1 feis

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Forms: feise, feisi

n f. (Stokes cprs. Corn. guis, Met. Gl. index) a sow (an old word, used in poetry and archaizing lit.) : dhá shen- ainm ar mhuic ... féis [séis v.l.] is máda, Met. Gl., Ff. 17 . do bharr a bhoise no imaineadh cach aeghaire f.¤ cacha fidbaidi re mallacht cacha muicthreoit `the swine of each forest' MR 100.19 . g s. iomnocht feise ... .i. croiceann muice, Atl. iv 200.7 . pl. feisi cin lacht milkless sows O'Dav. 1026 (= Laws i 140.37 . Auraic. 4543 ). Cf. inn Fesse dno is ainm din crain (explanation of place-name) ZCP iii 242 § 42 .

2 feis(s), fess

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Forms: feis, -i, fesi, fesa, feisi, fessa

n ā (?), f. (vn.of foaid spends the night). feis (g s. n p. -i) IGT, Decl. § 14.19 . g s. fesi, Liad. and Cuir. 20 . n p. fesa, O'C. 805 (< H 3. 18, 373a ).

(a) spending the night, sleeping: do ḟeiss (fess v.l.) aidche hi linnib from spending the night in pools Hy ii 27 . As cognate acc. : fiba fess (fes, feis v.l.) moch mairb will soon sleep the sleep of the dead (?) Ériu ii 3.6 . Rarely of be- leaguering (cf. forbais) : fiibthir Falchaeo feis, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hs. u. Lit. i 54.25 . Cf. cathasach .i. cathíesach .i. feis foite ind oig ina cathgreim co matain, Phil. Soc. 1859, 179 (< H 3. 18, 67 ) = Corm. Y 245 . Esp. of sleeping with another person ; coition: hence espousal: co mbi ferr lais feis la gillib, Laws v 292.23 . toet chucum a ben hinnocht do fes lium IT i 145.8 . fess la mnai óic, Ériu viii 122.31 . laichess .i. laoch ┐ fess, is din feis foas la laoch, Corm. Y 795 . feis re gach mnaoi, Dán Dé xxiv 3 . ma ro carais, dena f.¤ leis TBC p. 649 n. 5 (St) = faé leis LL. feis dorinne sé re hÁine, Keat. ii 4373 . ní ba gnáth sósar d'ḟeiss i fiadnaisi ṡinsir it was not customary for the younger to wed before the elder RC xiii 36 w ( LL 294b3 ). do éimghidh S. ┐ M. feis `refused to be espoused' ML 12.28 . an ḟ.¤—fa f.¤ degt[h]oraidh— | dār geined Bē binn ZCP xiii 18.27 . g s. ar imgabail feisi le hÆnias, Aen. 1666 . eiric imgabala feisi, Laws v 294.25 Comm. coraigecht aenmna re bliadhain dam ... ┐ leth feissi do grēs, Acall. 4955 (`a stipulation that for one year I be thine only wife and after that in perpetuity enjoy a full half of thy conjugal society' SG ii 221 ). rucc leth fesi, a inghen fial, | mo b[h]en-sa isin ail-si tiar my spouse on yonder rock (i.e. the church of Cashel) has claimed half your conjugal rights RC xxxvii 350 § 3 . Fig. of assuming kingship : do rigustar (F.) ... et ar f.¤ d'F. re coiced Connacht doronne a oiti a frithailem ... ┐ is i sin banais rige is oiregdo doronad a Connacht riam, Ann. Conn. 1310 § 7 = ALC i 554 (`after F. had espoused the Province of C.' Cf. Ériu xiv 14 ). Cf. feis .i. druis ut est fuba co fessaib lust O'Dav. 930 . f.¤ leptha (láime, lám-déraigthe) cohabiting ; espousal, wedlock: ro ḟáeidur in lánamain sin ind áidchi sin ar f.¤ leaptha ┐ lámdéirigthi, Acall. 7841 ; 820 . do bhi ar fes (feis) laimhe ┐ leaptha ag an inghin an oidhche sin RC xxix 134.18 ; 26 . ar feis leaptha 146.8 . fuair rogha ríoghna ar f.¤ láimhe, Ó Bruad. ii 86 .

(b) by extension accommodation for the night, bed: co f.¤, co n-adogh, co tein, co n-aitreb, Laws iv 20.1 (with gl.: co laigi doib ann 22.30 ). Of cattle, etc.: ina muca i f.¤ i foil a n-aidche housed (sleeping ?) in a stye 96.25 . deithbir idir f.¤ i fual ┐ f.¤ i f. ; buaile glan hi i f. ┐ buaile salach f.¤ i fual (of a foul cattle-booley and a clean one) v 468.9. Comm .

(c) entertainment for the night, food, supper: f.¤ aidc[h]i .i. de biud, Corm. Y 594 . feis .i. cuiriud ... (.i. i n-aidchi .i. co lind), Laws iii 20.17 . feis .i. i n-aidchi .i. co linn, O'Dav. 854 . feiss i Cruachain do grés dó TBC 1613 , 2269 (fes; cuirm, Eg. 209 ). fuaradar feiss na hoidchi sin ac C., Acall. 23 . fogebainn biad ┐ fés aidchi duit MR 68.13 . meth feise la rig `the failure to supply the feast of a king' Laws i 230.22 = meith feisi rig (atat .iii. fesa do rig a fuirired a faigthe a dligid), O'C. 805 (< H 3. 18, 373a ). Hence food, repast in gen. : dús in fogebtha fri f.¤ | do biud dún ní domelmais SR 1563 . lubai in talman ... nidad tlaithi dun fri feis 1571 . ce bú for fess and? ol si. Fonoad col carpait dun and, ol se what was your repast ? LU 10243 . ba greis don deora daighfir | fes a feola BB 370a31 = a chuit feola, Met. Dind. iii 162.12 (feis v.l.). gura féis do faelaib do corp ! (an imprecation) MR 188.20 . ac feis ┐ ac fleduchudh, CCath. 2438 . Here, perhaps : cele fesa, Ériu viii 122.26 . Oft. in connection with díthat (q.v.) : feis, fuiririud, dithit, Laws iii 20.13 . co tormalt feiss ┐ dithait TBC 637 (go ro loing fes et dithat an laoi St). ni fil feis cen dithit, O'Dav. 854 . ní bí feis cin dithat .i. cen fuighell, O'C. 1426 (< H 3. 18, 640 ). dligmít feis dithat [compd. ?] na haidchi so di, Acall. 18 . f.¤ dithat na haidhche anoct uaimsi duit ... .i. naí mbai fichit ... 522. co rotochaithset a ffes dithett, Hugh Roe 242.30 (f. 64b) ; `Almost certainly a compd,' Plummer, Slips.

(d) In Laws, also used of cattle trespass i.e. trespass by (entering and) lying down (and grazing), see below : is feis cach lige, cach tarraidhe, airlim acht na deilset nach tartaidhe (.i. eiric feisi forru o tarraigter and iatt ina lighe, eric airlime orra acht na ro laigit ann), Laws iv 78.8 (80.8) . a feis dighona feoir ethamain geimreta tar lān-ime `for `feis' trespass in a winter grass field over a full fence' 80.21 Comm . da miach ina feis ┐ miach ina n-airlim two sacks for `feis' trespass in them and one for `airlim' 80.25 Comm . feis lae ┐ feis aidhche `f.¤' trespass by day, by night 80.14 Comm . caīrig imorro, it smachta airlime do suidib, ar ni fil fesa doib `fines for `feis'-trespass' 108.6 . nochon fuil dethbir feisi na airlime a leth re fiach duine-caithi 84 w Comm . The term bō feise, etc. can hardly mean `cattle-feeding' as it is sometimes rendered in Laws Transl., the alternative render- ing `the cows forfeited for feeding', O'Don. Suppl. is more likely (in some instances it probably means cows forfeited for (or who have committed) the trespass of lying-down (implying grazing), cf. ethait ní ina feis ┐ ina n-airlim ┐ noco n-ethait ní ina ruiriudh na ína tairsce `they eat something in their `feis' —trespass' Laws iv 138.10 Comm. fiach feisi geimrid a ruiriud aoidhche in geimrid `fine for winter `feis' —trespass is due for a running-over on a winter's night' ib. 12 ). treisi co ndithmuim cach athgabala na mbo feisi, no co tiagaitt ba fesi ina cenn `every distress for cow-feeding' (?) i 222.26 Comm . ba fesi ... ba dithma, ii 134.17 Comm . fiach fesi cach athgabala `debt for the expense of feeding' (?) i 224.6 Comm . cu n-īcand dech mbu feisi ┐ logh einech, Bürgschaft 66 ("Kühe des Übernachtens"). is ed slan nge[i]ll .i. bai fesi ge[i]ll ... 78 .

(e) a feast, a festival (oft. of an established and recurring one) : ardsollamain na ngente .i. f.¤ Temra, Lat. L. 5 = Trip. 40.23 . cena (alias feis) Temhra apud (alias la) Loeghaire AU 454 . feiss Temhra la Diarmaid 559 . fes Temra cacha samna LU 4211 . do chaithim fessi Temrach 4209 . do thomailt fesse T., ZCP iii 4.4 (orig. espousal in these exx. Cf. concluding exx. in section (a) above and see Studies in Early Irish Literature 334 ). f.¤ tigi Oengossa, Ériu vii 220.5 = LL 209b43 . f.¤ tighe Bricrenn (name of a tale, probably = Fled Bricrenn), Anecd. ii 45.2 . coro ḟeram feis trí laa ┐ tri n-aidchi i ndunud G. till we enjoy an entertainment of three days, etc. TFerbe 61 . pl. fessa ┐ fuireca CRR 9 . a bhfeasa ┐ a bhfulachta ML 76.12 . fessa (title of a class of tales) LL 189c40 (O'Curry MS. Mat. 588 ). Anecd. ii 45.1 .

(f) exceptionally a stay, sojourn: doronsad f.¤ māir thair, Lec. 553a39 ( ZCP x 166.15 ). Cf. bain-, bran-, tarbfeis.

Compds. : cf. f.¤ dithat above also Acall. 5036 ; 5381 ; 7301 .

Cf. dusnic dím feis nErenn fós fess nAlban feiss suadh feiss druadh feiss cerda feiss cuthchoire feiss corrguine feiss sedhguine feiss cech duine bí doní olc ... frim corp ZCP vi 258.19 (Colum Cille's prayer).

3 feis

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n needle-work, handicraft (?) : f.¤ .i. lamt[h]orad, Corm. Y 90 . abrass .i. abra-fes ; abra .i. inailt, O'Mulc. 5 , 6 . ... arindi foglennat f.¤ lamtoruid ib. abhra .i. inailte ┐ fes lám- torad, abras ... .i. lámtorad inailti in sin, Trans. Phil. Soc. 1859, 171 .


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n io,n. (?), feiscredm. (vn. of fo-ess-crin-, Ped. ii 676 ) shrinking, contracting: dlúthud ... cen fescred (feiscre v.l.) ` warping (?)' Triads 118 (with gl. : freiscre .i. friscaradh gan sergadh). dligid cach forcradach féscred (= excess leads to penury ?) LL 294a9 = ZCP xi 84 § 34 e (feiscre, frescredh v.l.). (of dense masses of soldiery :) co cingfitis ... seisi sloigh no assain fo 'n-eiredaibh fortha ... gan fan- nughadh, can fescred fortha quailing CCath. 5831 . tri aige seirce [corr. to seisce] .i. bainenna fri frithaileam feiscre for na buaib mora, O'C. 1982 (< H 4.22, 20 ). See frescre, and fo-feiscren. Cf. fáiscre.


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x see fescr-.


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x see fessid.


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n ("probably ME feste `firm, fixed, secure'," O'Rahilly, Gad. i 286 ). adjustment, settling: adubhairt ... a long do chur a bhfeisde to make his ship ready (for setting out) Oss. iii 162.7 . Cf. do chur a bhfeisde `to harbour ' Begley-McCur- tin. Further exx. cited by O'Rahilly, l.c.

Cf. next.


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Forms: feisteadh, fesdeadh, feisdeagh

n m. settling, fixing, bringing to rest: feisteadh `a sitting, fixing, settling ' P. O'C. dorataid a long ar f.¤ a cluthair an cuain was moored D iv 2, 45[43]ra24 : ar a tracht ara roibi an long ar f.¤ , 44[42]v b 36 . fesdeadh (v.l. feisdeagh) IGT, Verbs § 71 . Cf. do ḟeisdeaduir ib. ex. 643 .

Cf. prec.


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n i,m. a feast-giver (?) : fírbhun ar bhfóirne ar bhfeisdeoir ` feast-master ' Miscell. Celt. Soc. 376.1 .


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x see fet, and fit.

? 1 feith

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n melody, harmony: f.¤ .i. binni[u]s, Lec. Gl. 45 (M 85) . f.¤ .i. binne, Stowe Gl. 395 .