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(verb. necess. corresp. to *fo-déni sufficit): dun chlaind bed fodeinti (gl. sufficiendae proli) Ml 107a10 (an artificial formation).


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n ā,f. a small thorn or spike: ubhall-mheall iarainn ... go fodhealgaibh uime spikelets ITS i 66.19 .


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ind an recht is romebor leis | noc[h] roclecht fodemon [sic leg.] fois, Arch. iii 306 § 12 .


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x see fo-fera.


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n f.¤ .i. no coirthe ina chinn cobrannaib gall (in glosses on passage dealing with various kinds of evidence of title to land; text missing) O'C. 424 (< H 3.18 p. 231b ).


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x see fodirc.


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Forms: fodercsatar

v looks, gazes: 3 pl. pret. fodercsatar fair, Ériu ii 120 § 57 .


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adj o-ā somewhat red, ruddy ; (as substantive) a minor abrasion: (of bruises) trí seoit a foderg (.i. ... isin fírdhergadh a mbidh fíghlas ...) H 3.17. c. 591 ( O'Don. 827 ). tri seoit a foderg, a foglas ib.; 'three séts for a minor abrasion' Ériu lii 141 . re dath dearg no foidearg (= ad rubrum et floridum) 23 K 42, 70.21 .


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v reddens (by bloodshed): ni techta a finntiu ... fo-da-derga not lawful in the tribe-land a man who reddens it Laws v 462.3 (glossed: dogní fingail). fodercfa Bandae fo dii | fristoethsat sluaig Mide ZCP xii 234 § 47 .


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n u,m. (vn. of fo-derga) reddening, causing to bleed: a fodearca (= fodercad] co fuil `to redden (the church) with blood' Laws v 128.14 . ... is diles do mucaib ... iarna fodercco no iar marbad neich dib 154.22 Comm . = ruidles do mucaib [ci]a fofeisit iarna fodergad a faithchi, O'C. 2142 (< Eg. 88 f. 2 (3)b ) quoted by O'Gr. Cat. 86.33 , with transl.: `after rooting on a green' (cf. `derg' used of plowed land).


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x see fo-dechtsa.