fodiuba, fodiubad

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n m. used in Laws Comm. and by glossators to gloss fo-ben, fuba. Cutting off; deprivation, diminution (?): fuba .i. na tri fuba .i. f.¤ im loingsechaib ┐ im echtadait ┐ im macu tiri `cutting off' Laws i 160.2 . tuba sloigh ... .i. f.¤ sluaidh comithigh do tuidecht (i.e. repulsing ?) 298.13 . (cen fuba ngalair) .i. can galar da f.¤ `without having been emaciated by diseases' ii 250.12 . (cach domaine do fuba fri flaith) ... tic do f.¤ a flathamnas imme iii 22.34 . ni fuiben enecland ... .i. ... noco tabair fodiubad for nech im a eneclaind does not prejudice a person's honour- price ii 388 10 . ni fuachar muir mescbaidhe anidna .i. nocha tabair fodiubadh ar in muir moir ce romescad bainne beg d'ingglaine uirre, O'C. 1424 (< H 3.18 p. 639b ). fuba .i. ... fodiubad, O'Dav. 930 . la fodb ... .i. ... le fodhiubadh no gerradh, Leb. Gab i 264 n.8 . Cf. fodb .i. fodhíubadh .i. gearradh, O'Cl.


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v used in Laws Comm. to gloss fo-ben. takes away, diminishes (?): ni fuiben fortacht co n-idhna .i. ni fodiubann eiric uait isin fortacht dorinnis, O'Don. 578 (< H 3.17 c. 444 ). riasiu ... fodiubus cach do na fethem- naib a sgeol na ceile ` undermines ' (i.e. weakens the case of) Laws v 354.2 [i sgeoil ua c., 23 Q 6, 6 ]. [ní] fodiubadar in airged taitnemach 23 P 3 fo. 21 (23)b ( Ériu xiii 58 ).

See fodiuba.


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n a division, part: d'fhoghlachaib na haimsire MR 108.7 (a late pl. of fodail ?).

1 fodlaid

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x see fo-dáli.

2 fodlaid

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Forms: fodlaid

n (n p. ?) it fodlaid trath adrimter na mic so ... .i. is fo deroil no is fo diblidhi airmither na mic so uile acht na tri mic so amain ... Is as na tri macaib so fodhailter orba ┐ mic dire, O'C. 2232 (< Eg. 88 f. 16 d ).


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Forms: fodlide, fodlidi

adj io-iā (part. of fo-dáli) divided; distributed: fodlide (gl. distributum) Acr 13c4 . pl. it sillaba fodlidi `they are separate syllables' Sg 111b1 .

Cf. fodalta.


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Forms: fodlaidedo

n [m.] the quality of being divided, division: cid i n-airecar ilf.¤ forsin cetardu sin? IT iii 6 § 4 = fodlaidedo 24.23 . foglaidetu ┐ deismirecht, Laws iii 94.13 .


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Forms: fodlaidi, fodlaidi

(verb. necess. of fo-dáli) to be distributed, divided: bed fodlaidi (gl. impertiendae) Ml 105b13 . fodlaidi (gl. findendas) Bcr 33b10 .

? fodlan

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Forms: fodhlam

n some kind of vessel or measure: lān ēin[i] in boicht in fodlain in meisrin, Laws i 106.23 Comm. = fodhlam, O'Don. 50 (< H 3.17 c. 45 ) = in fadlan no in lestar bec a teít da lán déc na huighe O'Don. 496 (ib. c. 402b ).


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Forms: ḟodluig

v ī splits, rends: 3 s. pret. (intrans. ?) diar ḟodluig fíal in tempuil SR 7764 .


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Forms: fodluigthe

adj io-iā split, cloven: cú ferna fodluigthe bound of a cleft shield (?) LU 8891 ( FB 68 ; `cleaver of shields' Henderson ITS ii ). a hind ferna fodluighthe `of split alder- wood' Hib. Min. 66 § 9 .