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Forms: fodlide, fodlidi

adj io-iā (part. of fo-dáli) divided; distributed: fodlide (gl. distributum) Acr 13c4 . pl. it sillaba fodlidi `they are separate syllables' Sg 111b1 .

Cf. fodalta.


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Forms: fodlaidedo

n [m.] the quality of being divided, division: cid i n-airecar ilf.¤ forsin cetardu sin? IT iii 6 § 4 = fodlaidedo 24.23 . foglaidetu ┐ deismirecht, Laws iii 94.13 .


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Forms: fodlaidi, fodlaidi

(verb. necess. of fo-dáli) to be distributed, divided: bed fodlaidi (gl. impertiendae) Ml 105b13 . fodlaidi (gl. findendas) Bcr 33b10 .

? fodlan

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Forms: fodhlam

n some kind of vessel or measure: lān ēin[i] in boicht in fodlain in meisrin, Laws i 106.23 Comm. = fodhlam, O'Don. 50 (< H 3.17 c. 45 ) = in fadlan no in lestar bec a teít da lán déc na huighe O'Don. 496 (ib. c. 402b ).


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Forms: ḟodluig

v ī splits, rends: 3 s. pret. (intrans. ?) diar ḟodluig fíal in tempuil SR 7764 .


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Forms: fodluigthe

adj io-iā split, cloven: cú ferna fodluigthe bound of a cleft shield (?) LU 8891 ( FB 68 ; `cleaver of shields' Henderson ITS ii ). a hind ferna fodluighthe `of split alder- wood' Hib. Min. 66 § 9 .

? fodluthad

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Forms: fodluta

n m. closing, shutting up (?): g s. (?) corb egin clār fodluta (i.e. a cover or lid of planks), Dinds. 79 ( RC xv 482 ) = corbo ecen clar fodlutad uasu BB 390b1 . Leg. fo dlūthad ?


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n f. (late vn. of fo-daim) enduring, submitting to: f.¤ doeri docair ó danaraib, Cog. 56.18 . ar ar mo d'engnum don lucht ro odaim in n-esargain [sic leg.] sin innas duni f.¤ a fegtha whether it required more bravery for those who endured that slaughter than for us to bear the sight of it 182.21 . Without f: can a hodmachtain itir 58.15 .


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x see foidmen.

? fodob

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ind bid f.¤ mo athirse ZCP viii 310.12 (leg. fó dó[i]b ?).

? fodobarda

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adj io-iā (dobar) subaqueous, aquatic: coin fodorne .i. doburchoin .i. fodobardai .i. uiscidhe, Corm. Y 311 = dobarchoin fa dhobarnái .i. fo usciu LB 265b14 (fodobarnai, Thr. Ir. Gl. 13 ).