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x see airnastaid.

1 firse

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Forms: firtse, feirtse

n n. (Breatnach, Ériu xxxii 92 ) strength (archaic or poetic word) : firsi .i. nert, ut dicitur : ferr fira firse, Corm. Y 647 . O'Dav. 904 (firrsi). O'C. 511 (fir firsiu). feirrsi, firsi .i. neart, O'Cl. ferr folud firsiu 'consideration [is] better than force' Contract Law 184 § 51 . conutaing firrsi (.i. rocumdaigistar [sic leg.] nert), Anecd. v 28.1 . firtse, feirtse, ` strength, power, virtue , Lat. virtus' P.O'C. See fersech.

2 firse

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adj .i. eattrom ` light, fickle ' P.O'C. , quot. F[orus] F[ocal] v. 62 . Met. Gl. Ff . has only : `irsi' gach n-éttrom (v.l. sirsi) 74 .


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n apparently part of a collar or gorget: niamlando ōir i mbragaid cech fiur [sic]. geimm fiu laulgaid noi gechttar inda f.¤ IT iii 238.105 ; expld. by O'Curry M. and C. iii 174 as centre ; perh. used of the circular ornamented discs attached to the ends of a gorget in front of the neck (see Macalister, Archaeology of Irel. 84 ) or some similar appendage.

1 firt

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x see fiurt.

2 firt

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n wrench, jerk, violent effort (?) : in f.¤ doniat na cethra ac soudh, Laws v 270.9 (gl. on : fourt cethra ac touth 268.21 ; ` heap, afterbirth (?)' Gloss.). co tart feirt for a láma ┐ co robris in ceṅgul bói for a láma, Dinds. 155 ( LL 160a49 ). Cf. feirtche.


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x see fertach.


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(part. of fíraid), verified: fíortha dhóibh foirmlitre fádh the writings of sages are verified for them Cl. AB 181.47 .


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x see firse.


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n u,m. (vn. of fíraigid) verifying, fulfilling: ainige fris ... dia f.¤ guarantees for fulfilling it SR 5844 .


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n see F 88.21 (feras).