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x see fo-álgi and foilgithe.

1 fall

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x see faill.

2 fall

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n foulness (?) : itté anmanna na naoi ccoll .i. sall. fall. fubhall, Ériu xiii 26.27 . cf. f.¤ ┐ fafall (.i. salchar gach ní dib), O'Dav. 1446 . bes salach rot .i. do fal no do cheachair, O'C. 2004 (< H 4.22 p. 31 ). f.¤ .i. aorachas satire O'Cl.


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ind f.¤ .i. follamhnughadh, O'Cl. Probably for some part of follnathir, q.v.


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x see 1 follach.


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x see folláine.


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Forms: fallaing, allaing, fhalluing, fallu- inne, fallaingeacha, falluin- geacha

n f. (<med. Lat. phalinga, -us `saga villosa'; see Vendryes, and Stokes, Ling. Val. of Ir. Ann. 73 ). fallaing allaing (g s. n p. ¤e) IGT, Decl. § 13 . A cloak, mantle: gl. falinga Ir. Gl. 37 . seanduine ... ┐ falluing uime, 1 Sam. xxviii 13 - 14 . th'ḟalluing go noige do ṡálaibh TD 38.13 . v s. a fhalluing donn, Ir. Review 1912, 378 . g s. luach fallu- inne , O'Bruad. i 132 . pl. fallaingeacha, Isa. iii 22 . falluin- geacha, O'Bruad. i 180 . Dim. fallainnín a little cloak O'Bruad. iii 226 .


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adj o-ā wearing a `fallaing', cloaked: gl. falingatus Ir. Gl. 599 .


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x see fallaing.

fallais ?

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ind (of Macha :) tuc cucci in finnael fallais | Cimbaeth ... (∴ commais, longais) LL 21a38 .

fallait ?

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ind fri f.¤ (fathad v.l.) ferg `with a crew of braves' Met. Dinds. iv 122 (seems to rime with charraic, but internal rime is not regular in this poem).