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adj o-ā (érchoíliud) decisive, definitive; ready to define (?): érchóiliud .i. eirned, ut est ni bi brethem na bí erchoiltech [ercaoiltech, erchailtech MSS.] ┐ rl. `he is no brehon who is not decisive' O'Dav. 812 .


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x see airchót.


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ind see air~


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n (ér~?) great wrong: (Lucifer:) ancondníis d'ulc is d'herchol | ...is frit dogen, a Ádaim all the harm and wrong I can do SR 1874 .


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x see air~


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x see air~


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x see air~

erchra, erchradach

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x etc.: see air~


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v i (éric) pays `eric'-fine: in Laws Comm.: mad guin no gait...dogne espuc, no airchindech...ni roichet in gradha cetna, ce pinde, no ce erca `though they do penance and pay `eric'-fine' Laws i 58.23 . mad gufoirgell...ro soich in gradh cetna, acht curo peinne ┐ curu eirce fo met in cinuid [sic] 58.27 . mad iadsidhe doghne foghail, ni fuil eneclunn doib... cia pinnit ┐ cia eircit 60.2 . o finnfes ┐ o ércfius after they shall have paid `eric'-fine iv 292.11 . Cf. ni hairchinne itir iat no co ro pinne ┐ co ro erce in t-olc doronsat v 120.11 .


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n f. an embroideress (?): Ercnat....i. druinech... ar isi ind og ba druinech cumtha ┐ huamma etuig Colu[i]m Cille, Fél. 42.8 .


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n collect. (?) (cf. 4 erc): ercne .i. bai uadh .i. bae doberar il-logh uadh cows that are given in reward for poetry [aí] Corm. Y 535 = ba a huad .i. ba doberar do illō[g] a uad LB.