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adj o-ā (fér) grassy, grass-grown: rob f.¤ ind relec, Lat. Lives 15 = Trip. 228.15 . co f.¤ fornocht (of a forsaken `dún') Met. Dinds. iii 96z . ar in faichthi féraig, Acall. 7104 . magsliab mór ... cen fraech, isse ferach, slemoin RC x 62.12 . samail fidbad féraigi ZCP v 22§15 .


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n m. increasing in men (?): atá an baile ag fearachad ┐ ag fearughadh (`pearsa oibrighthe' or verbal noun of fear man) IGT, Introd. § 151 .


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n m. (cf. 1 ferach) virility, manly spirit (?): is gleo ferge in f.¤ TBC 4157 . nir gab feirg re f.¤ [fersechas St] 4048 (`Mannhaftigheit (?)' Wind.).


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n ā, f. (poss. an Old Irish formation although attested only in the later language, Ériu xxviii 155 ) the use or exercise (of an implement, industry, calling) IGT, Decl. § 26 : f.¤ eich horsemanship ex. 855 . (the form: ferdhacht eich is proscribed as faulty). ót ḟírḟerochd eichsi, ex. 859 . f.¤ coille outlawry, brigandage (?) 850 . nír chin fer bad ferr ar ḟ.¤ eich horsemanship FM v 1578.11 . feracht sgéal the office of a story-teller 23 L 17 22bx . feracht dána practice of the poetic art: saoi ḟir dána a bfocclaim ┐ a bf.¤ dána ALC ii 332.9 . feracht súl looking after, caring: f.¤ s. an leinimh do beith ag Aonghus, Nat. MSS. of Scotland III lxxxiv . coimed ┐ f.¤ s. na seacht laracadh `charge and keeping' ib. bíd dúlmhar ... i bhfeardhacht gunnaidhe the use of guns Corp. Astron. 76.14 . feardhacht tighe husbandry 90.15 . Cf. feras.


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n u,m. (vn. of feraid).

(a) excrements, faeces: ocat ergab- āil fri fual ┐ fri f.¤ , Cáin Ad. § 6 . doberdis a bhḟual ┐ a bhferadh ar an altóir, B. Lism. 108va39 . dermuidid a fual ┐ a feradh do denumh, Ros. Angl. 226x . biadh cengail feraidh, Ir. Texts v 3.20 .

(b) a downpour: gur ḟear firmeint fearadh fras, Keat. Poems 1230 .

See ferthain.


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Forms: fer, ferid, —fera, rofera, ferat, ɔdinroirea, condiroira, conroíret, ferais, fer—, fir—, nofired, firfeasa, firfassa, firfid, firfes, fhirfes, firis, ḟírastar, firfaider, firfitir, fiur—, fiurad, noḟurad, rom-fiurfu-sa, fiurfadh, furfadh, foir—, —foirfed, nosfórfed, fertom, feartot, ferthos, romferat, f.

v ā O. Ir. forms: imperat. s. 2 fer, Thes. ii 47.16 . pres. s. 3 ferid Wb 4b19 . —fera, Thes. ii 294.15 . (with ro-) rofera 24b15 , 29b13 . pl. 3 rom ferat Ml 22d5 . pres. subj. s. 3 ɔdinroirea Wb 29b16 . cf. condiroira (for condid-roírea), Ériu vii 140.32 . pl. 3 conroíret Wb 29a9 . pret. s. 3 ferais Hy v 30 . SR 3033 .

In Mid. Ir. beside the normal fer— are found the stems:

(1) fir—: impf. s. 3 nofired LU 10137 . fut. s. 1 firfeasa TBC² 1023 = firfassa LU 5504 . 3 firfid SR 8203 . Trip. 120.6 . rel. firfes LU 4546 . fhirfes, Baile in Scáil § 32 . pret. s. 3 firis TBC 3388 . ra ḟírastar LL 262b1 . Pass. fut. s. firfaider 46b9 ( Ériu i 130 ). pl. firfitir LU 10379 .

(2) fiur— (fur—), esp. in sense `suffices' or `supplies': impf. s. 3 no fiurad LL 258b15 . noḟurad 115b6 fut. s. 3 rom-fiurfu-sa, Ériu iv 142.14 . sec. fut. s. 3 con fiurfadh IT iii 188.2 = furfadh BB. Rarely foir—, sec. fut. s. 3 —foirfed, Acall. 3946 . nosfórfed LU 2059 (cf. fo-fera) With suff. pron.: fertom ... feartot `serves me', `serves thee' Auraic. 1618 , 1619 (?) = 4691 ff . (see ZCP xvii 293 ). ferthos pays them (acc. pron.), Laws iv 328.3 . 330.14 (Críth Gablach).

The primary sense of the vb. is grant, afford, supply , and this is implicit in later development; the distinction below between I and II is mainly for convenience of reference.

I Grants, supplies .

(a) suffices, furnishes enough for; in Glosses with perfective ro— (lit. `is able to grant'); with pers. obj. (see ZCP xiii 105 § 5 ): coimsetu biid et áetich, ní rofera tantum just what suffices (gl. cum sufficientia) Wb 29b13 . is suail romfera it is little suffices me 24b15 . mod ɔ dinroirea `the way that He supplies us' 29b16 . romferat they can suffice me Ml 22d5 . co n-im[m]im rofera with suffi- cient butter Laws ii 254.3 . O'Dav. 947 . Cf. dofargaid arro- fera offers what suffices (?) O'Dav. 979 (cf. Laws v 502y ). ól nguala, issí nofired Ultu uli LU 10137 . nos-fiurad in ballán the cup used to suffice them (?) LL 370cx . ni taprad acht ēn-trian ┐ nofiuradh an sluaigh [sic] on trāth co 'role it used to suffice the host RC xii 70.1 . proinn cēd nosferud (nó fiuradh) BNnÉ 300.14 (feradh v.l.). nir bo bec immorro in biathad .i. muc ... do cach ḟir. No bítis fir istaig ... nach ferad sain whom that did not suffice LL 106b20 = Ériu iv 26.6 . rusfirfi min gainme will suffice them ZCP x 344.2 . nosfoirfed do biud boltnugud the smell would suffice them for food FA 13 LB = nosfórfed LU 2059 . nom-firraidh do ascadhaibh satisfy me (imperat. pl. 2) ZCP xii 245 § 7 . roḟerastar torad in aen-méich bracha iat o Chaplait co Minchaisc eis ... abundauit Lat. Lives 72 (= co ro urthastar LB 64b5 ). Lism. L. 1361 . fúrfait bar cuirp coin your bodies will glut dogs Alex. 224 . confoirfed secht lanamna, Acall. 3946 (would be enough for ?). gilla ... usce innḟuar roḟoiread 1196 . ní nosfhiúrfadh in fhoirenn what would suffice the crew Hugh Roe² 4.16 (f. 2b) .

(b) with acc. of thing supplies, provides: ɔroíret a mbethid that they may provide their livelihood (gl. subministret illis) Wb 29a9 . Cf. an cach rí ro fes follan fera [ = rofera f.¤ ?], O'Dav. 887 . rofherasdar mil ┐ fíon ... doibh BNnÉ 110.19 . rofertha fer cacha maitne do fhuined muicci a man was told off every morning to cook a pig RC xiv 245 . ferdair a n-othrusa uile (i.e. they all get sick-maintenance) Laws iii 356.3 . O'Dav. 887 (`all their sick-maintenances are provided' BCrólige p. 90 ). In wider sense gives, yields, pays: gach call (= coll) ... go bferfa lán dabhcha dhe will yield a vat-full KMMiscell. 168 § 3 . rosferastar Lasar di á cill L. bestowed her church on her Lism. L. p. 328y = Ir. Texts i 16 (= obtulit Tertia V. c. 44 ). in tī nād mbī arbur feruid a lōgh do saimbiud he who has no corn supplies its complement of summer food BCrólige § 27 . feraid a lōg a rēir breitheaman pays Laws v 466.8 . fertair al-lōg di pennait 390.8 . fertair a focruic a imcomus fer arocuile otrus `the fee for them is given in proportion' etc. BCrólige § 33 . muna rofeara (.i. muna eirne) flaith seotu, Laws ii 264.1 . (for: ro-era, as in 262.14 . 264.15 ? See ernaid). ferdair collna set in aithcuir are returned 322.5 ( ZCP xiv 387 ). ferthar .i. ērnithar, O'Dav. 979 .

(c) brings (?): drongtar fir, fertar mná are carried off (?) LU 5466 ( TBC² 990 , rhet.). Cf. feraid .i. atairgid, ut est: feraid insci di na rochar arra, O'Dav. 887 .

II Gives forth, pours .

(a) in lit. sense pours, showers, sheds, esp. of natural phenomena (rain, etc.). Orig. trans. and used impersonally or with refl. pron., later often in- trans.: ferais snechta mór forru it snowed heavily on them LU 4777 . feraid snechta mór foroib 10576 . feraid dertain IT iii 67 § 2 . tech innā fera flechod, Thes. ii 294.15 . nocar ḟer banne ina gort-si not a drop (of rain) fell Lat. Lives 85 . Cf. A mu Buach | feras in tond frisin mbruach, Anecd. i 12.21 (cf. aiges in tond ib. 19 ). Of blood, etc.: is ḟort raḟer mh'fuil was shed TBC 3955 . forfaidh [leg. ferfaidh ?] cru dar cuiged C. anocht aigi he will make blood flow ZCP viii 529.28 . fearaid ... déara aithrige ón inghin, A. O'Dálaigh li 22 . Pól ... fearais cioth déar, Ir. Monthly, 1928, 437 . secht n-aithsceanmanda feardu (= ferte) fuil that shed blood Laws v 156.11 . do láim Find ferad a fuil `by the hand of F. her blood was spilt' Met. Dinds. iii 234.20 . (but feraid v.l.). in ferfat ... frasa mo dēr dar mo gruaidh ? ZCP x 46 § 6 . ilar fule firfitir LU 10384 = firfaidtir ZCP iii 256.22 (cf. d below). do fearadh an díle dóibh ... gur báitheadh iad, Keat. i p. 140.13 . Of other things than liquids: atchíu don bláth fertha fort ... bat fornocht `the bloom that bedecked thee' Met. Dinds iii 96.3 [doubtful reading; v.l. fort(h)a]. Cf. fiaich fotha firfitir LU 10379 .

(b) by extension pours out (cries, lamentations, etc.), vents, gives expression to (a feeling, etc.): ní ferae [fera MSS.] coíni lament not Ériu i 198.8 . feraid guba makes lamentation Met. Dinds. iii 42.36 . in gair ┐ ind gubha ferfuidit [ferfaidid YBL 137a34 ] fir ┐ mna hoc coīned a macan ZCP iii 227.13 (cf. d below). ferdais nual SR 7209 . no feartais coin ... ualla mora, CCath. 884 . rofhersat a nguth raised their voices Buile Ṡ. 176.32 . ... feras amran frim, O'Mulc. 350 = LL 275a3 . lin a fer fir ferdais feirg SR 4981 . ferfaid feirg will pour out his wrath KMMisc. 156.120 . Folld. by fri of pers.: ferais fáilte fris welcomed him BDD 39 (see fáilte). ferid itge frissin deacht Wb 4b19 . fermaid-ni nemeli fri rig nime, Mon. Tall. § 1 . nā fer mol | frisin marb ... pour not praise upon the dead LL 275a9 ( Mór Muman § 6 ). roḟer surge ... fri mnaí coím paid court Met. Dinds. ii 18 . rimsa na fer do ṡaebe `ply not thy perversities on me' Mart. Tall. 118.4 .

(c) esp. with obj. like cath, comlonn, etc., of giving battle: ní math d'ḟerus bāig I did not well to fight TBC 3962 . nā fer bāig TBC² 953 . Feradach ferad catha, Met. Dinds. iii 268 . firfid secht catha C., Baile in Scáil 10 ( ZCP xx 221 ). firfid gle ib. Baile in Scáil 16 . magen i ferfaithe in cath LL 170a24 ( Dinds. 158 ). ba brigach dano roferad in cath sin ib. LL 170a 31 . ro ferad cath croda ... do dib lethib etarro, Ann. Conn. 1256 § 6 . im-mís Iuil ... | iss ann ferass [in grian] a lāngleō SR 246 . o rofersat a ṅgriss ṅglain | a ndíss oca n-impressain 1881 . isé in mac sa ferfas bar ngresa ZCP v 504.4 . gur ḟeradar gleic ferrdha ... ┐ rofersat com- lann cruaidh, Ériu iii 166x . firfaider int imm[ḟ]orrán, i 130.38 . gae ... feras fechtu IT iii 61.13 . gach ágh ┐ gach acais ┐ gach iomarcaigh do fearadh 'na cheann ML 100.4 . With obj. omitted: in feraim-sea for galaib aenḟir no ar līnaib fer whether I am to fight in single combat or against many Ériu i 116.27 .

(d) in wider sense with abstr. or vn. as obj., does, performs, executes (cf. fer airli, gl. age ( Ecl. viii 17 ), Thes. ii 47.16 ): ferait a n-aittreb isin glind make their abode LU 2157 ( FA 22 ). rufer āmaill in cech cāin `has made sport' Hail Brigit § 12 ( LL 49b42 ). fer ... firfes chless LU 4546 (sic leg. TBC² 58 ). firfassa ardchless ar bélaib eirred LU 5504 (firfeasa TBC² 1023 ). fearfad a chluiche caointe IT ii2 146z . ni fertar cluichi fair hi tig no games are played in the house in which he is (= he is not annoyed by games) BCrólige § 61 . is é céad-duine ag ar fearadh a chluiche caointe, TSh. 5570 . Cf. ferait a fert...i rRos na Ríg they make his grave in R. LU 4067 . roferad comarli oca áes gráda ┐ iss ed ro chinset ... LU 4062 . aimsir in lucair ... firfes a com- rama who will achieve his triumphs BNnÉ 305.29 . tegh an fir ro ferustar in cneid `who has inflicted the wound' BCrólige § 23 Comm. nā fer finga[i]l 'mot ēnmac, Ériu i 118.7 . ni fertar scannail `no brawls are made' BCrólige § 61 . feraiset graf- aind `held a horse-race' RC ix 466 = agat g., Anecd. i 54.3 . firfid graphainn gergaile SR 8203 . in grafand rofersam `the race that we have run' Fél. Ep. 73 . rofersam ar n-iarair we have made our search ib. Ep. 2 (glossed: doronsam iarraid , O'Dav. 1356 . feraid for n-aigidacht innocht and get your entertainment there to-night LU 8864 ( FB 66 ). o rofersat tri aidchi aigidechta when they had spent three nights of guesting LU 1861 ( RC x 50 ). aonach no fertha lais ... in gach bliadhain, Corm. Y 796 . fertha óenach la hUltu LU 3228 ( SC 2 ). a rogu ro fer .i. ro ferastar a rogu `his choice he made' ACC 135 ( RC xx 410 ). is cian mār ria C. roferad táin bo Cuailnge, O'Mulc. 779 . do ferad mór d'ulc ré lá much ill was wrought in his time Cog. 100.19 (poem). Folld. by FOR (AR) of pers. inflicts (on), deals (to): bean for a fertar ainim, Laws v 294.18 Comm. nā fer aithber form TBC² 1215 . nā ros[f]hera brón fuirri, Aisl. MC 97.6 . gac[h] fer fora ferthar fuil, BCrólige § 10 Comm. masa beocned roferad air, Laws iii 288.17 . ferais M. tri crechta ... fair, TFerbe 422 . iarsin mórḟingail rofersat for soerchlannaibh Erend ZCP xi 63.11 . is alaind feras al-luad | gabair Baetain for in sluagh bears his course against AU 562 (but: gobhar ... rés an tsluagh FM 555 ). With direct obj. omitted: fear, a Chríost, ar lucht na mbréag take vengeance on Dánta Grádha² 9.36 . Cf. flesc maith Moisi ... rofer for aesa a Egept SR 4330 (corresp. to: barr flesci Moysi ór chuirestar plága ┐ piana for illtuathaib Egeipti LB 121a28 ). for slig frisndringtiss, conclistiss for a rind, na ferad for a fonnib RC xi 444.28 . In follg. exx. feraid ar (of thing) may mean spends one's energies on, enjoys: lāntol menman di cech maith, nī ara feram, Arch. iii 296 § 42 . Rathan na náemh ro charsam, | sosadh sáer ar ro fhersam BNnÉ 313.24 . f.¤ fo: in follg. ex. the obj. of the prep. is uncertain: flaith dan cóire Teach D. ... | gach glóir fa dheoidh fearfaidh faoi | leathfaidh a ghnaoi do dheoin Dé, Ir. Monthly 1927, 470 .


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Forms: fhearuighe

n (abstr. of 1 ferach): an fhearuighe (`pearsa lóir' of fer IGT, Introd. § 151 .


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v g (fer): do fhearuigh an baile IGT, Introd. § 151 (dénmhus neith i.e. `active verb' of fer).


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adj grass-grown (?): Dún Sobairche ... helad f.¤ Ulad LL 17b3 .

feraise ?

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ind cach leth ro bae ro fertad f.¤ LL 122b51 (Siabur- chobra Con Culaind).


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adj i (fer) manly: band f.¤ RC xiv 408.10 . triar fer fortrén f.¤ BDD 130 . an dream bhíos fearamhail ré fulang gach feadh- ma, TSh. 10866 . roslaided in cath co ... f.¤ RC xxii 324n. 4 .