2 ér-, ǽr-

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Forms: ærtheste, n-ærsu[a]c[u]buir, ǽr

an intens. particle, usually as pref.; also found alone in Ml, but probably not to be considered as an independent word ( Ped. ii § 361 Anm.). very , used in Ml to render Lat. tam, per-: iarsind escumlúd ǽrfotu (gl. post tam longum degressum) Ml 126b1 . induine n-ǽrad- blam (tam pronum) 53a23 . ol ata n-ǽrdru[a]ilidi (gl. quod tam corrupti sint) 76a4 . ǽrchomthaircidib (gl. tam conrogatis) 66d10 . With compar. : ni feil ní bed ærdas- achtchu (gl. nihil tam insanum est) 60b2 . With adv. : ærtheste (gl. tam effuse) 58d10 . inn aéradblaim (gl. tam pronam) 53a22 . Before pref.: ǽrdegmainech (gl. tam beneficus) 71b15 . Cf. n-ærsu[a]c[u]buir (gl. quam...accep- tissimam) 67c8 .

ní ǽrmall roscribad, Thes. ii, xxi (marg. note on Sg 195b ). ér-ellam .i. adbul-ellam (gl. on: érlam, Hy i 46 ), Thes. ii 305.45 . Cf. assa érchain corann `whose crown is very fair' Fél. Nov. 25 . erchian ó ṡuidiu, Prol. 122 (gl. .i. adbulchian LB. Stowe Gl. 360 ). in t-ǽr éradbul LB 205a17 = Alex. 15 .

Alone (see above): gl. tam: ǽr Ml 55d12 . 58c8 . 101a14 . 124a4 , d16 . áer 88d11 . ind ǽr (gl. tam [solide]) 115c5 . ǽr (per[pauci]) 117c1 . Cf. 1 ér.

3 ér

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n (Heb. ?) keeping, guarding: na raibh tuis na bfeart da eur (.i. coimhéd) `may the king of miracles hold him not in keeping' ZCP iii 378.18 = dá ér (.i. da choimhét), v 484 § 8 .


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x see ernaid.


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n f. (vn. of éraid, q.v.) IGT, Decl. § 3 . refusing, a refusal (usually with the gen. of person to whom refusal is made and imm of thing refused; rarely with ré n- of person): ferr bec éra better a little than a refusal LL 345d4 = Anecd. iii 197 . ZCP vi 261.7 (ina éra). ní ba éra or E. rotbia it shall not be a refusal...thou shalt have it LL 114b12 = RC viii 48.12 . aderim gan era rígh Erenn not to refuse the king Ériu iii 158.24 . bar n-éra nír chleacht, a chléirchi IGT, Decl. ex. 836 . ben nár chuir eól ar an éra has not learnt to refuse Studies 1920, 419 . a dhúin...geis duit éra re n-aoidhibh [leg.-idh] to repulse a guest 23 L 17, 64a = Ir. Monthly 1920, 544 . ni foghtar fer a éra a man to deny him (reject his claims to kingship ?) ZCP ii 338.5 . [T. Mac S.] d'ecc, nir chin a chomhaosa dia chinedh...ar ar luccha éra aon nduine inás none of his coevals...thought worse of refusing (largess, etc., to), anyone FM v 1788.6 . niconfil gnim...no geissed do C. ar mad era di `there is nothing which she might ask that would be refused to her' Lism. L. p. 327.14 . With do- beir: mallachais do D. arin n-era doratsat na iascairi fair, Todd Lect. v 33.15 = Trip. 146.7 . ro diultus do et tucus era fair TBC p. 7 n. 3 . as fair nach fetaid daine era do tabairt 5470 (St). an duine nach tuc éra ar neach riam RC xviii 49.15 . gid sochaide tanic do[t] tochmarc-su tucais era forro uili, Aen. 688 . an inghen tuc eura tochmairc ar macoibh riogh an domhain ITS v 112.19 . In the follg. exx. some part of do-beir is probably to be understood: A. fó méla...iar n-era for Mael C., LL 133a26 . ní fētta éra fair `there was no refusing him' Aisl. MC 9.6 . co ndigelad forru a n-era fair (subj. gen. here) LB 275a40 = SG 59.8 (`that he would be revenged on them for their denial' SG ii 61 ). dus in mberadh éra uadh to see if he should be refused by him (?) Anecd. ii 68 z .

téit (do-téit) fo éra departs with a refusal: na dighis-sea fó era that thou mayst not go away after being refused Lism. L. 1523 . ní dechaid clerech fa era úaid LL 303b38 = RC xiii 84.15 . in ndechaid nech uaibh fo era bhidh `did anyone go from you after being refused food?' Lism. L. 1933 . Cf. ni thuidchid co n-eru BDD 28 .

gan a leiccen fo éra not to let him go with a refusal BNnÉ 248.13 . innisid...a héra immon gcoire how the caldron was refused to her MR 56.16 . m'éara fá mhnaoi a wife to be refused to me ML 42.8 .

? éracas

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n payment of eric-fine: gan éaracas ann bhar muinntir, Maguires of F. § 17 .


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Forms: értha

(vn. of éraid, cf. éra) refusing: gan duine d'éaradh ...um biadh, Keat. ii 5183 . gen.: an da Breifne ar breith an naoimh | ní a [na v.l.] leith értha d'éntaoibh the two B. under the sway of the saint neither of them for rejecting (him) (?) BNnÉ 284.8 .


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Forms: érá-, éród, éraid

v ā Ped. (ii 636) refers this to as-roas, atró which he takes as a compd. of -sō, but from this we should expect érá- with vn. éród, etc. The verb may have been influenced by sénaid, of kindred meaning, but it seems more probable that éraid is a denom. from éra, the latter being perhaps connected with renaid (pays).

refuses, repulses (with acc. of pers. and imm of thing): nach itge noguidiu | duitsiu ar nách n-éra that thou refuse it not Fél. Ep. 338 . caín-oís, caín-éra be courteous in lending and denying LU 46b19 = IT i 214.2 . in bochtán, in t-aidilcnech...nísn-éra, Ériu iii 98.11 . a Íssu | ro éra do máthre `whom thy mother's folk rejected' Fél. Ep. 474 (ro herais v.l.). ro chuindig O. do mnai Gili ingen R. cor ér ┐ cor eitig an ingen eseom, Dinds. 138 . ra érastar ┐ ra eittchestar F. na techta TBC 3013 (ro érusdair St). ro cunged o Chumull in ben; ros érastar Tadc, Met. Dinds. ii 72.28 (the -s- perhaps refers to Cumall). ra chúala...na bói i nÉire no érad iii 340.36 (ro erad, ro ærfad v.l.). ná héar ...mo ghlór, Ó Bruad. i 8.8 . With imm of thing: tairced fer ar mo chendsa...ni herfaider dom incaibse ón sibse imme sin, or A., LU 21a18 ( = IT ii2 213.15 ) = ni éraibther ┐ ni erbbaibther dom inchaibse ém, ol A., LL 247b12 = IT ii2 209az . nocotérfaind imm óenni, Ériu iv 98.4 (nidateraind v.l.). rot érastar mo [ = imm a] ingin he has refused thee his daughter Met. Dinds. iv 364.200 = Ériu v 224.101 . nar érustar nech um ní, Acall. 464 . nír ér O. duine riam | im ór ná im aircet 221 . BNnÉ 266.36 . nír ersat mo manach riam | ...im biadh 271.33 . in cochall ima ro éraid clerig L. which was refused to the clergy Aisl. MC 41.19 . ni ro héradh eisiumh imon aisccidhsin FM vi 2232.3 . mac nach aoradh aon uim itche, Ó Bruad. ii 186.9 (éaradh v.l.).

? With do of pers.: mad do Ailill era IT i 89.6 = mad di A. erae, Anecd. v 9.23 if thou refuse (it) to A. (?) Cf. Lism. L. p. 327 cited under éra. See Ped. ii 636 . But the true expl. of this line is not clear. Thurneysen, Misc. K. Meyer 63 , takes ēra as subst.


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Forms: ir-, aur-, ur-

n ir- , aur- , ur- ; later also (b) furáil. See also under 2 fuláir.

(a) enjoining, urging, instigating , with gen. of thing, for, ar, and sometimes gen. of pers.: (a) hi precept soscéli et i n-iráil hirisse enjoining the faith Wb 18a17 . oc eráil inna brithemnachtae enjoining the judgment Ml 95b6 . dolluid P. do Themraig do erail creitme for ríg nErend LU 113a1 . Trip. 38.2 . PH 7152 . oca aurail do neuch fairsiom guidhi Dé laisiom when anyone enjoined on him to pray Mon. Tall. § 75 . do erail eladan forru to bid them exhibit their skill PH 892 . ga erail ar a mhuinntir adradh na ndee, TFrag. 146.10 . da urail ar cāch fer...do marbadh inciting everyone to kill Laws i 4.21 . urail gen timgaire `enjoining and not recalling' v 392.25 Comm. urail na hingine im trian tino[i]l `to command the girl respecting the third' iv 64.5 Comm. coin...oc a nḟuráil foraib dia tomailt hounds being urged on them for eating FA 28 LU (ic a n-urail LB). T. do mharbhadh do Eilibh iarna eráil dia bhrathair féin...forrae FM v 804.22 . di eráil co tardmísne [grád] don choimnesam = ut diligatur proximus PH 5448 . (b) ag furail leisce...uirre inciting her to sloth Todd Lect. v 75.2 . boi E. oc a fhurail for H. in mnai colaig do lécud uad urging H. to put away the sinful woman PH 864 . aga furail ar an triur...gadaighecht do dhenamh BNnÉ 55. 7 . a gabhail gacha samhna | da fhurail ar shíol F. the seed of F. are enjoined to recite it [viz. the history] every Hallowtide 252.7 . With subj. gen.: C. roinnsma gae tria A. ar irail Medba at M.'s instigation RC xxiii 327.3 . tre furail ┐ tre aslach Poimp, CCath. 389 . mac Domnaill Hui C. da gabail le T. Hua mB. tre furail Ruaidhrí Hui C., RC xviii 168.16 . ar mh'impidhe nó ar mh'ḟuráil, Content. ix 12 . To press love on a woman, solicit: do urail a seirci fuirre, Laws v 294 z Comm. in carthach .i. urail uirre a tig charut `who was seduced' ii 398 n. 3 . in ben bis ac in fir a ndligedh lanamnais...┐ seoit berar for, a urail [leg. a hu. ?] 400.2 Comm. noco tabair [seoit] ar urail na carthaige 400.19 Comm.

(b) requesting, a request: a De mair co n-agbaind mo di erail (.i. itge) LB 242b8 from below = MS Mat. 633.21 .

(c) commending, recommending, offering: (a) diar n-iráil furib-si to commend ourselves to you (gl. quod excusemus nos apud vos) Wb 18a18 . Colum Cilli co Dia domm erail...(.i. co nderna C.C. mo erail co Dia) may C.C. commend me to God Rawl. 106b19 . baoí sidhe occ erail giall ┐ aittire oile dara éise offering hostages...in his place FM v 1862.25 = ro ghabh occ erail, etc., Hugh Roe 10.15 (f. 3a) . Cf. gabhait...acc áil ┐ acc atach Neill...┐ acc eráil ríghi an tire fair diamadh iad badh cosccrach offering him the kingship if they should triumph FM vi 2208.19 = dorairngerset righe . . na criche dhó, Hugh Roe 248.23 (f. 66a) . (b) tainigc...do foráil a thighi oiged for A. `to commend his guesthouse to A.' BColm. 98.25 . ni fhacamar mórán darbh iomchuibhdhe an dioghluim-se d'furáil ar tus ina sibhse RC iv 352.2 . Of offering goods for sale: na connartha sin aga ffocra ┐ acca furáil in gach campa `these bargains (of cheap cows, etc.) were offered and proclaimed' FM vi 2078.27 . See also furáilem.


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Forms: ir-, aur-, fur-, furáilim, heralmit, -erala, auralem, erálta, ro erail, furáil, eráilfither

v (eráil) ir- ; aur- ; fur- ; also with metathesis, fuláirid, q.v. Cf. ar-áili. pres. ind. s. 1 furáilim BNnÉ 6.3 . pl. 1 heralmit SR 2175 . pres. subj. s. 3 -erala 1159 . pl. 1 auralem 1157 . imperf. pass. no erálta IT i 74.18 . perf. s. 3 ro erail SR 3707 . PH 5033 . do furáil , Maund. 31 . fut. pass. eráilfither PH 5094 .

(a) enjoins, urges (an action, etc., on a person); incites, instigates, induces (a feeling, conduct, etc., in someone), with for, ar of pers.: (a) no erálta for maccaib Uisnig dul i ngabthib IT i 74.18 (no erptha v.l.). coro heralasi in mbiad for Adam that she may urge the food upon A. SR 1159 . ro heráiled cretem for Thomas tria lamachtad in chuirp choimdetta PH 6738 (= ille ad fidem reducitur, p. 467 ). Anecd. iii 75.4 . ro urail serc Aenias a cridhe Didaine instilled love for A. Aen. 399 . cach aen ara n-urailfi tu egla tre t'faistine in whom you induce fear Celt. Rev. viii 232.28 = TTebe 1330 . eráiled ┐ faslaiged for a chomnessam cu rap áintech he PH 5989 . (b) ro ḟuráil ól ┐ aibnis air urged him to drink and be merry Fianaig. 74 . 31 . in diabul furailes in drúis who instigates PH 7441 .

(b) induces, causes, brings about (a state, etc.): (b) ge tuga si furtacht ar lathair, furailidh si easlainteadh ele do tiacht, 23 P 10³, 61a7 . neiche furaileas ar an fuil techtadh which cause the blood to coagulate 23bw .

(c) in general commands, enjoins: (a) doronsat inní ro herailed forru PH 4453 . comallud na nn-erailend in scriptur diada forro fulfilling what Holy Writ enjoins on them LU 2392 = RC iv 250.27 . is e sin in darna hinadh ...i n-uraileann dligedh ar duine a fearand do reic `where the law commands a person to sell his land' Laws iv 214. 12 . cia ret etir erailter isin recht diada nách comailter isin timna-sa na dérce ? PH 5840 . ro erailset a choimét i carcair 2936 . (b) amal dos-furail Dia er Moysi in bean ...do c[h]lochad 7328 . cidh iat delbha na ndei...ḟurála foirnd do loscud, CCath. 650 . fer tairberta é do denam cacha huilc...no furailed [fhulairedh v.l.] a thigernæ fair 3558 . ná furáil tré écin orainne aní na ro gnathaighebhair 1659 . furáilim foraibh...dul san loch BNnÉ 6.3 . do furáil E. tumba do denum dó, Maund. 31 .

(d) entrusts, commends: (a) nosn-urailend for degmnai dia oilemain entrusted him to the care of a gentlewoman YBL 65a15 = LB 117a26 = coron erail... | bar [sic MS.] forgo dia degaltrom SR 3707 . Here, perhaps: do chomdelbaid ... | heralmit fort...ar do throcaire we commend to thee (?) 2175 . noco n-irailtis for feraib till they should be assigned to husbands RC x 222.131 (n-eraildais v.l.). (b) glacuidh chuguibh...an bheg-ofrailsi ro furailim oruibh, Parrth. Anma, Dedicat. p. 2 .

? éraise

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adj useless, insignificant; void (?): haice .i. ecaidhe nó deroil no eraise, ut est: haice cach rath co rath tire .i....is deroil cach ni doberar isin rath co tir,...no is urusa gach rath co ferann, O'Dav. 1069 . dearbthar tuin[i]de do cetchor nadbi herisi 'let usucaption be asserted in respect of a first contract that is not defective' CIH iv 1247.20 , Peritia xvi 341 . Cf. is éraise in rét in tserc | téit a héol cen immitecht IT i 225. 10 . As sobriquet: pn Col ┐ Accuis ┐ Eraisi...tri bandrúid TBC 2402 = Col ┐ Mebul ┐ Eraise TBC² 1766 (Gul Meabol ┐ Eris, H 2.17 , Eg. 93 ). Cf. follg.


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Forms: ærasaiged, érasigethar, ro érasaigset, ærasaigthær

v g (éraise ?) makes void, invalidates, confutes, rejects: pres. ind. nach comairle dong(ní) duine sech Dia nosn-erassaigedar Dia (-esrassaigedar MS.) Ml 51b27 . imp. ærasaiged (gl. reprobat) 51d17 . na heras- siget do gníme a n-asbere let not thy deeds make void what thou sayest Wb 30b10 . pres. subj. érasigethar (gl. improbare), Enchir. Aug. 75a ( ZCP vii 481 ). perf. ro érasaigset Ml 131c9 . pass. pres. fo chosmailius liac ærasaigthær a fabris ib.