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Forms: ecubus

n u, m. (neg. of cubus) want of conscience, unscrupulousness: in Laws used of bad faith, fraud, culpable remissness: gl. drochcubus Laws ii 320.14 ; 342.26 ; 388.24 . cach n-ecubus cona dire (i.e. there is compensa- tion for anything delivered intentionally in bad condition, see ZCP xiv 346 ) 232y . ainidun cach n-ecubus 2.5 . is inraic cach n-aithgin co ecubus; ecubus cach ndiumus do midider mamu every restitution is rightful until bad faith; each disrepect whereby obligations are disrespected is (a case of) bad faith 320 (see ZCP xiv 386). slan...cach socobus, eslan cach n-ecobus 342.7 . Of man and wife separating by mutual consent: rod-bi slan saertoimilt caich diarailiu cen ecubus 388.15 . In ii 50.20 Comm. ecubus apparently = want of thought (see éccondus); cf. éccuibsech.


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n (neg. of cuibde) incongruity, disharmony: rofhas eguibdhe mor etir lucht na cathrach, foirind dib ag iarruid...in sidh do denum...┐ foirind ele...ag obad in tshida discord Aen. 3094 . ba ferr a nguide oldás a n-éguidhe (leg. éguidbe) CMT2 36 § 46 . Remissness, carelessness (?): ecunnus .i. ecuibhdhi, Laws ii 50.14 (perh. an illustration, not a definition).


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n u, m.

(a) want of harmony, congruity, union , in phr. i n-écuibdius severally (opp. to: i cuibdius in concert, agreement ): icait da trian secht cumala i cuibdes, no secht cumala o cach fir co diairmithi i n-ecuibdes, Laws iii 116.9 Comm. is fiach gaiti...uatha, maroen a cuibdiuss no o cechtarde a n-ecuibdius v 122.24 Comm.

(b) prosod. false rime: (trefocul) cen ecuibdius, Auraic. 1943 . 5059 . can écuibdius 5190 . nai scēith dīten, co nduilgius, | aincit uili ecuibdhius 2060 .


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adj o-ā (neg. of cuibsech) without conscience; unconscious, unreasoning, unreflecting (?): in follg. quotation applied to erratic and purposeless movements of a patient: ubi residere uult aeger in ipso morbi vigore malum indicium est ... .i. in tan eirgheas an t-easlan go hobann no go heccuibhsioch isin staid 23 K 42, 194 . Cf. 2 éccobsaid.


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Forms: ecuimliucht, ecuimliucht, ecumliucht, ecum- liucht

n disadvantage , in all follg. cases gl. in- commodum: ecomlecht nó saeth, Enchir. Aug. 76 b ( ZCP vii 482 ). d s. dond ecuimliucht Ml 35d30 . ho nach ecuimliucht 39d8 . do ecumliucht 39c36 . huand ecum- liucht 106b10 .


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n (neg. of cuimne) forgetfulness, oblivion: biaidh...ag righain R....egcuimni ar a heolchuire YBL 374a24 = Ir. Monthly 1921, 201 . seanchairt chíosa chláir L. | ar ndul uatha ar éagcuimhne having fallen out of remembrance TD 32.70 .


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adj o-ā (neg. of cuimnech) forgetful: gurub egcuimnech na daine loitighe `wounded men are unmindful' Fier. 91 .


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adj o-ā (neg. of coimsech) immoderate, ex- cessive : d s f. fá inghreim éagcoimsigh na n-éagcráibhtheach, TSh. 6108 . a hanbhroid éagcuimsigh na hÉigipte 7755 .


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adj (neg. of cumme) unequal, inadequate: ni fitir arma écuma a fechiumh no arma ferr fri araile `he does not know whether his law-agent is equal to [?] or better than the other' Laws ii 48.18 Comm. ni fuair fechium acht in fechiumh thuc cidh écuma though an incompetent one 50.12 Comm. nis gaibet ecuma airechta persons `unqualified for a court' (i.e. incompetent to plead before an assembly?) i 92.9 Comm.


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adj (neg. of cumachta) beyond (one's) power or capacity; impossible: cach n-ecmacht .i. cach ni is eccomachta don fir amuich which is outside the control of (?) Laws v 158.25 Comm. secht n-ecmachta .i. atait secht neiche is ecumachta do ghabail isin rath `which it is im- possible to receive in the stock' 222.6 Comm. is egmachta in t-ōl so .i. is ecumachta BB 250a37 , cf. Cóir Anm. 77 .


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Forms: n-ecumachtach

adj o-ā (neg. of cumachtach) impotent, powerless: g p. inna n-ecumachtach (gl. impotentum) Ml 56c7 .