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n ia, f. Derivative of decmaing. The condition of not being likely to happen; unlikeliness; im- possibility : ut reditus meus stuporem uidentibus faceret .i. ara decmaingi leu ón for what they deemed its impossibility Mil 92 a 6 .


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n in Scathach's druidical oration to Cúchulainn: ní bá fortacht can recni. ní bá recni can decni LU 125 b 12 .

† Decoimet

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Forms: Decoinet

npr. m. seems a corruption of Dechoin Aed.—Decoimet mac Maine mic Loegaire . . isé fil a Cúil Maine LB 14 d 10 f.b. ; so also Lec. 103 d 37 ; but Dechoin Ǽd mac Maine, &c., in the corresp. passage LL 347 g 21 f.b. Deochon Aedi Cúil Máine mac Máine BB 112 b 36 .—Also Decoinet.


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npr. m., v. Decoimet.


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adj .i. aird, v. deccra.

decrach, decracht

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adj v. deccrach, deccracht.


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n Thes. ii 239. 4 for deorad, v. Hermathena 1911, 384 . sq.


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n Aengus do ghuin aṁail Broen: ca ní cen do decraidh dé (: cé) what thing is removed from God's decision (O'Don.) FM i 530. 7 . AU A.D. 882 have: cani oen do dhecraibh Dé, which seems right.


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n imecomardar an muilleóir ni mo decrath : can doberedh a ndomeledh in sluag setach, Anecd. i 59. 3(Imr. Máiledúin). Possibly = ní mod écrath.


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Forms: Decuil, Dicuill, Decoll

Decuil, Dicuill, gen. npr. m. n s. †Decoll. Father of Fergus: macc Cairill maicc Fergosso maicc Decuill, Arm. 19 a 1 . Thes. ii 364. 20 . Father of Dega: Dega mac Dicuill (: thuill) LL 205 b 6 . Husband of Cuimne: Cuimne mater filiorum meic Decuil, Thes. ii 281. 14 . See Deggell.