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Forms: mingelbuind

n o,m. a sparrow: do ling ... gealbhonn do mullach an tempaill, ZCP x 14.17 . colum ... lonndubh, gealbhan, Iar Conn. 289.28 . do gheibh an gealbhonn féin tigh, Ps. lxxxiv 3 . mar ghealbhonn, cii 7 . mur ghealbann ghlórach (of a loquacious person), MacAingil 178.17 . don gheal- bhann, TSh. 3907 . pl. mingelbuind, Aisl. MC 95.25 . na gealbhainn, TSh. 3909. Luke xii 6 . incinn na ngelun, Irish Texts v 58.8 , 27 . inte gnathaighes na gealuin dithe, ib. 54.30 .


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adj io,iā bright, clear? Occurs only in SR. co ngaes gelbda (: derbda), SR 3155 . buaid ṅgelbda (: thigerna), 3187 . ceoil gelbda (: erchra), 8382 . caindelbrai gelbdai glordai (: delbdai), 4367 . cathclái gelbdai (: febdai), 4227 .


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adj io,iā fair, bright? Epithet of a hero: gass glan glúair gelbdaide, RC xxix 211 § 5 ( LL 6711 ).

? gelbin

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ind stabula .i. lesib uel gelbin, Thes. ii 46.31 . Reading doubtful. Leg. geltb ... (Ed.).

? gelcaid

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v (gel) whitens: rogelcais do láma `thou hast whitened thy hands' (v.l. rochealgcais corrected to rodergais), RC xiv 428 § 52.


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adj (gel) io,iā fair, bright: clíar geldae, Fél.² June 22 . grían g.¤ , Aug. 31 . co mórṡlúagud geldu, Aug. 20 , Sept. 28 . a Michol ... gelda genbda, SR 5990 . cethrur gelda, 2249 .

? geldod

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n (? gel + dath) bright colour: geldod (geltot, geltat, geldad, v.ll.) mora imme-raí, Im. Brain.2 39.160 .


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Forms: gelestar

n a cooling pond for cattle: gelestar, Laws iv 278.9 Comm. (one of the eleven things that increase the value of land). gelestar nemtraig `a cooling-pond which does not become dry,' 278.26 Comm. ain do geliustar driving [cattle] to a pond (permitted on Sunday), Anecd. iii 22.10 . gelestar ainm do áth usque i mbī cethra for ūibhel ... An immon (iumain, LB.) ... dognīat na bāi isind āth, is dō is nomen gelestar, Corm. Y 674 . foirgidh geilestar geilt innraic (?), H.4.22, 61b . As npr m. G.¤ mac Uilechāin, Rawl. 129a1 .


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Forms: geilfíne, g., g.

n ,f. g s. na geilfíne , Laws iv 40.24 Comm. lit. bright i.e. obvious `fine' or kindred. In poetry: di gablaib gelḟine Galeon, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 14 § 2 . buaidh gelfine Gailoin, RC xxii 395.2 ( LL 385c18 ). is gnoe grianna gelfini (of Cú Chulainn), LU 8905 ( FB 68 ). In the Laws used as a technical term for the narrowest circle of the kin, viz. the agnatic descendants of a common grandfather. See Binchy, Linguistic and Historical Value of the Ir. Law Tracts (Rhys lecture, 1943), p. 30 , who regards the g.¤ as an innovation introduced by the jurists to replace, for most legal purposes, the derbḟine (descendants of a common great-grandfather), which was the older unit. But cf. Ériu li 12 . See also Mac Neill, Celtic Ireland, p. 161 seq. and p. 171 seq. , where the question is fully discussed. According to him the gelḟine included three generations, i.e. an individual, his sons and grandsons; from the standpoint of the youngest generation it would comprise five classes; the representative of that generation, father, uncles, their sons and grandfather; from the standpoint of a member of the middle generation it would comprise himself, father, sons, brothers and nephews. gelfine co cuicer. Isi-aide gaibes dibad cach cind comacuis di neoch diba uaid 'the gelḟine extends to five men. It is the latter that claims the inheritance of each individual relative from any that perish out of it without heirs' CIH ii 429.27 , Ériu li 1 . Cf., however: i ngilfine iar mbelaib amuil atá athair ocus mac ocus ua ocus iarmua ocus innua co cuicer; ocus geilfini iar culaib .i. brathair th'athar ocus mac co cuicer beos, Laws ii 160.z Comm. See also H.3.18, 224b ( O'C. 407 ). The gelfine group shared prime responsi- bility for the wrongdoing committed by a member of the fine ( Laws i 260.2 ). flaith gelfine do gabail ratha o ri tuaithe, ii 280.24 Comm. For the privileges of the head of the g.¤ see ib. 26 . fri dliged tuisi .i. frisintí dligeas dul a tuisigecht an flathusa gelfine, O'C. 2181 ( Eg. 88, f. 6 (7)c ). da geilfine gráidh tuaithi ... da geilfine gráidh ecalsa, O'D. 755 ( H.3.17, c. 544 ). ? diam iar ndibad fer fo dosloinnter gelfine (g.¤ f., MS), O'Dav. 826.

For further exx. and references see Laws Gl., Mann. and Cust., Mac Neill, op. cit.

? gelg

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ind do sgerded alecní liathlomdai gealg sgiag l- scian, IT iii 99 § 164 = delg sciach?


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(` Fair swan ') npr f., CF 974.