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x see foíndel.

fóenden ?

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ind Ferghal fer co foendenaibh (: Gaoidhealaibh) `of gentle exactions ' FM 919 .

fóenic, féinic, féinix

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Forms: faenic, fenici

n f. (Lat. phoenix) the phoenix: d s. Aráib co faenic in morṡáegail with the long-lived phoenix LL 135b6 = co foenic, Rawl. 77b46 . g s. luaithredh na fenici , CCath. 4157 ( Wortk. 65 ). in t-en re n-abartar feinix Celtica ii 133.336 .

fóentrech ?

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Forms: foen- trech

ind a p. bas gaeth nach claind cummascfa fri foen- trecha folma, Fianaig, 30.32 (rhet.).


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v (cf. at-bail) dies, perishes: ba maith for durn, no fo eibled for durn .i. na scailed, no na maided (expl. of leasdar baduirnd, the name of an ordeal), Laws v 472.3 Comm.

? foer-

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ind in compd. f.¤ -cless, one of Cu Chulainn's feats ... foebarcless ┐ foencless ┐ cless cletinech ┐ tetcless ┐ foerclius ┐ corpcless ... ZCP iii 255.11 ( TEmire 78 ). Perh. due to dittography.

? fo-erba

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v charges, commissions: issí ... subalaich foerbath [ro herbad v.l.] do chathugud frisin dualaich-se the virtue that has been appointed to combat this vice Ériu vii 160.23 . Probably merely a corrupt reading. Cf. soerbad, roerbrad ib. 138.17 ; 152y , v.l. ro herbad in each case; and roherbath in same context 166.1 .


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Forms: fan-eraig, fónérig

v raises from below (?): hence with inf. reflex. (?) pron. rises (to attack (?) Stories fr. Táin 85 ): fan-eraig [ = fónérig LU 4938 ) C. ┐ benaid a chend de TBC² 454 . fosergitis in tsloigh ... ara ciund used to rise to meet them Ériu ii 100 § 5 . Cf. faneirg! up! Ériu vi 135.39 .


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Forms: foerma, foermada

n (érimm) a trot, canter (of a horse) (?): g s. ro leicc a fuatan foerma don eoch `he allowed the steed to run a short course' CCath. 4753 . Cf. rodirigh an t-ech ... ina fuadan foermad (foermd MS. = foermada ?) D iv 2, 73rb30 .


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x see fáesam.


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ind (? < fo-ṡesc, Celtica ix 162 ):cnū foesc (: tōesc), Arch. iii 308.2 .

Cf. faísce.