1 ercaid

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v (a) fills: in nglaschéo mór ra ercc in comás eter nem ┐ talmain filled the space TBC 5042 (= ro lion in forbas St. ro lin na glendu TBC² 3110 ). 5055 . earcdaois na sluaigh .i. do liondáois na sluaigh, O'Cl. under ercadh (cf. for Emain erctais na sl. BB 395a35 = a hE. éirgset, Met. Dinds. iv 44.17 ). Here, perhaps, the following: triar fer ... roda erc bruth ocus brigh, Anecd. ii 61.17 . Feradach ... | ercad cech n-ing co n-ilgráin LL 132a5 . im-Mag nÁï erctais fuidb which spoils used to fill Met. Dinds iv 44.22 . SR 4009 . TFerbe 884 . 893 . Mag nElta erctais curaig ( no curaid) LL 161a33 = Met. Dinds. iii 108.65 (see note ib. 497 ). i ndail Emna ercdair sáir IT i 79.20 (see varr.). cethri lochu fo linn lóir | erccsat dar Fótla fírmóir, 'they spread' Eg. 1782 55 a 2 . The form erctha, frequent in obscure chevilles, seems in some cases to be pres. 3 pl. rel. (cf. toingthe TBC² 3625 . toigthe 717 LU). a hEmain erctha carpait which chariots fill (?) RC xiv 402.1 . Cf. 2 ercaid, and erctha.

(b) abounds, increases (?): co ro hercad grād Dē and ZCP xiii 25.9 = BB 266b14 . andar lat batar frossa findnémand erctais ina cend used to abound (?) TBC 208 (of teeth; possibly were sprinkled,cf. 2 ercaid b). maic Ḟ., ercad graig whose steeds were prolific (?) Met. Dinds. iv 56.187 .

2 ercaid

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Forms: earcam

v (a) pricks, pierces, wounds; reddens (cf. 2 erc): oc Elpa ... rodn-erca saiget gelain a lightning-shaft pierced him LL 132b3 . Cf. earcam `I paint or colour red ... I kill, bleed' P. O'C.

(b) adorns, displays, makes known (? cf. O'Mulc. 414 , cited s. 7 erc): tri cóicta gol, erctha raind | im Chlidna `as staves declare' Met. Dinds. iii 210.11 . i 46.7 . RC xiv 426.7 . (O'Clery's: earca rainn .i. dobheireadh ba ar rannaibh gave kine for verses, does not suggest that he understood the phrase.) clann Amargin ercctha chned ZCP viii 218.1 (= ercda cned 333.19 ). Ohel, Abia erctha buáid SR 5513 (possibly this belongs to 1 ercaid: who increase triumph?). ainim d’Ultaib eircda bī 'a blemish on the Ulstermen whom the living praise' BDC 124.328 . ocht rig coecat ... o Amalgaid erccait māil | co Domnall as champions declare (?) ZCP ix 462 § 2 .

For ro herc m'úald, Arch. iii 216 § 8 , we should perhaps read ro sherc (= ro sherg).


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ind dubnél nemi | glass erchad | imfaebor derg | crua credbaigthi, TFerbe 183 ( IT iii 476 ).


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n hindering, stopping: earchaileadh .i. crosadh, O'Cl. perhaps from airchaill, but cf. érchoíliud.


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adj (air- ?), certainly, certain: ercheann- chaidhe .i. fírchinnte fixed, settled O'Cl. Cf. airchenn.


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x see airchót.


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Forms: t-ærchoiliud, t-ǽrchoiliud, erchoiliud, érchoiliud, ærchoiltea, ærchoilti, erchoilti, ærchoíltiusa, ércuiled, erchailed, erchaoiled, erchailedh

u, m. (vn. of as-rochoíli).

(a) definition; decision, determination, resolve: n s. in t-ærchoiliud Ml 22c3 . in t-ǽrchoiliud 136d6 . in t-erchoiliud inna diglae Dæ (gl. decretum) 31d1 . herchoilud fabulae definition of fabula Acr 13b2 ( Thes. ii 6 ). herchoíliuth folaith (gl. nomen) Sg 27b9 . mad hinunn herchoiliud ┐ accidentia doib 188d7 . a s. erchoiliud nominis (gl. definitionem) 188a10 . d s. dond érchoiliud Ml 22c3 . dund e.¤ ib. g s. ind ærchoiltea (gl. decreti) 26d13 . n p. ind ærchoilti (gl. vota) 74d9 . erchoilti ib. a p. mo ærchoíltiusa (gl. vota mea) 132c15 . Cf. inna fírérchoílte Sg 199b3 . nib é erchailiud lat: is hé so fit nocaithiub dogres `do not make a resolution' Mon. Tall. § 47 . fer do airgair a bith- erchuiliud `a man whom his perpetual injunction has for- bidden it' (of one not entitled to interest for the loan of his weapons) Laws v 420.10 (cf. Stokes on O'Dav. 512 ); or rather: a man who promises (do-airngir) his perpetual chastity. Glossed: athlaich fristongat dia pecthaib .i. dul i nailithre 'i.e. ex-laymen who renounce their sins, i.e. going on pilgrimage' UR 123 . ethech cen erchoiliud lying without restraint, reckless false- hood (?) ZCP iii 26.1 = éthech cen erchuiliud, Ériu vii 152.27 . Cf. also erchailed, supra.

(b) a solution, a legal pronouncement, sentence: érchóiliud [ércuiled, erchailed MSS.] .i. eirned...ar is tré erchóiliud [erchaoiled, erchailedh MSS.] foillsighter aincesa in betha, O'Dav. 812 .

Cf. ercailud, ercaile, Laws iii 94.14 , 19 . and dligid anidhan urchailedh (urchaoladh, v.l.), Anecd. iii 14.20 .

? erchoill

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ind g s. cenéle amus: salanaig buale ┐ buicc brodnai ┐ eóin erchoille (earcaille v.l.), Triads 230 . A compd. of caill wood (?).


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Forms: érchoílti, erchoilti

adj (as-rochoíli) resolved, decreed, destined: n p. amal no mbemmis érchoílti (gl. tamquam morti destinatos) Wb 9a3 . erchoilti (gl. votivae) Ml 130b9 .


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adj o-ā (érchoíliud) decisive, definitive; ready to define (?): érchóiliud .i. eirned, ut est ni bi brethem na bí erchoiltech [ercaoiltech, erchailtech MSS.] ┐ rl. `he is no brehon who is not decisive' O'Dav. 812 .


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x see airchót.