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n f.¤ .i. no coirthe ina chinn cobrannaib gall (in glosses on passage dealing with various kinds of evidence of title to land; text missing) O'C. 424 (< H 3.18 p. 231b ).


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x see fodirc.


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Forms: fodercsatar

v looks, gazes: 3 pl. pret. fodercsatar fair, Ériu ii 120 § 57 .


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adj o-ā somewhat red, ruddy ; (as substantive) a minor abrasion: (of bruises) trí seoit a foderg (.i. ... isin fírdhergadh a mbidh fíghlas ...) H 3.17. c. 591 ( O'Don. 827 ). tri seoit a foderg, a foglas ib.; 'three séts for a minor abrasion' Ériu lii 141 . re dath dearg no foidearg (= ad rubrum et floridum) 23 K 42, 70.21 .


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v reddens (by bloodshed): ni techta a finntiu ... fo-da-derga not lawful in the tribe-land a man who reddens it Laws v 462.3 (glossed: dogní fingail). fodercfa Bandae fo dii | fristoethsat sluaig Mide ZCP xii 234 § 47 .


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n u,m. (vn. of fo-derga) reddening, causing to bleed: a fodearca (= fodercad] co fuil `to redden (the church) with blood' Laws v 128.14 . ... is diles do mucaib ... iarna fodercco no iar marbad neich dib 154.22 Comm . = ruidles do mucaib [ci]a fofeisit iarna fodergad a faithchi, O'C. 2142 (< Eg. 88 f. 2 (3)b ) quoted by O'Gr. Cat. 86.33 , with transl.: `after rooting on a green' (cf. `derg' used of plowed land).


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x see fo-dechtsa.


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n ā,f. a kind of metre belonging to the group called `dian': ar cach fodēin, Laws v 60.4 Comm. in dá fodēin ... .i. dian urtrom ┐ dian iartrom ib. 3 . as inann lógh ... ar cach ndéin cinmótait na fodiana, O'D. 1196 (< H 2.15 p. 80a ).


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v deprives (?): maidid tri tonna tairsi ... ┐ fos- ruidbed a sliasaid ┐ ... a leathsūil BB 361b7 = Dinds. 19 .

Cf. fodiuba.


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Forms: fossdicet, fuduidchestar

v Is ann asbert C.: Aill amae ... dorochair ara Aiffe ... fon nglend ... Decid Aiffi lasodain. fosdichet C. lasodain gabthas foa cich ... RC ix 450.120 = fossdicet ZCP iii 254.2 (.i. rosoich add. v.l.). teid diu Concopor a nDofolt. Fandiched (.i. cotmesscae) fris conid oensruth ieud (of two rivers) ZCP iii 244 § 49 . Cf. airchisecht for senōirib ... cip indas fon-dichestar | nā dichset i foill what- ever deduction be made (in rations), let them not be neglected, ZCP xiii 27z (the reading LB, Y; 23 N 10 has conisther, for conniestar, KM). Cf. fuduidchestar (gl. subduci) Ml 36b10 . Cf. fo-tét.


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Forms: fo-dī-la, fuidel

v remains, remains over (?): is leth-log einech in cheili fodila don rath, Laws ii 336y (of a lord who takes away stock from one tenant to give it to another) he must leave with the original tenant half that tenant's honour-price (see Thurn. ZCP xiv 392 who analyses the vb. as fo-dī-la, vn. fuidel ` remainder '). athgabail fir lethcuind cia fodila la airecht, Laws i 200x (cia f.¤ seems glossed by .i. co festar iaram cia dib fora mbia a cin) `who is to pay' Laws i 202.11 .