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Forms: darna, tarna

adj the second; one of two. It prefixes h to a vowel immediately following. in darna huair déag MR 106. 12 . díarraid in darna hingen díb, Acall. 4134 . isin darna leth don phupal, ib. 2461 . 4976 . 2474 . 2481 . in darna súil, LFl. ii 16 a 1. 21 . Mod. darna and tarna (orig. only masc.), Conn. From OIr. ind ala nái. Cf. dara.


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npr. f. Daughter of Ernan mac Coluim Ruit. Darnisa et Sinech et Crón nó Críta trí ingena Ernain LL 348 j 18 . trí ingena Ernin mic Coluim Ruit .i. Darnisa ┐ Sinech ┐ Crón, ib. 353 b 46 = Lism. L. p. 336. 9 f.b. , where she is mentioned as a `uirgo sancta Brigitae Sanctae subiecta.' Probably = Dar n-Isa, v. 4 dar.


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Forms: darrog, daróg

n ā, f. late diminutive from dair. A small oak. darrog Lhuyd. daróg O'R. Sc. darag HSD, M‘Alp., Macd. v. dair .


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Forms: Doroma, Daromæ, Daróma

Doroma, npr. f. A virgin ; her natale at Sinnada in Syria is commemorated in Mart. Hier. at xii kl. Oct. ind rígain Daroma (v.l. Doroma) cona slóg ronsnáda, Fél. Oeng. Sep. 20 (gl. .i. uirgo, p. 210. 4 ). Daromæ (gen.) LL 362 g 35 . Daromae ingine, Rawl. 157. 24 . Daughter of Conchobar: ingen Daroma ingine Conchobuir, Rawl. 130 b 11 . Probably Daróma (cf. Fél.).


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ind cath Ocha for Oilill Molt darpuit (darpuit) BB 77 d 6 . No such word appears in the numerous accounts of this battle in LL, BB, and Book of Lecan. Possibly darpuit is due to a misreading of a Latin entry Ailill Molt oqpuit (oqbuit) in old Annals. Perhaps for dár' thuit ZCP x 373 . Or mistranscription of dú arthuit, with which compare: Cath Detna ... for Ardgal ... du artoit BB 77 b 17 . Cath Cluana ... du narthoit C., Lec. 590 b 19 . RC xxxvii 20 .


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ind LL 135 b 4 , i.e. dar Ré.


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ind dirsan flaith fial forsa roemid roen atchon- narc: Ailill Molt olc ní darrmart ba rí Connacht, Rawl. 85 b 20 . Read darrinart (Meyer). LL 45 b 11 has: intí farsnimmart. ? Read darimmart or danimmart. See do-immoirg, RC xxxvii 340 .


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x See copula.


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npr. m. Name of Assyrian king, Lec. 359 a 13 .