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v reddens (by bloodshed): ni techta a finntiu ... fo-da-derga not lawful in the tribe-land a man who reddens it Laws v 462.3 (glossed: dogní fingail). fodercfa Bandae fo dii | fristoethsat sluaig Mide ZCP xii 234 § 47 .


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n u,m. (vn. of fo-derga) reddening, causing to bleed: a fodearca (= fodercad] co fuil `to redden (the church) with blood' Laws v 128.14 . ... is diles do mucaib ... iarna fodercco no iar marbad neich dib 154.22 Comm . = ruidles do mucaib [ci]a fofeisit iarna fodergad a faithchi, O'C. 2142 (< Eg. 88 f. 2 (3)b ) quoted by O'Gr. Cat. 86.33 , with transl.: `after rooting on a green' (cf. `derg' used of plowed land).


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x see fo-dechtsa.


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n ā,f. a kind of metre belonging to the group called `dian': ar cach fodēin, Laws v 60.4 Comm. in dá fodēin ... .i. dian urtrom ┐ dian iartrom ib. 3 . as inann lógh ... ar cach ndéin cinmótait na fodiana, O'D. 1196 (< H 2.15 p. 80a ).


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v deprives (?): maidid tri tonna tairsi ... ┐ fos- ruidbed a sliasaid ┐ ... a leathsūil BB 361b7 = Dinds. 19 .

Cf. fodiuba.


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Forms: fossdicet, fuduidchestar

v Is ann asbert C.: Aill amae ... dorochair ara Aiffe ... fon nglend ... Decid Aiffi lasodain. fosdichet C. lasodain gabthas foa cich ... RC ix 450.120 = fossdicet ZCP iii 254.2 (.i. rosoich add. v.l.). teid diu Concopor a nDofolt. Fandiched (.i. cotmesscae) fris conid oensruth ieud (of two rivers) ZCP iii 244 § 49 . Cf. airchisecht for senōirib ... cip indas fon-dichestar | nā dichset i foill what- ever deduction be made (in rations), let them not be neglected, ZCP xiii 27z (the reading LB, Y; 23 N 10 has conisther, for conniestar, KM). Cf. fuduidchestar (gl. subduci) Ml 36b10 . Cf. fo-tét.


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Forms: fo-dī-la, fuidel

v remains, remains over (?): is leth-log einech in cheili fodila don rath, Laws ii 336y (of a lord who takes away stock from one tenant to give it to another) he must leave with the original tenant half that tenant's honour-price (see Thurn. ZCP xiv 392 who analyses the vb. as fo-dī-la, vn. fuidel ` remainder '). athgabail fir lethcuind cia fodila la airecht, Laws i 200x (cia f.¤ seems glossed by .i. co festar iaram cia dib fora mbia a cin) `who is to pay' Laws i 202.11 .

? fodílmain

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adj i unoccupied; free, at large (?): epithet of deer: cu nach raibhi ... fiadh fodilmhain a maigh, Acall. 909 , corresp. to f.¤ foluaimnech, p. 281 (` free-roaming ' SG ii 123 ). .xxx. fiad fo dilmain Acall. 3244 , probably the correct reading. See dílmain.


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adj i (cf. derc `eye,' dercaid `looks') in Mid. Ir. also foderc. Visible, conspicuous: conruptar fadirci ind usci (= ut aquarum meatus appareant) Ml 40d16 . is foidirc (v.l. fodeirc) dūin[n]e di Cornail centuir `that is conspicuous to us from Cornelius' Hib. Min. 11. 353 . co mba fadirc os ler lán in charrac cach leth LL 278a9 . bá fodeirc dó folés na farrci foa gabul LU 9061 ( FB 81 ). comtar foderci renna nimi fon fraigid LU 8373 ( FB 25 ). foderc fiad cách, Met. Dinds. iii 144.11 . re ré mac Mílead ... robsam fíad- naiseach fodeirc, Ériu iv 152.4 . cobba foderg dona feraib taīdleach ind ōir BDD 1 (aideirg St). trēdhi tresmbi foidherc diabol tri duini: tria gnuis, tria tochim, tria labrad ZCP iii 453.20 . a nochtadh ... co mbo fodherc do chach (of a banner) FM v 1588 . As subst. a thing visible, a view (?): cid arin sruithiu in descertaid ? ... Fobith isi a foderc don fer maith bis isind leth tigi antuaid this is what he sees O'C. 810 H 3.18 p. 374b `Because it is it that is in the view of the good man who sits in the north end of the house' O'C., M. and C. iii 29 ).

Cf. foidreich.

? fo-diretar

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Forms: fodiretur

v pass. pres. indaithmech in ḟocail is aireacht .i. as fo reacht in caingin fodiretur , O'Don. 536 (< H 3.17, c. 432 ) = é fo recht incaingin fodiarta O'C. 2272 (< Eg. 88, 20 ) = in c. fodiriagtar é, O'C. 1609 (< 23 Q 6 p. 5b ).


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Forms: foidh-, foigh-, foighitech

adj o-ā (foditiu) Mid. Ir. variant of foditnech, gen. written foidh-, foigh-. Patient, longsuffering: ba foighidech, Lism. L. 1694 . Iob ... foighideach BB 5a47 . is foighideach flaith nimhe. Dán Dé xxi 11 . foighideach a mbuáidh- earthuibh, Rom. xii 12 (1681 ; -neach 1602 ) Advb. bí co foighitech 'má cluinfe ZCP vi 272 § 10 . fulang cu foighidech na n-ammus, Lism. L. 1135 . Superl. is e ba foighidechu fria fulang cech imnigh, Lism. L. 4880 . an ben dob ḟoi- ghidighe 'na haimsir ALC ii 426.2 .

Cf. foditnech.