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x see airbadach.


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x see airbag.

1 erbaid

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x see airbaid.

2 erbaid

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Forms: erp-, airp-, eirp-, nomérpimm, nundn- erbai, nosn-erbat, nachan- erbbad, nan-erbbad, nob irpaid, nosn-erbtis, erbtais, erbainn, nodn-eirbea, roeirpset

v i, erp- Wb 1d10 , etc. airp- 8c12 . eirp- Ml 43c18 .

(a) With reflex. pron. entrusts oneself, followed by i n- (less often do) with both acc. and dat. trusts in: pres. is and nomérpimm (gl. confido in Domino) Wb 6c3 . nít erpi illed nach áili (gl. confidis te ipsum ducem esse) 1d10 . nundn- erbai (gl. confidenti) Ml 65b6 . With pron. suffix. ní ind fessin eirbthi not in himself does he trust 51b12 . is ind nosn-erbat in Him they trust Ériu iii 2.18 . imp. nachan- erbbad i n-ídlu, nan-erbbad i nDia let him not trust in idols but in God ZCP xi 88 § 57 . nachib erpid si i bar cumachtu Wb 22d6 . subj. pres. níp and nob irpaid (gl. ut fides vestra non sit in sapientia hominum) 8b2 . impf. nosn-erbtis inna lín (gl. numero fidentes) Ml 85d4 . nuda erbtais (gl. confidebant) 46d12 , 10 . past subj. nert... indam erbainn in which I could trust 29d5 . fut. doneuch nodn-eirbea ind who shall trust in Him 51b10 . perf. roeirpset á sonartai hisu[id]ib trusted for their strength in them 43c18 . With do: nom erbaim duit uile | dom ditin (a prayer) ZCP vi 260.7 . duine non-erba dia chruth who trusts in his beauty of form 267 § 9 . abbair fris, ní n-erbba (nachan-erbbad v.l.) do ṡoebḟáthib, nan-erbba do ḟírinni, xi 87.14 .

(b) entrusts, commits (someth. to someone), entrusts (someth. to be done), lays (a charge, duty on someone) (erbais .i. furáilis, O'Cl. ): with do of pers.: erbaid (gl. credit `entrusts') Ml 14d15 . a n-erpther doib what is entrusted to them Wb 31c12 . is hed roerpad dom (gl. dispensatio mihi credita est) 10d27 . 31a10 . 18d15 . inní roherbad duit IT i 40.27 . ic follamnus ind lochta roherbad duit o Dia do fhollamnus `the people entrusted to thee by God to rule' PH 4095.4175 . LU 30b19 ( FA 28 ). ra erb a mháthair é do dib mnaibh dá bhádhadh `gave him in charge to two women to be drowned' TFrag. 30.1 . erpais togu do gave him a choice TBC² 2865 . roerbad dúnni forcell do thabirt Wb 25d20 . Laws iii 500. 22 Comm. v 194.20 Comm. roearb do Brigit a coimet IT i 41.20 . issed roherbad dó, ingairi mucc, Todd Lect. v 20.7 = roherbath, Trip. 16.27 . roherbadh do Dubthach tasfenad breithemnusa ┐ filidechta Eirenn, Laws i 14 . 28 . LU 118a36 . ro erb ┐ ro aithin dóibh DC long do denum, CCath. 168 . With di: ro erbustar de dul ar a cenn charged him to go for them Laws iii 320.6 Comm. (cf. ro erbustar do duine airithe dul, etc., v 334.21 Comm. ). With fri: amal as friss ro airptha as they have been entrusted to him Wb 8c12 . ro erb M. fris frestal na hatha charged him with the task of looking after the kiln Fél. p. 12.9 . nocha n-eisium ro earb riu an comairce do denam, Laws iv 230.10 . acht co n-erbad a thigerna friss provided his lord enjoined (it) on him CCath. 3559 . nir herbad frim anad a n-inad eli (a guest who has chosen his own seat) MR 66.10 = FDG 584 . With for: ro erb fuirre leth a lachta do thabairt día dhalta BNnÉ 129.4 . ZCP vi 48.30 ; 77.23 . no erptha for macaib U. dul i ngabthaib YBL 110b40 = no erálta IT i 74.18 . ro earb an t-aingel for C. dol i n-ord manach BNnÉ 126.19 . Hugh Roe 304.5 (f. 79b) . earbuiss ┐ folairis fair ina huile...d'firfhais- neis, Fl. Earls 126.16 . Without pers. obj.: ro erb a aenmac do thabairt ina dochum ordered his only son to be brought ZCP xiii 197.13 . ro erbamar a sgribad ar tarbai do lucht a legt[h]a ordered it to be written Aisl. Tund. 119.16 .

(c) With transference of obj. from thing to person: ise roerb in Coimdiu dia tesorcain it is he whom the Lord entrusted (charged) to save them RC xii 424.4 . iss eside ro herbad do marbad mac Uisnig IT i 75.20 . ra herbad Oisine dia fuine O. was charged to cook it RC xiv 245.21 . ishe roherbad a n-agaid Congail `was charged (to go up) against C.' Ériu v 236.86 . rohearbad huadi-si naonbur ...for a n-iarair nine men were sent (charged) to seek them Arch. iii 325.31 . is ī tra sualach [sic] ro herbad do chathugud frisin ndualaich se ZCP iii 26.4 . isi sualaich roerbath frisin ndualaich-se dia dibduth the virtue which has been assigned to annihilate this vice 25.22 . erbaid óenfer dá n-acallaim LU 19b27 = MU 50.6 . Cf. tairceth fer i n-áth, ol F. éraibther ┐ ni erbbaibther dom inchaib-se ém, ol A., ragatsa féin it shall not be refused, and none shall be appointed on my behalf (?) LL 247b13 = IT ii2 210a1 .

(d) grants, assigns: is heside roerb do Dia ┐ do Patraic = obtulit hereditatem Todd Lect. v 38.10 . (with gl.: ro earb .i. ro aentaig no ro fulair, Arch. iii 18.13 ). ro erb boin dia blegun do Brigit appointed a cow to be milked for B. (= destinavit vaccam puellae) 68.6 . erbb úait secht cóic do Niall assign (allow) seven lustrums to N. Arch. Hib. ii 48 = LL 181b36 . Cf. lotar co Cruachain do brith breithe dóib ┐ ro feimdes o Ailill co ros erb co Samaér LL 166b26 (= condas fæid, Dinds. 106 ).

(e) With for of thing (?): ecni foracbusa and don-uc lat ass do Findabair ┐ urbad fodesin fair ┐ fonaiter le iarsin co maith YBL 58b34 (= erbad ZCP iv 42.17 . irbbad `let herself take charge over it' RIA Ir. MSS. Ser. I i 150 ).


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n o, m. (? 1 íar + ball Celtica i 359-60 ) a tail: erball didiu iar-ball .i. ball dedenach ind anmanda, Corm. Y 507 . robatar lamo iomda lais et iarboll, Aisl. Tund. 108.24 . erball fata garbh 108.29 ; 134.21 . iter erball ┐ [ḟ]indfad ┐ uth tail and fell and udder (of a cow) Laws, iii 378.9 Comm. ; 370.9 . manid in leuidán...adchomaic a erball LU 85b21 = BDD 56 . n-urbull imthromm LL 247a28 = IT iii 247.1 . samalta fri herball fiad-eich IT i 271.24 . ó ó go erboll from ear to tail (of a bull) TBC 6159 (iarchomla v.l.). gabhaidh dá earball air fein lashes himself with his tail (of a lion) TSh. 2608 . erblu asa toebu LB 149b28 . ruainneach earbaill eich YBL 343a26 . ina n-erblib (of horses) RC xiii 68.20 . co n-erblaib abbelaib accu o mud na con `wagging their tails' BColm. 82.34 . do bhádar iorbuill orrtha...agus do bhí cailg a n-a n-iorbluibh, Rev. ix 10 . bun a nearbuill the rump Exod. xxix 22 .

? érbecc

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Forms: érbec

adj dícheltir inna láim nad bu erbec LU 133b27 = Imr. Br. 47.16 . érbec v.l. (`that was not very small ').


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n (Eng. erber, herber, obsol. form of Eng. arbour; or Lat. arbor Translations from Classical Literature 25 ) an arbour, bower: co roibi in righan a n-erber re taebh in tuir ZCP vi 27.6 . fuair in n-ingen cona banntracht a n-erber uaingech a[c] cluichi ┐ ag aines '[he] found the girl with her female attendants in a lonely arbour playing and diverting herself' (= 'gardyn') St. Erc. 516 . dochunnaicc se Dianíra a n-erber aluind uaingech '[he] saw Deianira in a beautiful, lonely arbour' (= 'grene place') 1167 . docuaidh Yole amach iar sin a n-erber aluinn ina roibhi dee uasal 'then Iole went out to a beautiful arbour where there was a noble god' (= 'garderobe') 2252 .


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v g (airbire ?)

I Charges (?): erbirigithir (gl. si quis videat multos hominum vitia sectari) causeturque (de tali inproborums tudio)) Ml 35b6 .

II Explains: erbirigid (gl. causatur (cur currit)) 90a7 .

erblach, erblech

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adj o-ā (erball) having a tail: in tarbān ...bailc erblach adaircech, Ériu vii 198.20 = 6.2 . Of banners: mergedha ailli...eirblecha iarlepra, CCath. 4928 . mergeda iairlepra erplecha (erplacha v.l.) 5433 .


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n u, m. (vn. of 2 erbaid)

(a) trusting, confiding: ar n-erbud innar neurt our trusting in our strength: Ml 43d3 .

(b) bidding, enjoining: go riacht in t-aingel . . dia erbadh ┐ dia fholairemh fuirre dol...gusin Eigipt, Fl. Earls 112.2 . do thuit A. lé F. ar earbadh Bhaodáin `at the instigation of B.' Keat. iii 1190 . Cf. earbad .i. indisi(n), Lec. Gl. 433 ( M 244 ).

? erbun

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n rogaet... | tricha ríg di erchoraib | im vii. fichtiu anchinne | fosnacaib di erbonaib LL 121b49 .