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x see 1 fíal.

? fealltaigheacht

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n (? felltach) treachery (?), false dealing (?): rí uasal ann, gan fhíoch, gan fhuath, gan fhealltaigheacht (MS. gin alcheit) 'a noble king there, without anger, without hatred, without false dealing', Fil Súil nGlais 40 § 8 .


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Forms: febai, feba, feb, feib, fib, feba, feba, Feabh, fib, feib, feabgarta

n ā,f., in oblique cases also ī, d s. febai SR 1663 . feba 2074 . Other exx. below. Cf. nimraib orddan ná feba, Ériu vi 116 § 2 (ra f. v.l.). A n s. feb is not recorded for O. Ir. ( Ped. i 75 ), the only form in the Glosses being d s. feib, fib (with force of a rel. adv.) which Thurneysen regards as d s. of fíu (quality, worth) ( Hdb. § 298 ). The orig. sense may be way, manner, kind , the meaning implicit in the adverbial use.

I As subst.:

(a) excellence, distinction, used of external condition, prosperity, appearance, and also to denote a high degree of a quality or state: feibh .i. maith, O'Cl. `feib' feabhus, Met. Gl., D 31 . truag for mbith fo dorchaib trel, | for feb fo thomthaib Dé sad ... that your prosperity (?) should stand under the threats of God (?) SR 7994 (of the learned). dā sē sescat, sluag fo feib (of the heavenly hosts) 559 . 'na faitchib | lánaib do ligaib fo feib 439 . saegul Adaim ... | tricha dó, derb bai fó feib ... 2023 . oenmac na fedba fo ḟeib 7119 . ar feb ┐ innbas IT i 142.1 . coro molaim ríg as cach feib i mbí so that I am able to praise a king in each of his qualities LU 10298 . cid asa ngaibther flaithemnas ... ? a feib chrotha ┐ cheneoil, Tec. Corm. § 5 . an naemh De co feibh ndelbha FM ii 752 . ba gilla ... co feib láthair excellent in disposition Anecd. i 51.9 . in máthair ... | co feib láthair, Met. Dinds. iii 84.10 . Conj., ar f.¤ for, because of (?): Femen ... is ann robatar da rig na damraidhe ... ar feib a ngelta, Phil. Soc. Trans. 1859, 210 (< H 3.18, 81.2 ). pl. consert la feba Féne LU 8286 ( FB 22 ). rom altsa ... la feba Féne hi costud forchaíni, hi fogart genussa ...; at mathi ém na feba sin LU 10314 (= romaltsa la febai ... ZCP iii 236 ). is ed tuargaib a [ḟ]eua suas that hath raised his excellences up Thes. ii 314.7 ( Hy ii 24 , with gl.: .i. a mathe). foendul feb going astray (i.e. loss) of excellences (?) SR 1887 (chev.). Heremiam fri feba fiss 7451 . conid am eolach hi febaib fiss LU 10305 . tri treba ... fri feba firles SR 4438 . fil lim ... di ḟeib eolais co nachat bertais I have such skill TBC² 2813 . assamīdar fīr iar febaib, Rawl. 108az = RC xxvi 18 § 26 .

As. pred.: ba feb ar crábud `excellent for piety' (gl. on: ba leir) Thes. ii 314.35 .

(b) wealth, fortune, possessions, social status: in Laws the external qualifications of property by which (a man's) rank was determined: in tan diablas feib mboairech when he has double the qualification of a `bo-aire' Laws iv 316.8 ( Críth G. 262 ). is[s]ruithiu feib la Feine oldas aes .i. is uaisliu inti aca mbi feib tochusa ina aes cin feib, O'C. 732 (< H 3. 18, 350 ). tuisech cacha fine ara-nithead feib ┐ bescna, Laws v 438.25 . is iar feaba dogoathair `according to dignity' Laws iii 78.21 . cis lir ro-suidigthi fodlae febe ... fria [m]bandire how many divisions of worth are there for establishing the `dire '-price of women ? (with gl.: inn feib asa ndirentar mna .i. im [a] inchaibh maithre no a c[h]ele ┐ rl. Also: cia lin da ḟodeiligther enecland fo beabtaidh ... i fogail risna mnaib), Ir. Recht 27 . ro mhes miodhbha gach filid a mesaibh febhe, Ériu xiii 19.15 . Cf. secht rann fichit friasa [leg. trisa] toet feab ┐ ordain do duine, ZCP xii 363.30 . fodla febe divisions (i.e. degrees) of dignity Laws v 78.23 . Here, probably, belongs: diabul feibe Finnbennach IT iii 247 = LL 247a33 (on the two bulls of TBC). anōs [ = anúas] datur feib ┐ ana cāich, O'Mulc. 86 . robo din ... diar feib ┐ diar n-indile TBC² 535 . dérchaīned di cech feib fogaib duine ar homun a foxail airi ZCP iii 27.28 = Ériu vii 172.4 (feb). i tuillem do febe, Laws i 156x (.i. inī tuilles a feib tochusa do `the thing which his dignity derived from property gives him' 162.12 ). is mō dlegur ceathra dona hairechuib oga mbītt ba .i. do grāduib fēine, oldās dona hairechuib oga mbī feib thochusa .i. dona grādhuib flatha v 290.15 Comm . im caire feibe 438.22 (.i. im caire na flatha `rights' 440.4 ). ná roissed righi na airechus na feibh thochusa in te ... ná dingned reir Senáin, Lism. L. 2368 . pl. (in sense of goods, pos- sessions ): ce nodailtis ind huili feba in betha `though the world's whole wealth were poured into it' Ériu vii 152.12 . feba in talman (bona terrae) ZCP iv 242.1 = Ériu iii 2.13 . fo bithin etarscartha fria a maīne ┐ a feba talmandai ZCP iii 27.23 = Ériu xii 246 . airchinnech ... cen sain-techtad feb `without private possession of goods' Ériu iii 106 § 45 . is ed ... conatechtsi ina slabra, fuither fossuid cona febaib a permanent estate with its benefits Dinds. 60 (cf. feabh .i. tóchas no cumas; gona feabhaibh .i. gona cumas, O'Cl.). in ri find co feraib ocus [ḟ]euaib `treasures' RC xxvi 166.11 . Cf. the npr. Fiacha mac Fir Febe LU 5035 , etc. F. mac Fir Feba, Cóir Anm. 281 , with the expl. that Feabh was the name of his mother.

(c) way, manner (?): (in B. na f.) fon fiu [ = fib] cetni in like manner RC xiii 223.47 . O'Curry, MS. Mat. 473.41 . Cf. cen feib íca do tigerna d'agbáil lat without finding any means of healing thy lord LU 3535 ( SC 29 ).

II In dat. used as a rel. adv. or conj. ` in the way that', as: (by Stokes considered a distinct word, Met. Gl., Gloss.) Cf. feib .i. mar sin nó bindis, Lec. Gl. 46 . For transition cf. follg. exx. in which feib has the full force of a subst. though used adverbially:

(1) with gen.: diabul n-eirce feib aighthe aertar `according to the face which is satirised' Laws v 228x (.i. fo feabus na haighthe 232.12 ). co ndena cach uaib umaloit do Dhia feib a chumaing according to his power PH 5271 . dia comaillem na hii-sea feib ar cumaing `according to our ability' 2546 . Here, perhaps: feibh fechemhan, Ériu xiii 29.21 . agá cosnam fríu feibh a chumhaing FM vi 1940. 23 . Cf. biait fót, feib do changen ngel | airbri ... archaṅgel SR 835 . ita do mét dethiten ┐ gráda cáich dibsium feib oc araili `there is as much solicitude and love with one as with another' RC xxv 246 ( LU 2652 ).

(2) with adv. léir just as, exactly as (see also feib as dech below): adfias[s]a duit ... feib leir donralad do nim SR 1787 . I will tell you exactly how we were cast out of heaven, Celtica xiv 1 n. 5 .Cf. feib leir dorigned ... atchuas 3727 . atchuadatar feib léir rodgellai 5816 . feib lor doranic 5339 . With amal: atbiur mo brethir na bia Emain feib amal conairnecus, LL ii 12829 . feib amal connís, ii 12763 .


(a) folld. by indic., as, according as, in like manner as (cf. mod. Ir. fé mar): doinnasatar inna piana inna corpu ... feib dunda[a]lla indib will be given ... as there is room for them in them Ml. 30c17 . feib fondúair som la auctoru is samlid daárbuid as he has found it in authors Sg 144b3 . feib conrerortatar isindí as quis (gl. eodem errore inducti) 210b4 . ni bia feib rombói ríam as he was before RC xxv 22.12 . tánic galar ... feib tic do cach, for Adam SR 2026 . feib roclos 1221 , 1321 , 7675 . feib adféidim LL 5b2 . co ndigset som uili ar m'o[e]sam-sa feib dochuadus-[s]a ar a faesam sun TBC 942 . feib charai th'anmain fodhein | car anmain cach aein love the soul of others as thou lovest thine own Arch. iii 317.1 . messu damsa feib fomrith AI 440 (f. 1) . aes leginn do forcital | feib ata [bias v.l.] a neart according as their strength is 314 § 25 . feb is cóir as is right BColm. 52.2 . rochan riu feb atrubairt D. fris MR 50.13 . feib ro ordaig aingel Dé do Mac C., Aisl. MC. 111.22 . With copula and superl. (for syntax see Celtica xiv 1-2 ): fib as deg ropri[d]ched Wb 23a3 ; exactly as it has been preached, Celtica xiv 1 . co ro icthar frit feib as dech atberat fir hErend exactly as the men of Ireland declare, TBC 1622 (amail St). lotar ... i cléthib aeóir ... feib is sia thiagait uiss as far as larks ever mount 6040 . ro ling ... feib as deiniu nolingfedh in leoman, CCath. 3609 . fessaiter in rígrad ... feib is aíbne ┐ is anordha batar riam remi `lay ... in as pleasant and honourable a manner as ever before' Aisl. MC 107.24 .

(b) as temporal conj., as, when: feib thanic ... tanic Láeg istech LL 263b9 ( MU² 223 ). feib ra chualatar ... rachuclaigetar a crideda CRR 39 . et feib rogeisestarside rogeisetar scéith U. uile 48 . feib tarnic sin, tic-sium istech, Aisl. MC 63.28 .

(c) folld. by subj., just as: tallastar i n-óenglaic índ fir ... feib thallad mac bliadna LU 9072 ( FB 82 ). Usually to denote hypothesis, as if, as though: ni gebad [nech] delb eli dib acht feib nobetis tigi ... ic rotuitim, CCath. 783 . rontras- cradh a corp co talmain ... feivh bid marbh, Aisl. Tund. 93 = amoil dobeith 121 . acht feibh [no]beith sál ar ond (.i. amal do bheith) ZCP v 483 § 2 = iii 378.6 . With perf. subj. in general statement: de-renur leth asa tothchus .i. a lethdiri asan febtu techtas, a leth n-aill a hinchuib flatha, Ir. Recht 65 § 6 Comm. . adfenar feib ronerthar it is paid back as it has been bestowed Laws ii 308 - 20 ( ZCP xiv 382 ). Compd. ¤garta of excellent generosity (?): flaithe febgarta LL 10b35 = feabgarta (gl. by deigheinigh, saidhbir, tóchasach), Leb. Gab. i 160 .


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x see feb.


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adj o-ā (feb) excellent, of good quality: ecosc f.¤ IT iii 16 § 38 = 45 § 64 .

? *febaid

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v hó febat (gl. quo ... marcescunt) Ml 19a8 . Ascoli cccxxi conjectures that the Lat. text should read virescunt or valescunt, for which the gloss is intended.


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n u,o,m. (feb). excellence, excellent quality or condition , used in wide sense of persons, things, qualities, states and actions: boaire febsa a `boaire' of (by reason of) wealth Críth G. 17 . b. f. ... is do búaib atá a airechas ┐ a eneclann 152 (p. 78) . febus mo chommain sét ... ┐ indmassa foraib `the excellence of my bestowal' CRR 11 . is a aisiuc fon feabus tucad é restitution must be made in quality equal to what was given Laws ii 314y Comm. is athais daib muna derntai calma ... ┐ febus in adbair fuil agaib the excellence of your means Aen. 2465 . huaire as n-uaiss a febus indata a celi his quality is superior to that of his fellows Laws iv 316.23 ( Críth G. 419 ). ar ḟebas do chrotha ┐ do cēille LU 8226 ( FB 17 ). ar f.¤ na cána ┐ in tṡída ... fail sechnon na hErend BDD 66 . ní bertais buaid díb ar ḟ.¤ na ursclaige ┐ na imdíten IT i 72.10 ( LL 260a32 ). ar fephus na cathrach ... ┐ ar feabhus an clerigh BNnÉ 301.21 . ar ḟeabhas a oileamhna TD 13.46 . gur thuill a moladh tré feabhas an toraidh táinig dhí, O'Hussey, T.C. 123 . ar a febus leo in cat[h]-sa do chur because they deem the delivery of this battle such a good thing CCath. 4236 . dursun duitsiu sin do ráda ... ┐ febus t'aithne considering the excellence of thy (powers of) perception Acall. 3172 . gia rabai d'ḟebas in imdíburcthi despite the excellence of the missile-throwing TBC 3562 . boi d'ḟebus in fethme LB 156b28 . cia beith d'ḟeabus na síne however fair the weather may be IT i 123.6 . fer ... co febhus tidhnacail, CCath. 328 . ben go ffeabhus n-einigh FM iv 736 . do beirthi ... gach muc dá febhus ar phinginn `the best hog for a penny' FM vi 2078.26 . gan tearmann do bheith ag aon-duine ... dá fheabhas nó dá olcas however good or however bad TSh. 5852 . dá fh.¤ sláinte ... bhíos aige 8674 . dá fh.¤ do-bhéara duine a bheatha as no matter how well a man shall spend his life 1151 . dhá ḟeabhus dā mbí a staid however excellent his state Ps. xxxix 5 . Cf. ga begh [sic] a ḟeabhas? isn't that good enough? Luc. Fid. 327 .


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adj (feb) io-iā excellent, good, of distinguished quality or condition (cf. feabhdha .i. feabhas, O'Cl.): ... domun ... | mar ubull febda fīrcruind (: derbda) SR 36 . ar Flaith fial febda 7482 . (as expletive) cosinn oen febdai fichet till the goodly twentyfirst (day) 4856 . potestates ... at febda fri follomnacht 696 . Cummíne find febdae (: demnae), Fél. Feb. 24 . Find febda (: menma), Met. Dinds. ii 76 . feidm febda LL 21a20 . Cf. fín donn-ḟedba of rich colour and quality (?) IGT, Decl. ex. 99 . Freq. in chevilles: febdae fo lib SR 455 . febda fecht 7789 . febdai glonn 6377 . febdai dála LL 36a27 .


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adj io-iā = febdae: ruire Fodhla febdhaidhe FM i 524 .


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n f. (Lat. febris) fever: la f.¤ ┐ tennti ┐ biasta PH 6326 .


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Forms: Feabhra, Fabhra, Febrai, Febra

pn io,m. (Lat. Febrarius = Februarius). Feabhra IGT, Decl. § 2 . Fabhra, Todd Lect. iv 62.3 . February: calaind Febrai , Fél. Feb. 1 . mi Febra , Laws i 30.14 . acht ginmótha oct-fichtech Feabra nama MR 108.12 . Cf. bebsat buale febra LL 171b34 ( CRR 6 ).