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Forms: deachtaightheóir, deachtthóir

n i, m., g s. -óra, pl. -óiridhe. A dictator, teacher, accountant Coneys. deachtaightheóir, deachtthóir a dictator, legislator, teacher, instructor, computer, accounter P. O'C. O'R.


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ind rhyming with Nechtain: seisear bráthar ...Solen Ulpha Nechtain: Drostan dechtain drethell: a nanmand a naebdus: Aengus ┐ Leithend BB 204 a 48 . Ir. Nen. 130. 30 .


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Forms: deachtoir

n i, m. deachtoir a dictator, a teacher , Lhuyd. O'R. a lawgiver, a dictator O'R. ann.— Sc. deachdair, a dictator (c.s.) HSD. M'A. Macd. Hence deachdaireacht ā, f., act or business of dictating (c.s.) HSD = deachdúireacht assuming too much O'R. ann.—Not from Lat. dictor, but derived from 2 dechtaid.


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u, m. vn. of dechtaigid, q.v.


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Forms: dechtraigid, dechraigidir

v dechtraigid = dechraigidir: in leabhar dá ngoirthear deich bréithir ina ndeachtraighthear .i. i ndeghchóirighthear an tiomna maith dorinne Dia do Maoise, O'Curry MS. Mat. 495 . cid a neachtraighter ┐ i nænta- daighter ... cidni anṁann i ndeachtraigter IT iii 24. 6 , 8 (BB), where H 2. 12 has deochraigetar.


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adj analog. comparative of maith, v. dech.


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n n. Couple of hounds : cocung .i. slabrad. cocung druine de con , O'Dav. 355 , Eg. 88; v.l. ní cocungu druna de chon H 2. 15 . The quotation being unidentified, the sense given is a mere guess.


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Forms: deachubhaidh, deagh-chubhaidh


I Adj.: recne dechubaid. P. O'C. 's deachubhaidh ` meet, proper, moderate, reasonable ' is for deagh-chubhaidh.

II Subst.: d.¤ fota and d.¤ gairit metres prescribed for the 7th or lowest rank of the active bards. Treated as a neuter: dechubaid ngarit IT iii 17. 8 . decubaid ng., ib. 18 § 51 , both from H 2. 12 . As a fem.: dechubhaidh ḟota, iii 17 n. ad § 43 (BB). decubaid ḟota, ib. 46 § 72 , Laud 610.—Further instances: dechubaid fota, iii 17. 7 ; 18 § 50 (H 2. 12). dechubhaid gairit, 17 n. ad § 43 (BB); 46 § 73 (BB. Laud). decubaid fota , 46 n. ad § 72 (BB). All n s.—Occasionally confused with dechnad fota and gairit, iii 18 § 50 , §51 . MacCarthy p. 130 g , h .—Cf. cubaid.


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ind roír dam .x. ratha .x. treaba dagha decla alta airgither , Amra Conrói, Ériu iv 4. 5 .


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n for fear , v. de LI, and eclae.


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gen. npr. m. The name of a bishop in the Stowe Missal: item episcoporum Martini...Colmani Cuani Declach...Aedo...Maile Ruen, Thes. ii 284. 25 .