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n m. someone or something created/brought into being; offspring, person: for bó geined nginsat, | combo dé dílachtae deil (MS. for bo geinid gensid co mbi de dilachtad deil) 'they devoured the offspring of a cow, so that as a result the teat was without milk' CIH vi 2217.27 (Bretha Nemed Toísech) , Ériu xlv 195 . lathris solchenn sodigail | soisilgeneth cinith robagi 'Solchenn, a haughty person belonging to a greatly warlike line, arranged a proper vengeance' ZCP viii 307.4 (Conailla Medb míchuru) . fúapart Túathal diä dígail, tolcda gened; | ad-acht Lagniu, lethan fuidel, topar tened 'Túathal, a powerful person, attacked to avenge it; the well of fire drove the Leinstermen [so that their] remnants were widely scattered' Ériu xlv 195 . dá loch – tairchet a réim éicnech ngened - | loch uisce ná tibri torad, loch trén tened 'two lakes – the advance of the harsh creations has been prophesied – a lake of water which will produce no fruit, [and] a powerful lake of fire' Ériu xlv 196 (Immram Snédgusa ┐ Maic Ríagla § 63).


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x see genemain.


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x see gainithir.

? geiniti

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ind forgo (written for go) grian genelaigh .i. is leor d'imdenam an ferainn do nech cidh bé dona geiniti so sis eillgitar aige, O'C. 2460 ( Eg. 88, f. 37 (38)c ).


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n a wedge , see genn.


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Forms: geinnteach

n o,m. a wedge: geinnteach IGT Decl. § 22.9 . geinnteach do chur fo na peileruibh, ITS xix 114.24 . g s. ag bualadh an geinntigh, 116.4 .


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x see gainithir.

1 geint

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n budding, sprouting , P. O'C.

2 geint

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x see gent.


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adj io, iā sprouted: is imdha and grán geinte, IGT Decl. ex. 1280 . cruithneacht chaoch nó gheinte, TSh. 4653.


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io, npr m. Ardm. 18b2 ( Thes. ii 364.2 ).