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x see occorach.


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n [ā], f. sandal, shoe ; airis inunn oín diatét lessom ind acr[a]nn ┐ ind chos gl. on calciamentum, Ml. 56b1 . is hecen sainecoscc leosom for accrannaib innaní prechite pacem, Wb. 5a5 . coica acrann corcra co snathib argait estib (of the trappings of a horse), TBFr. 30 (= coica sadall corcra, TFerbe 18 ).


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adj (ad-cres) very narrow: a.¤ .i. acmucc ut est: cend fir i crund ard acras, O'Dav. 28 (`the head of a man in a high slender tree', Ériu xi 155 n.1 ).


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(part. of *ad-cranna, Plummer MS notes): sortita .i. a.¤ .i. rollaad crannchur foir, Ml. 29c1 . Cf. accrus.


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n casting of lots: inbat la comorbu cuimne cen ogom i n-ailcibh, cen a.¤ (.i. crandchur) n-aithgnith, cen macu cen ratha `in case heirs have only memories without ogom on stones without public lot-casting', Ériu xi 154.28 (see note p. 155) ( Bürgschaft 19 § 59 ). Cf. accruinte.


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adj (cf. accobor) d p.: dunaib acubarthib gl. studiosissimis, Thes. ii 3.35 (Aug. Carlsruhe).


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x see ocían.


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x see aicenn.


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adj (aiced + 1 pell EIS 218 ): osmuing airíg acetpellaig, IT iii 69 § 15 , see Murphy Metrics 69 § 75 ; 'above the mane of a pack-horse covered in implements' EIS 147 § 32 .


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x see accmacht.


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x see accmaing.