar Emuin. Na gelltís, conna facabtais cid mecnu na fér ... hi talam, IT i 136.2 ( LU 10559 ). ZCP v 501.1 . With cognate acc.: airigsitar in gleith (geilt, LU) geltadar ind eich, TBC² 247 . con geltatar a n-eich geilt, TBC 548 . oc fegad ingelta ro geltsat na eich, 579 . madh gleith ro gelid na muca, Laws iv 98.13 Comm. Fig. rongeilt in gāeth feib geiles | nemāed forderg fidnaige the storm has consumed us as heaven's red fire consumes timber, Bruchst. i 67 § 155 = O'Mulc. 830 g . Part. nec. nephglidi (gl. intonsi [montes]), Thes. ii 46.21 .

(b) caus. feeds, puts out to grass: gelair scor glethe i ngurt ḟeóir, Met. Dinds. iii 96.15 .


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x pl., see genit.


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Forms: ngell, gell, gell

n o,n., later m. IGT Decl. § 65 , as a regular o-stem `when not a verbal noun'; § 95 when used as a vn. n s. a ngell , Ml. 27a6 . gell n-uathbais (sic leg.), Laws iv 268.25 . n p. inna gell , Ml. 58d8 .

(a) a pledge, a surety . In Laws specifically of the pledge of some valuable personal belonging, given as earnest of payment from debtor to creditor who fasts on him. See Thurn. ZCP xv 266 - 7 . gl. pignus, Ml. 23d16 . inna gell (gl. pignera), 58d8 . [do]rrat gell, Wb. 14c38 . gell glaine, Fél.² July 6 . tairr lind di ghiull di inchaib Connacht as a pledge of the honour of C., TBC² 1243 . ruc in claideb dam do giull dom anmain as a pledge for (i.e. for the sake of) my life, LL 251a23 ( TBF² 299 ). rugsat braighde fomda leo i ngill re cíos as security for ..., TFrag. 158.1 . cislir ata corai do righ do giull for a tuatha? A tri ... g.¤ sloghad, g.¤ rechtge, g.¤ cairddi `How many things is it proper for a king to bind by pledge on his "tuatha"?', Laws iv 332.20 ; 334.7 . fer gill a pledged man, 338.10 . eneclund a marbadh a gill, i 76.16 Comm. atait secht ngealla la Feine, v 186.1 . gill easbaidh idle pledges, 13 Comm. an geall dobera duine re fiachaib, O'C. 303 ( H.3.18, 166 ). ni gabar raith do raith ... no geall do gill, O'D 711 ( H.3.17, c.519 ). gell do bas a pledge to death, Laws v 220.13 . gl. .i. gell de um a fuaslucad o bas ... .i. is he rath tuc do, a fuaslucadh o bas .i. o croich, 30 - 32 . Cf. 206.19 . iii 10.22 ; 66.20 ; and for explanation of phrase, see Thurn. ZCP xv 323 . tucadh Dorn ... i ngell re cin a mic, Laws i 70.21 . na druinge bhíos i ngioll ré díol na bhfiach bhíos orra, TSh. 4452 . See 5001 . muire icna bít géill ingill | isé in lind i coire toll `the king who has not hostages in keeping, Ériu ix 45 § 3 . do bhadar Gaoidhil 'na gioll, Irish Texts i i 105.1 . rogab ... ríghe nÉrenn ... ┐ fuair a ngelli iarum took pledges from them, ZCP xiii 196.12 . geall caeca mogadh tar muir | atá d'ór ana borduibh (`the ransom of' ... O'Gr.), Acall. 1992 . na seacht laigh le raibhe C. ... i ngioll `under bond,' BNnÉ 115.4 . biaid t'animm in-a gill `responsible for it,' PH 7451 . Cf. 7391 . ní taobhtha rú a ngáol i ngioll `as a prisoner,' Ériu ix 167 § 36 . tá sé a n-ifreann a ngeall `in bondage,' Oss. iv 10.15 . A bhean ... | do bhí agam riamh i ngioll who wert ever pledged to me, Dánta Gr. xxx 6 . taoíseach ... nach bíodh file fana laimh | ar gheall Ch. mhic R. pledged for by C. Duan. Finn ii 282 § 120 . do ghabhail gill creche, FM iii 572.16 . braighe gill `a hostage for ransom,' v 1788.26 . an budh geall re hoireachus damhsa sibh? `... a pledge for supremacy ...,' ML 106.11 . a gcosnamh gill (epithet of Mac Sweeney) `the defender of their pledge,' TD 25.38 . beantar dhíom i bhfiachoibh cáigh | dá gheall nó trí, 22.10 ; 13.19 . go léine ghiorr nár gheall buinn ... `not worth (lit. not security for) a groat,' 44.10 . glac geall uadh, Prov. xx 16 . In leg. documents used of a pledge or mortgage deposited; a return for the use of lands. See Trans. RIA xv 15 seq . (Ant.); PRIA vii 248 ; TD ii 262 . fearonn a ngioll mortgaged land, Misc. Ir. Arch. Soc. i 190.12 . thug sé geall air in dá fhearaonn so he gave a mortgage on ..., O'Gr. Cat. 155.10. Passing into sense of promise: fa mor ngill `it was a great promise,' BNnÉ 283.1 . aird-gella, TBC 2385 . As quasi vn.: A-tú (atá MS) riamh ... ag geall d'Iosa 'ma éan-duain ... a gheall dhó is gan a dhéanamh `I am ever promising Jesus a poem,' Dán Dé xxv 2 . cith a ló gríanach gá gheall, IGT Decl. ex. 1662.

(b) a stake, a wager: `An imérum fichell?' ol Midir, `Ní imérum,' ol Eochaid `acht do ghill,' ZCP v 526.6 . In n-imberam fidchill, for Midir. Cid gell bias and ... Gell adcobra cechtar dá lína the stake which either of the two parties desires, LU 10834 . muna imre fi[th]chill rum-sa (ar) geall- taibh, Ériu iii 162 § 15 . ag cur geill as ar gconaibh betting on our hounds, Oss. vi 140.18 . ní faigter gille ag geall tresa to challenge combat, O'Gr. Cat. 472.22. Fig. palm, supremacy, excellence, prize: gell ar dénam cá dreich nduind the palm for shapeliness to ..., Hy Fiachr. 294.9 . geall ón rós ag grís a ghrúadh the glow of his cheek excels the rose, Rel. Celt. ii 303.5 . nir tarraidh in talamh te | cú ga mbiadh geall Gaillfheithe, Duan. Finn i 15.16 . geall Eireann ag Ullta- chaibh, Content. xxx 30 . g s. used attrib. praiseworthy a leapthaibh dhénta duan ngill, Studies 1920, 2 § 8 . gréas ngill `of worthy poems,' DDána 73 § 43 . berid g.¤ (foll. by prep. ar, ó of pers. or by gen.) carries off the palm from: Gobán sáor ... | rucc geall ar gach náon ... | saor an tsaogail, BNnÉ 241 § 179 . ní rug ... geall calmachta ó Chonchubhar, Misc. Celt. Soc. 372.12 . nach lór do bhreith ghill Ghaeidhil, 146.7 . beire geall gach ḟir dá aimhdheóin, IGT Decl. ex. 1308 . an té berus gell gaisgidh ... na cruinne, ZCP vi 29.8 . Cf. 289.28 . Cia do bhéaradh geall Cormaic `who could surpass C.?' Content. xv 50 . xviii 97 . TD 28.29 . fogeib (do-alla, benaid) g.¤ in same sense: ní bentair geall dealbha dít, IGT Decl. ex. 264 . geall gach oide ... mar fuair A., DDána 73 § 40 . A. Ó Dálaigh lii 12. TD 20.29 . rithid uile ... gidh eadh, is aoin-fhear do-gheibh an geall, TSh. 10276 . uaisleacht ... ní thall soin dá ghníomhaibh geall `cannot match his valour,' DDána 91 § 13 . drong bheanus geall do Ghuaire, TD 34.2 . cuirid g.¤ re challenges: do chuir geall ... fa dhán re hadhbhar eile `he challenged another notice about a poem,' DDána 90 § 16.

(c) the equal, the equivalent , a development of (a) and (b): fri geld bais at the point of death, Mon. Tall. § 48 . ba gell do anmain it was a question of her life, ZCP xv 322.5 . Cf. mina be gell de anmannaib `unless lives are in danger,' Rule of Céli Dé 66 § 8 ( LB 9b34 ). ingnadh gill gnái a fledóil | 's in Trái ... `a marvellous identity,' O'Gr. Cat. 354.8. Usu. foll. by re (la): má atá do thal leam ... | budh geall damh re haithní é it were to me equivalent to a command, Studies 1919, 73 § 6 . geall re hoighidh an eachtra, ib. 255 § 1 . gell re bás a mbetha ghnáth, O'Gr. Cat. 472.2 . beag nár gheall re flaith an file, TD 25.15 . TSh. Gl.

(d) Meaning doubtful: bai ind arc for cuclaigi gell | 'coa tabairt di Hierusalem, SR 6673.

(e) In prep. phrases: do g.¤ ar for the sake of: do gheall ar ghlóir dhíomhaín, Content. ix. 24 . i n¤ in need of: depending on: étach d'á rabi 'na gill, PH 7550 . do bhí Magh Tuireadh ... i ngeall mhic Céin, Measgra Dánta 54.70 . ┐ gan í i ngeall nó i n-éigean a furtachta, TSh. 4835 ; 4861 ; 5084 . i ng.¤ (ngioll) ar: by means of, on account of, in exchange for, pledged to: i ngeall (sic v.l.) ar a fhoghluim fuair Niul ... gach innmhe, Keat. i 92.6 . i ngeall ar onóir shaoghalta, TSh. 619 . ib. 2023 ; 10084 . i ngioll ar Dhia for the sake of God, Measgra Dánta 52.61 . a ngioll ar in tig sin `depending on that house,' Fl. Earls 180.7 . muna ghlacdaois uatha e a ngioll ar bheith ag guidhe orra, Rule of Tall. § 30 . gibé ler ab fuath an dream | atáimse i ngeall ortha riamh, I am devoted to them ever, Dánta Grádha ix 8 (ed. 1916). Cf. xiv 18 . i ng.¤ re: in pledge for, in lieu of, as the equivalent of; depending on; on account of: is meinic ... bheannaid a anam as i ngioll ris an gcúntas, TSh. 3654 . Cf. 4377 . ó tá síoth a ngioll re gleó, IGT Decl. ex. 1493 . fada linn gu lá na graifne | a ngill atá ar raithne ris, ex. 1392 . Mac Mhoire ... i ngeall ré pháis oile ... as it were a second passion, A. Ó Dálaigh xviii 2 . do chrú léd ghrásaibh i ngioll thy kins- folk depending on thy grace, xlvii 10 . Cf. Dán Dé iii 31 . a ngeall re meidhir na gcon | ... atá Fionn ... air láimh `because of the amusement ...,' Oss. iv 12.25 . mar gh.¤ air in return for, on account of: rug claoinbhreath mar gheall ar chumaoin fuair, TSh. 6788 . Cf. 3604 .


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adj (gell) o,ā subject to a pledge (?) : etmach gellach, O'D. 2212 ( Nero A vii f. 146b ).


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x see gellaid.