? finnisse

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adj (? 1 finn) white-backed (?): c. ndam finnissi, CIH iii 885.36 , EIF 32 .


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adj (variant of finditech ?) inquiring, keen, acute (?): fochmorc foruis .i. ata fiss finnitnech acum LL 187a14 (= foridnech RC xxvi 20 n. 7 . foirithn— YBL 244b37 ). senoir fireolach finnitneach, TTebe 1190 . Cf. finditech.


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n m. discovering, making known: a fhoillsiughadh ┐ a fhionnochtadh, Eochairsgiath 106.40 . ar na ḟionnoch- tadh sin dó when that was made known to him Keat. ii 3275 . A contamination of finnachtain and nochtad `making bare'?


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(late vb. necess. of -finn—, -fitir): IGT III § 20 .


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x see fintiud.


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Forms: pín-thadbirthid

ind i gl. pinifer Thes. ii 47.34 ( Philarg. 85 ) = fintad hir thid, Thes. ii p. 362 ; prob. = pín-thadbirthid cone-pro- ducer.


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n (1 fín + -t(h)an, Peritia xi 170 ) a vineyard: gl. vinetum Sg 53a3 . Cf. Marstrander, Vidensk. Skr. II Hist.-fil. Kl. 8, Kristiania 1924.


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n scabbard: see intech.

fintiud, fintiu

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Forms: finntiu, findtiu, fintiud, finntid, fintiu, fintiuch, finteadha, fintiuga, finnteda, finteda, finntiga, findtigha, fintedaib

n f. cf. isi trisfintiu, Laws iv 164.13 ( SM Facs. 11a ). finte ... cotafille fodail Laws iv 286.6 ( SM Facs. 5a ). See Ir. Recht p. 71 . Forms vary: n s. finntiu, Laws iv 38.14 . findtiu v 462.1 . a d s. fintiud ii 282.7 . ZCP xii 365.6 . finntid, Laws iii 54.7 . ar fintiu SM Facs. 38a ( Laws ii 330 ). ar fintiuch ib. ( 332 ). g s. finteadha Laws ii 280.14 Comm. fintiuga 332.3 Comm . ( SM Facs. 38a ). n p. (?) finte, Laws iv 286.6 . a p. finnteda 286.3 . finteda v 514.22 . finntiga iv 44.3 . findtigha 38.10 . d p. fintedaib 166.25 ; 206.8 . Acc. to Thurn. ZCP xiv 371 land which is the hereditary possession of a member of a `fine', which cannot be alienated without consent of the other members and reverts to the `fine' if he leaves no heirs at death. In Laws glossed `dūthaig fine' and `dūthchas f.¤ ' (brat[h]airsi `kindred' in Laws ii 332.18 ) and translated `tribe land', `tribe property', is mesiuch cach fear fine cunai a fintiud Laws ii 282.7 (see ZCP xiv 370 ). trebar cach conae a finntid oigi foric (prudent is everyone who maintains his inheritance entire as he finds it Laws iii 54.7 ( SM Facs. 52b ). gaire adruidleacht finntiu main- tenance chargeable on (lit. which had claims on) the `f.¤' Laws ii 282.12 ( SM Facs. 33b ). mad dligtechu ar ord flatha flaith ceniu[i]l techta na be dligtechu ar fintiu (.i. ar duthaig na fine) Laws ii 330.7 , 18 ( ZCP xiv 390 ). fuidhir mad a trebaib com- lanaib comrannad finteda `shares in the tribe lands' Laws v 514.12 . ingen ar meraib ... dedlaid fri fine, conrannaside finnteda on med addaimther i fini, Laws iv 286.3 (cf. O'Dav. 1261 ). ni aes confodla finntiu .i. nochan ar aesmairecht fodeligther ae induithig na fine, O'C. 732 (< H 3.18, 350 ). usci tuiridne ... isuide ro suidiged gelfine ┐ derbfine, iarfine ┐ indfine hi fintedaib griain, Laws iv 166z . issi innfine i fintedaib griain a tir i ffuissither 206.8 . fintiu for cul cuindegar .i. cuinnged cach comfocus a fine cid iar cianaib inonn, Ir. Law 143.7 , cf. 145 . ni mac bradas finntiga .i. nocon e in mac foxlas duthchus ḟine a mathar uile 150 , cf. 178.11 , 176n. 2 . is tursech me triana fat co tic fis om findtiu, Plummer Colophons and Marginalia 26 n.1 .

fintóir ?

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ind in fíal forlaind ar cach fintoir, Rawl. 85b8 ( RC xxxvi 262 § 4 ) = LL 45a30 (fintóir ∴ derggóir).


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x see fíu.