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adj io-iā (figair) figurative, symbolic: san gceill litiordha ... san gceill ḟioghardha, Luc. Fid. 244.15 . do hiodhbaireadh Críost go fioghartha i mbás Abel figuratively Eochairsgiath 27.36 .


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n ā,f. symbolism, allegory: aisneis díles cen fh.¤ PH 5654 . ro rannastar rainn co f.¤ ACC 59 .


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Forms: filbín

n m. a lapwing: an filbín , Levit. xi 19 . Deut. xiv 18 .


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x see felc.


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Forms: filéid, failéid

n m. (Engl. fillet) a fillet: i ccend mhná ... fana fhiled, Flower Cat. 471 . pl. filéid fillets (of pillars), Exod. xxvii 10 . failéid ` wimples ' Isa. iii 22 .


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adj io-iā (fili) pertaining to a `fili'; poetic; rhythmical; romantic: is he in Dabid sin dorigni tri chóecta psalm do adhmolad in Choimded tre metur ḟileta, Trip. 172.8 . faith- liaig Find ba f.¤ , Met. Dinds. iv 320 . cuibdius f.¤ `with poetic harmony' Thes. ii 327.6 ( Hy v pref .). scel ... do denam tre glosnaithe f.¤ , Anecd. ii 42 (ref. to a prose composition). a gcuid dar gceird fhileata their share of our poetic craft Cl. AB 163.26 . go filiota BNnÉ 219 n. 2 .


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Forms: fili, filid, filid, filed, filid, ḟilid, fileda, filed, file, fileadha, filidh, filed, fili, fili

n t, m. n s. fili Wb 31b19 . Sg 29a3 . LU 10942 , etc. a s. filid 10944 . d s. filid Sg 140a1 . g s. filed 71b16 . n p. filid 63a14 . ind ḟilid 162a3 . Ml 26b10 . a p. fileda Sg 63b4 . 212a11 . g p. filed, Rawl. 124a46 . n s. file LU 10941 . Rawl. 156b5 . IGT, Decl. § 21 . n p. fileadha ( Keat. iii 1239 , etc.) is proscribed as incorrect, IGT Decl. § 21. ex. 784 .

Orig. seer, diviner (cognate with Welsh gwelet, see Thurn. Heldensage, 66 ), and in earlier documents generally implies occult powers or knowledge : fili gl. propheta, Wb. 31 b 19 . imbass forosnae .i. dofuaras- caib sechip ret bas maith lasin filid ┐ bes adlaic dó d'foillsiugad, Corm. Y 756 . is a Senc[h]as Mar ro airled comdire do rig ┐ epscop ┐ aige rechta litre ┐ sua[i]d filed for-can di cendaib, Laws i 40.16 ( ZCP xvi 175 ), with gl. : .i. in sui file[d] ... da faillsigend imad a sofesa ... co ndenand rand can smuainedh .i. cen imradud Laws i 42x Comm. firt filed (a miracle wrought by a poet) AU 1024 . See also ZCP xix 163 , IT iii 96 § 155 , Im. Brain i 46 , Corm. s.v. Mug eme , Coire Brecain ; RC xxvi 8 . For `fili' and `drui' as inter- changeable terms see Plummer VSH i clxi , clxii . Poet (historian, panegyrist, satirist), man of learning (the `fili' in early times was not always sharply distinguished from the `breithem' and `senchaid,' and seems originally to have united all three functions : ni dhligh cúairt no cen- naighect | ar ni fili fíreólach | hi feidm eoluis ilcrothaigh | manip co fēigh fessara | cīsa tenna is tuarustla | ... ; ni dlig cuairt ... | file nach dron dechraighfes | sochur dochur dílmaine | drēcht cech tīre thic ZCP iv 237 . BR. 236 . on uair dona ronuc Aimirgin Glungel cetbreth i nEre robu la filedhu a n-oenur breithemnus, cusin Imacallaim in da Tuar i nEmain Mache .i. Ferceirtne file ┐ Nede mac Adna ... Ba dorcha didiu in labrad ro labairset na filid [sic leg.] isin fuigell sin ┐ nirbu reill donaib flaithib in brethemnus ronucsat ... Do allad didiu brethemnus [sic leg.] ar filedhaib iar sin, acht a nduthaigh de, ┐ ro gab cach d'feraib Eirenn a drecht don breithemnus, Laws i 18 Comm. Cf. dichetal filed, one of the things by which law is preserved in tradition, ZCP xvi 175 = Laws i 30 . canaid in breithem fassach firaicnid ┐ roscadh filed, da cois ina brethe in sin, Corm. Y 1224 . See also the tract on The Privileges ... of poets, ed. E. J. Gwynn, Ériu xiii p. 2 ff .) : amal as ho molad ┐ adamrugud in choimded intinscana in salm sa [isamlaid] forcentar dano amal dundgniat ind filid linni cid in sin Ml 26b10 . filidh (gl. poeta), Ir. Gl. 1 . Of Latin poets Sg 63a14 . fili .i. fī a n-aoras ┐ lī a mmolas ┐ brecht a fuacras in file, Corm. Y 600 . f.¤ ... .i. seircid foglamo. nó ... fī fora aeir ┐ lī fora molad, O'Mulc. 537 . duarfine ... ainm d'filethaib .i. fine duar .i. fine foccul, Corm. Y 445 . rosiachtus glún Amargin filed coro molaim ríg as cach feib i mbi LU 10298 . rātha eturru secht ṅdruid, secht filid, secht n-ócthigirn. na secht ṅdruid dia rímsad tría brichtu, na secht filid dia ṅglámad ┐ dia n-erḟuacra (`the seven druids to bewitch (?) them by means of spells; the seven poets to satirise them and denounce them') Dinds. 161 . nemed .i. fili ... ar is a fid- nemedaib fognitis filid a ngressa, O'Mulc. 830 . nem-uath fri filedaib iarsinni aerait nech co n-epil de 830 f . asbert in fili nodnaírfed ... ┐ no áerfad a athair ┐ a máthair ┐ a senathair ┐ docechnad fora n-usciu conná gébtha iasc ina inberaib LU 10946 ( Im. Brain i 46 ). Applied to Virgil , Sg 29a3 ; Epimenides Wb 31b19 . ar ba faith, ar ba file (of David), Hib. Min. 5. 157 . ro can in filid ┐ in faith .i. Bec mac Dé, Cog. 10.22 . Find fili, mac Rosa LL 311b53 . c56 . Rawl. 118b30 . gen. Find filed m. Rossa 117e28 . Faifne file LL 160b11 . Ferchertne file, Rawl. 156b4 . ZCP viii 326.1 . The `filid' was commonly attached to the house- hold of a chief. The calling was hereditary and the office of `fili' to the head of the clan was, in later times at any rate, often the prerogative of a particular family : fili Conchobair in tAed, Death-tales 22 . Fergus Fínbel, file Find, Dinds. 52 . Fergus Fínbél, fili na Féinde, Acall. 3017 . file Chon Raoi, Feircheirtne a ainm, Keat. ii 3524 . clann Fhir bhisigh .i. fileadha Ua nAmhalghaidh ┐ Cloinne Fiach- rach, Hy Fiachr. 10 . adubhairt ris file do bheith 'na ardol- lamh aige féin ar aithris na ríogh roimhe, Keat. iii 1465 .

duais ḟiled is ruidles .i. a ndoberr [sic leg.] i logh natha acht rop iar firinde ┐ choir mbeith in nath the poet's fee is absolutely conveyed, that is, what is paid for a poem, provided the poem be truthful and correct ZCP xiii 20.19 ( Bürgschaft 7 ). coic gne in berla tobaidi .i. berla fene ┐ fasaige na filed ┐ berla etarsgarta ┐ berla forttide [fortcide v.l.] na filed triasa n-agaillit cach dib a chele, Auraic. 1303 . berla na filed, part of the sixth year's course of the student-`fili' IT iii 38 .

From early times the `filid' formed an important and highly organized corporation classed among the `saer- nemed' (privileged classes) : tri nemid uaisli ... .i. espoc ┐ flaith ┐ file, O'Don. 1631 (< H 5.15, 16b ). it e saernemead filead and .i. ecalsi, flatha, filidh (.i. graid filedh), feine, Laws v 14.10 . There were seven grades of fili, of which the highest was the ollam filed : in t-ollam filedh iarna uirdned ag rig tuath the fully qualified poet when appointed by the king of territories Laws i 42z Comm. ollamh fileadh ` master poet ' Studies 1919, 74 . Cf. O'Don. 1214 ff ( H 2.15, p. 84 ). in t-ollam sair ... adeitig lasin ugdar ni bud mo do na cutruma risin ollamain filed, no risin ollamain mberla no risin fear legind, Laws v 92x Comm. secht ngrad filed : ollam, ansrut[h], cli, canae, dos, mac fuirmid, focluc, O'Mulc. 537 . IT iii 96 § 155 . RC xii 119 . See also Laws iv 358 - 60 . v 26 ; 56 ff . is a ndanaibh defrighet ┐ dears- caighit gach grad filedh o raile i sos ┐ i segda ┐ i n-aircedal BB 296b29 ( IT iii 6 n .). sé dá rádh go riacht tusa | ... seacht ngradh na bfilidh ar fad ..., Gofraidh Mac an Bhaird, 23 L 17, 148b . The fili was at all periods distinguished from the bard (q.v.), whose qualifications and status were in- ferior (in: a bhfilidh, dá ngairid báird, Keat. i 70 , he is render- ing Camden : poetas, quos bardos vocant) : cescc cidh dlighedh i ffil an bhairdne lasna filedhoibh ... ? amhail roghabh rithim arradh Mettuir, as amhlaidh ataid na báird cona mbairdne arradh na ffiledh, Ériu xiii 42.4 . dichlannaigfiter filid cona biat filid etir acht baird tantum , Rawl. 111b14 ( RC xxvi 44 - 5 ). is aire tra na dlegait baird acht lethene- clann na filedh uair na frithgh[n]at, uair ni [di]reanar a ngradhaibh filedh neach na frit[h]gnat no o nach frit[h]gh- ainter the reason bards are entitled to only half the honor- price of poets is that they do not serve [ = practise their art], for `dire '-fine is not paid for any in the grades of a poet who do not serve or are not served BB 296b33 . Amal forber cach gradh filed seach araile im mod soís in oircidail toimside, forber ... cach gradh dibsom [viz. the bards] seach aroile IT iii 24 . fogluim na .uii. mad bliadna .i. brosnacha suad .i. bairdne na mbard ┐ dlegair dond ḟilid a ḟis, ar is he accept na sechtmad bliadna don ḟilid 39 . ni dír báird acht dír fileadh | fis cach righ is a dhlighedh BR 182 . The fili in his twelve-year course of study ( IT iii 31 ff .) had to master the various metrical tracts and oghams, memorize a mass of verse and prose tales, and learn certain methods of incantation : is hi ... foglaim na hochtmaide bliadna .i. fiscomarca filed .i. duili berla ┐ clethchor choem ┐ reicne roscadach ┐ laíde .i. tenm laída ┐ immas forosnai ( ZCP xix 163 ) ┐ dichetal do chennaib na tuaithe ┐ dín[n]ṡenchus ┐ primscéla Hérend olchena fria n-aisneis do ríghaib ┐ flaithib ┐ dagdhoínib. Ar ni comlán in fili chena, sicut dixit poeta : ni ba dúnad cen rígu. niba fili cen scéla IT iii 49 - 50 . in- feded in fili scél cacha aidche do Mongán LU 10942 .

Sometimes in sense a learned man, one skilled in literary composition in Irish, dist. from the Latin author on one hand and the unlearned Irishman on the other : a ngrad con- deilg lasin Laitneoir is eatargoiri a n-ainm lasin filid `the comparative degree of the Latinist (writer of Latin) is named inflection by the [Irish] poet' Auraic. 640 . possit ┐ comparait ┐ superlait lasin Laitneoir .i. fothugudh ┐ forran ┐ formoladh lasin filid : maith ┐ fearr ┐ fearrson lasin nGaedeal 645 . maith, etc. (.i. lasin nGaedel coitchend a n-ecmais in filed, fothugad immorro lasidhe) 657 . ocht ndeich tra atrimet filidh na Goídilce the Gaelic poets reckon eight (metrical) feet Corm. Y 447 .


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Forms: filidachtae

n ā,f.

Earlier filedacht Sg. 213 a 10 , Ml. 46 b 8 ( UR 124 ). (a) the art, office or practice of the `fili'; poetry; also divi- nation (see fili) : f.¤ .i. écsi, Thr. Ir. Gl. 20 , s.v. féle (Corm. LB). hi filedacht in poetry Sg 213a10 . g s. inna filidachtae Ml 46b8 . is filideacht ealadnach ropui acu in tan sin et is ierum aricht filideacht osgarda, Auraic. 2464 . f.¤ ┐ brethem- nas ┐ recht fer nErend LU 9777 ( RC vi 165 ). tasfenad breithemnusa ┐ uile filidechta Eirenn, Laws i 16.1 . isna teora brethaib .i. i fenechus ┐ i filidecht ┐ i legend v 92 Comm . sui litri ┐ sui filidechta ┐ sui bérlai Feine, Corm. Y 970 . i cetheora rannaib fis filidechta 538 . Adna ... ollam Herenn i necsi ┐ i filidecht, Rawl. 107b18 ( RC xxvi 8 ). do bhádar ..., beag nach, trian bhfear nÉireann ré filidheacht almost a third of the men of E. were practising poetry Keat. iii 1227 . can dothéig? ... a hAlbain iar foglaim filidechta, or ind ingen. In fil imbass forósna lat? or M. LU 4526 . la f.¤ ┐ oirfitiud PH 8337 . do tuathuib fian filidhachta (i.e. of fiction or romance), Anecd. ii 65 . finn-sgéal fili- dheachta (a fable, folktale), TSh. 7418 . Keat. ii 2336 . Dist. from `bairdne' (the art of the bard) : reim dano .i. re huamma ai a hinni in tan is filideacht, re huam in tan is bairdni .i. ni huaim tomais dligthig, Auraic. 780 . is he augtartas filidechta na ṅGóedel ┐ is hé a hord : dí raínd déc ínti ┐ acept bliadna in cech raind IT iii 31 . letheneclann na filidhechta dona bardaib 49 § 90 . go beith 'na ḟile dhó, ┐ go ndéineadh dá leabhar déag na filidheachta, Keat. ii 5196 .

(b) a poetic composition; charm: gl. carmen Ir. Gl. 1002 ; poema 833 . filidechta drúidechta (= incantationes magicas) Lat. Lives 9 .


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Forms: filisnib, filistindib, Felistínedha

pn m. (<Lat. Philistina) a Philistine ; used in SR as indecl. pl. ho filisnib Ml 2b10 , is probably a scribal slip. aicme di filistinib Ml 56b6 (leg. filistindib ? see follg.). dia rucsatar leo ind airc Filistín SR 5405 . for Felistín 5205 . for Ḟilistim (: grinn) 5604 . co fopartatar in slōg | na Filistin, na nAmmon 5602 . fianna ... Filistín 5610 . sluaig Felistin. 5624 . sluag na Filestein (: cēin) 6422 . Reintroduced in classical Ir. : Felistínedha, Leb. Gab. i 146.11 . lotar for techedh na bFelistin ib. 17 . do na Philistinibh, Judges xiv 3 .


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Forms: filistíndi, Filistindai, Felistindaibh

io-iā As subst. pn a Philistine: n p. filistíndi (corrected fr. -tindai) Ml 82d9 . na Filistindai , Rawl. 71a47 . lasna Felistindaibh , Leb. Gab. i 146.1 . Cf. prec., and Feles- tina.


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Forms: Filistínigh, Filistíneach, Filistíneachaibh, Feilistinech, bhPhilistíneach

o-ā As subst. pn a Philistine: n p. Filistínigh, TSh. 2456 . g p. Filistíneach 2460 . d p. ag na Filistíneachaibh 2454 . cathuir na Feilistinech , Maund. 45 . a láimh na bhPhilistíneach , Judges xiii 1 , xv 3 .